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View Online     SS15: Sale Starts Now Spring Summer 2015 Over 250 styles
All Past-Seasons: Final Sale Reductions Mens Final Sale Over 120 styles. Up to 80% Off. Womens Final Sale Over 30 styles. Up to 80% Off.
.. concerning preorder, you're pretty much on point .. while it is sill about minimizing risk, the adoption of lean methodologies have been a huge advance for us to find models in-markert through discovering what customers have really wanted or needed.     .. I appreciate your acknowledgement so far of your experience .. glad we even got here by means of open communication as this would have been very much 'controlled' by the power structure that effectively rests by a...
 some stories take a long time to die because they seem to have some elements of that can be misconstrued to give the story a whiff of credibility .. rumors very often have a little truth test that people can run .. its just science that the more someone hears a rumor, the more they’ll buy it .. I’m sure Darklands has thousands of successful transactions to one single bad one .. just a pity thing is that successful rumors needle anxieties and emotions of others who never...
  sinnedk, thank you for your comment and for the time you you’ve taken to explore the second version. we wanted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of headache across a wide range of devices. If you come across any specific advices or criticisms, please PM or email. anything is appreciated and will be considered. 
.. we will introduce it from SS16, but it will be re-orders of the FW15 collection as the next collection will be presented in January .. the offer is a closed invitation to clients that confirmed preorders for FW15 to add to their upcoming deliveries .. and not anything from past seasons can be ordered .. others may have not received it because they did not pre-order FW15 .. which was sent out to select few clients who confirmed their orders .. you should not have shared...
REDTAG Sale, Ends Sunday 05/03/15. Enjoy an additional 25% off all sale prices. Use code "REDTAG" at checkout. Promotions ends Sunday May 04, 12:00am PST. All items purchased with code are final sale (no returns). Code is non-transferrable and cannot be combined with any other promotions. Use Code: REDTAG.   
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