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 If this helps, here's a picture of my dark olive CXL Clymers that I just received from Rancourt last week in more natural light.  At first I thought they might have made a mistake and given me brown CXL, but mine have a greenish tint, whereas most of the brown CXL I see has a reddish tint.  But I have to emphasize - mine are fairly dark.  The shoes next to them are natty CXL, for reference.  Also, I have this pair of Quoddy chukkas I bought from Leffot for reference...
I ordered some Clymers on 4/15.  Got a confirmation on 4/17 that they are starting to make them, and the form shows an expected shipping date of 5/10.  
On the tobacco suede chukka, let's get the lining locked down and get our MTO made.   So we have the following:   Committed: Baked Potato: ?? Burton: Purple or red, no dealbreakers Laufer: Brown or tan, RED IS A DEALBREAKER Neuromancer8 (me): Purple or red, no dealbreakers Steve: ?? Steve's customer from PM/email:  ??     Potentially in/already in? MGD83:   red, brown or tan, no dealbreakers SushiOfTheGods: red or purple, no dealbreakers WiredandTired:...
I just emailed Steve.  I'm in on the tobacco chukka (with the original specifications).  IMHO, would prefer to keep it a bit sleeker, given it's on the Rain last.  
I think the Oscar fits like the Forest last except with a rounded toe. In that case, I think you should go with 11.5UK.
Let's hope we aren't ever fighting over a pair of rare shoes!
I wear the same size in both.  The two are side by side below (please excuse the crappy iPhone photo).  Left is Forest, and right is Robert, both from Skoaktiebolaget.  They are about the same width in the heel, and the Robert is a tad (~1-2mm) narrower in the toe.    
Hoping this helps with some of the sizing.  I'm 10.5D Brannock (right foot) 10D Brannock left foot.  I tend to wear orthotics, so my instep is pretty high.     From left to right:   Inca 9.5UK Rain 9.5UK Robert 9.5UK Forest (Skoaktiebolaget) 9.5UK Forest (Epaulet) 9.5UK  C&J 348 9.5UK Alden Barrie 10D US     For some reason, the Epaulet version of the Forest was much narrower than the Skoaktiebolaget shoe (though you can't see in this picture due to the 360...
Natty CXL LWBs from Unionmade    
Skoaktiebolaget has the Carmina 813 shortwing oxford in burgundy cordovan. I just got a pair myself recently; you should email them to see if they have your size in stock. Note that theirs is on the Forest Last, whereas the shortwings above from Gentlemans Footwear are on the Rain Last.
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