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Here's an update, I couldn't resist. I went in to the local store here in SLC, Ut (D. Grant Ltd.) and tried on the pair of 721 ltd they had in a size 9.5 and they fit well. Whilst they didn't have a 9, I tried on the regular Wolerine 1000 mile boot in that size and it was a bit tight, whereas the 10 in 721Ltd was a bit too big, so all-in-all, I found my size. Fit well and were truly comfortable. They fit my foot like a glove (a shiny, more expensive one and one which...
Hi, yes, please do update with pics and such. I am planning on buying these local in Salt Lake City, UT this week and all week long I have been over your post here again and again and I can't get enough. Truly great read and the info is fantastic. Please do update this soon as if you can by this weekend, I think that the 721Ltd have found another customer. Kindly- Chris
Hi, I am interested in these. Can you please provide me with some more info as if they have been altered at all, and is there is any holes, abrasions, wear, etc.? Thanks- Chris
So, this is my ultimate denim grail list as I am sure many of you also share the similar taste in denim from Japan and collaborations that SelfEdge Kiya and his crew have brought together in the past and also in the near future. I am looking for the sizes and styles below and if you have one that you are considerly letting go, please shoot me a pm or email at: Truly thanks and I hope to see some messages re: these. I am looking for New of course,...
Hi, Thanks guys. I am an 26 yr old engineering student and work as a cancer researcher currently while going back for my masters. I always have been a sneaker head, and was looking for something else in terms of winter style. Thanks for the suggestions.
Hi, I was wondering what types of shoes do you guys wear in the winter snow season? I live in Cleveland, so our winters can be snowy, slushy, mild, etc. I love white sneaker (mostly Puma AMq and Dior Homme), and black Converse All*Stars, but am trying to widen my fashon horizons with some new flavor in the footwear department. Any suggestions? Sincerely- Chris
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