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A&S is in NYC next week. Did Manton resolve the sleeve issue with them ultimately, or did it actually settle in on its own. Asking out of genuine interest!
With the exceptions of the "snake charmer meeting" -- which was fantastic -- and the dumping of Guy at the end, the Brits in the show seem remarkably un-British to me, especially for the era.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Pics? I wore them today, so they'd be a little used. Would that be alright?
Just thought I'd add that EG's policy is that once the sole is replaced by someone else, they won't recondition the shoes. (Not sure how this relates to toe-caps, but I think replaced heels are OK.) I just got back a pair of RLPL Carters I sent to EG. They kindly rebranded them as EG Dovers and replaced the double sole -- but the heel looks noticeably higher than I remembered. Total came to $285 (includes return shipping). It's expensive, but the shoes do look like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Yes, it's just you. I don't think it had anything t to do with "demolish[ing] much of the carefully constructed authenticity of the prior two seasons?". It didn't seem as if Don nor the new owners gave two shits about getting that account. Wow. Touchy! One would think you'd written the episode! In my experience of the real world, displaying good judgment is 80% of the job, and dressing down a client (any...
Is it just me, or did Kinsey's not getting sacked for expressing his Penn Station views to the client demolish much of the carefully constructed authenticity of the prior two seasons?
If you do end up making a Yale Tie, please make it to the specifications of the old university tie (which is no longer made, alas): alternating Yale blue and white stripes of equal 2cm width. Please ensue that you're using Yale blue, which is different from navy, but most people don't recognise the distinction: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yale_Blue There's also a nice link to the university colour specs there.
Prices are kind of disappointing this year, even with the pound decline. I'm wondering if I should get the black Canterburys in my size, even though I have four pairs of black EG oxfords: Malvern, RLPL Stern, RLPL Grant and Asquith. (The Asquith is unworn since its factory refurbishment in September.) The Caterbury's a beaut, but I don't think I can justify it with the captoe Sterns and Asquiths (esp. as the latter are unworn). What's the forum's view on the prices? ...
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Since nobody else seems to want to play the patent leather game, I'll just carry on. Someone else here once suggested that Church's made the patents. And it is true that the "120 D" sizing is a Church's practice that I haven't seen elsewhere. The illegible writing is also Church's-like. So, survey says? Its been ages since I bought a pair of Church's, but the coding on the outer sole is exactly like my...
Whilst I was taking photos and trying to upload them, Grimslade was kind enough to post them. Mine markings are the same. Seemingly the same handwriting as well.
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