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You don't really mean cm, right?
How much grip do crepe soles get on bicycle pedals?
Crane's, any chance of an update on your original pair of 1ks?  Curious to know how they're doing.
Informative as usual.  As many have said, thanks for sharing your knowledge on this board.
 Just out of curiosity, DW, what does tensile strength do for a shoe once it's made?  I can see how it would be important for lasting of course.  But what about afterward?
^ Photos would be most welcome!
Vintage Florsheim Imperial longwings of the 5-nail/v-cleat persuasion.  Most of the sole is now covered with topies, and I replaced the death-defying original heels with rubber vibram toplifts (see photos).  Basically these are far more practical/safe for actual use now.   I'd say they've seen light-moderate wear.  Sole guards and heels still have tons of life.   Toes are starting to develop a patina from scuffs and so on--again, see photos.  (Apologies for cell-phone...
I have a pair of calf AE that seems to do the same thing--when I put them on in the morning they're a little tight, but as my feet warm up they loosen and get more comfortable.  I store them in a closet that tends to stay cooler than the rest of my apartment.  Or could there be another reason?
I misunderstood your tone about latigo--interesting to hear that you used to use it.  I brought up the strop connection because I have a latigo strop myself.  Works fine, but I believe, as you say, that nicer strops are more often made of other materials like horsehide.  I'm trying to imagine it on a boot now.   Fascinating stuff, about suede!  I was mainly just curious about conditioner--I'd never heard of anyone doing such a thing.   Thanks again.
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