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lol not even Indian, if you want to know my race so bad   Honduran and Brazilian mix   but given that I have broken you into two and you have nothing to do all day but be on this forum, you can make up all the lies you want, an indian won't say indians struggle with women.
that's what I am saying   if you are a rich latino (A-rod dating torrie wilson) or a rich black guy, it doesn't matter that much   but if you are a rich indian surgeon, you can save as many lives as you want and become a millionaire but you aren't dating a good looking blonde, even if you look like one of the bollywood guys
talking about race you almost wonder why is it that indians and asians make so much money but do so terrible with women, even the indian doctors I know cannot land a good looking white or latin girl   pretty much proves my point, looks beat money any day
sometimes I wonder why we can't have more members like you on this forum   money matters but at my age it isn't that big of a deal yet, I don't think I will ever become a millionaire and plus a handsome man can experience a lot more success with women than a rich man ever could
how dare a person as low as you come on to my thread and talk down about a thread posted by a person far more superior than you?   off my thread, you aren't good enough to post on it you cockroach, i will call pest control bitch, don't make me do it, you will end up like your friend pio the dumb bitch who needs to hand me my money soon before he gets smacked with my backhand   AGAIN
dunno know about that, step outside every once in a while, I see black and latino men hook up with cute looking blondes on the regular   I mean sure all non-whites will have it tough with a beautiful blonde when compared to a handsome white male but there is no way you are a brad pitt so that discussion is irrelevant   sure if you are indian you can be rich and handsome but no way you are getting a sienna miller or jenna jameson to even touch you but latino on the other...
OMG u kno girls in real life? just when I thought I had enough surprises for the week
I love Chinese and Indian food the most, if I had to decide I would go   1. Chinese 2. Indian 3. Mexican
  6.5/10 is not really that bad and should not result in you having that tough of a time, I mean if you want the 8s and up you need to put more work in but at least you aren't screwed on all angles   I am trying to get out of the 6.5 range and make it into the 7 and 8 range
  Another evidence that you didn't see my pics, not Indian or Azn. Wanna keep continuing this? you still mad I made you bleed yesterday and cry for help?
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