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Merona Kris van Assche Peir Wu x Snowman Common Projects
 That belt buckle rules hard
TAGGED SIZE LARGE. Check measurements.   8/10 condition Junya jacket, top right pocket button is kinda hard to snap but that's the only real issue. I'm a medium and figured a Japanese large would fit me, but it's a bit too small and fits a true US small.   Measurements:   Shoulders: 17" Chest: 18" Back length from top of collar: 29" Sleeve: 24"
One of the very few of these you'll find. Robert Geller fuzzy blue blazer from his popular f/w14 collection, believe it sold in Japan only but I could be wrong about that. Measurements fit a true medium. Like new condition, can't find any damage, worn out maybe twice.   Shoulders: 19" Chest: 20.5" Back length: 30.5" Sleeve: 26"
    This bomber is part denim patches, part paint, and part blue rubber. 100% weird tho   Coincidentally I'm now trying to sell it because I need money for a new shotgun.
The only thing I dislike is how the scarf hides that amazing shirt
It's funny, I never realized you actually lived in South Florida and yet every time I see your posts I can't help but think "this dude has to be from South Florida"Man I need to go to art basel
Oh it actually is blue, dark navy, guess the lighting kinda hides it
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