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I am a businessman...from the future.     Kris van Assche Peir Wu x Snowman Common Projects
Everything about this is so clean
Ayo it's getting warm down here in the Dixie Jil Sander by Raf Simons Peir Wu x Snowman Asos
Hellooooo   Likely the last chilly day til next winter :(  
Wool/Cashmere academia blazer in gray from Visvim's 2009 season, I love it but I got it and realized my wardrobe didn't quite match the formality and I've got nothing to wear it with. Got bills to pay so I figured I should let it go instead of trying to catch up with it. Plus it's slightly too big for me, I guess I'm a smedium. Three interior pockets, three exterior pockets, single vent. Like new condition. Visvim size 4, fits about an M, could fit an L too honestly....
Hahahaha what is going on
Anyone have pictures of the shawl blazer? Friend of mine in NYC has it and says it's cut really short, pills easily, and makes you look kinda fat. I've got one on the way so now I'm kinda worried
If none of this was described in the listing you might have a case. Best to just let paypal sort it out instead of letting the dude decide if he wants to give you your money back.
Good boots! Texture on pants looks great too
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