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Indeed it is, teddy kenickie II
The shoulders on it are very strange, you can see it in a lot of model photos, but otherwise I really love it.
Hola, recently got a new jacket, 2 fits     APC/Cos/+J/CPs     APC/Uniqlo/Levis/Asos
Have had my Toj0 for about 3 months now and am just now starting to wear it nicely and actually do it justice. Felt like I needed to include an updated picture to sorta make up for the ones I submitted on the day I got it. Leather is still soft and buttery as ever and I couldn't be happier, basically been wearing it every other day in the cooler weather. If you're still on the fence, maybe this will help, I've enjoyed it every day I've had it.
Looking for a suiting wool ma1 in sz46, can trade or just buy
Also, really really interested in black or charcoal wool ma1, sz 46. Could work out a price, and I've also got a sz48 black/black toj0 2013 I can trade.
Interest check on toj0 2013 black/black sz 48 w/ 50 length
    Went to the post office today and there she was! You people weren't kidding when you said this lamb was like butter. Softest leather I've ever touched. Super satisfied, thanks toj!
Same reedo! Just got my tracking for toj0, ordered June 13th. So happy.
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