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Anyone have pictures of the shawl blazer? Friend of mine in NYC has it and says it's cut really short, pills easily, and makes you look kinda fat. I've got one on the way so now I'm kinda worried
If none of this was described in the listing you might have a case. Best to just let paypal sort it out instead of letting the dude decide if he wants to give you your money back.
Good boots! Texture on pants looks great too
 lol that kid mentioned collecting allowance, what is he like 18? oof
To update, just checked with mspaint and it appears to be gray and not navy, for anyone else who may be wondering the same
Anyone know if the other color of the qlomaire shawl neck blazer is gray or navy? They only show the brown one, but there's another color option next to it that I can't hover over and I'm not sure. Their CS was less than useless.
Peir Wu x Snowman snowpants!!!     They're so perfect hnnnggg they rise like halfway up to my nips this rules
Sup, qlo/qlo/cps, jacket in spoiler is a vintage uc ss98 jacket    [[SPOILER]]
Looks like that kid heart about the coming wave of short suit supremacy
  Feelin real nice up here in the panhandle   qlo/cottonon/public school
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