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 The Weymouth is possibly the most beautiful shoe of all shoemakers.
Haven't heard anything either. I'm also waiting for and in a fog on both.
I emailed them the other day about this and now apparently it will be next month. Between this and the burnished jumpers, looks like I picked the slowest possible combo.
Got a batch of socks from Nice Laundry.  Love the camo pattern!
Seconded... Rivet top block with Driggs legs. :)
I really like Bonobos travel jeans. This brand will only work for slim frames.
Anyone experience waist variation with the Driggs?  I am a repeatable 32 in Walt... returned my 32 Driggs for a 31... and if anything the Driggs are still a little bit large.
Did I read that the caramel Salingers got restocked, and if so, is the website updated with restocked qty on hand?
This makeup is WIN.
New Posts  All Forums: