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I do.
I'd be in for an order on the Simpson.
Never worn the Barrie.  But Simpson's only a concern if you have a very high instep.  If you can wear the Simpson then you can wear the Forest in the same size.  Some folks recommend sizing 1/2 up on the Simpson, but I'd recommend not wearing it at all as it's not designed for your foot.  It's a sleek last and not all of our feet are sleek. :)
I wear the same in both.
Pattern sounds cool, but I could't find any photos?  Could you point me to a link?
I've noticed the same.  I'm wearing the new turquoise chambray in M and it's much baggier than my other EPNY M's.  My recent FF has the same issue.  Not sure if it's a QC issue or purposeful.
Nah, that person acts like this a lot. :)
The Driggs have a great fit in the legs.  I found the top block to flare out way too much compared to my Incotex (which remain my favorite trousers).  My pairs of Incotex hug my calves as well, and you won't have that issue with the Driggs.  Construction with the Driggs is great, they just don't look right to me, which is disappointing considering how much I love the Walts and wish for a slimmer overall profile.  I'm getting some RC's at the tailor right now for a leg...
FF Gitman medium.  Really happy with the quality.  I agree the fit on this is a little bulkier than the usual Epaulet M.  I may take in the sleeves just a wee bit.
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