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I can't even find PS in raw black anywhere. Wish I could.
38 (same size as my sport coats).  I am 6', 150 lbs, if that helps.  I do M's in most of my epaulet gear.
Did the Gloverall and Shetland sweater today... super happy with both.  The duffle sleeves are a bit short for my ape arms, but that's my own genetic problem (and a good excuse to show off a watch)!  Great coat, thank you.  
Those are amazing!
I'm not much of a photog, but here are my Thorpes:  
I do.
I'd be in for an order on the Simpson.
Never worn the Barrie.  But Simpson's only a concern if you have a very high instep.  If you can wear the Simpson then you can wear the Forest in the same size.  Some folks recommend sizing 1/2 up on the Simpson, but I'd recommend not wearing it at all as it's not designed for your foot.  It's a sleek last and not all of our feet are sleek. :)
I wear the same in both.
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