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I have, but I'm still hoping there will be enough for leather soles.
This is the swatch of Carmina's new Burgundy Museum, next to Brown Museum.
Is there anyone here who would be interested in this U-Wing boot using Carmina's new Burgundy Museum Calf? It is a GMTO currently funding through Gentlemens Footwear. Details: Model 80387, "U-Wing" boot, Rain last, Leather sole. I'm trying to get 3 more people on board for the leather sole option.
Yes, you have already been counted among the existing 3. It is not my intention to split the decisions of those who already chose Dainite, but rather to get 3 more people on board.
In regards to the Burgundy Museum U-Wing boot. There are enough on board for a Dainite run (7, I believe), and 3, including myself, who want leather. Are there 3 more brave souls among you, (or 1 brave sole among the Dainite camp) who will join in a squeak-less stroll on smooth surfaces?
The original photo I used for the Burgundy Museum mock-up was on the Tomir hybrid sole, which is about the same as single Dainite IIRC. My vote was for leather sole, but, after reading some of the arguments, I'm ok with single Dainite. I'm just pleased that my rudimentary photo editing skills helped this GMTO happen.   Having said all that, if there is a Dainite rebellion that wants to break off and get 6 people together for leather, count me in.
Definitely not the 36R. You might want to consider the 38L, since you're getting into the taller than average zone. 
Does anyone have 'in the wild' pictures of any recent Balmoral Boot? I'm trying to decide if I want to get in on the new Brown Calf GMTO.   Thanks.
I think a boot this classy should be on leather. My vote is most definitely for leather soles. 
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