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+1, I'm also looking for that vertical striped Dickie.
^I agree with what FOD is saying. It's a very nice suit, and I think people should give it a try. I have returned mine in favor of going MTM when the new Dallas Flagship location opens in May
@Mr. Six That IM pub jacket looks great. How see-through does it get with a light blue or even white shirt underneath? And did you take your normal Sport coat size? Thanks.
Last call for this. I'll do $349 shipped conus.
@Chaconne  Great jacket. What percentage linen is it?
@fieldofdreams I know that feel. I am very on the fence as well. The suits looks very nice, fits very nice, but the fabric leaves something to be desired. Why oh why couldn't they just have made a pure lightweight Navy wool Hudson. I own the Wool/Cashmere F/W Navy Hudson, it is superior to this one.
Quick review of the new wool/cotton Hudson. These are pics straight from box in bad lighting. True color is closest to 3rd pic. It's a great suit. Everything I love about my wool/cashmere Hudson. Soft pleated shoulders, bigger lapel and the pants fit well, almost identical to soho pants I would say. My only issue is the higher than preferable cotton content (50%). If you like cotton suits this is an amazing suit, if you hate cotton suits (me) you'll be on the fence. I...
New Posts  All Forums: