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Recruiting for a GMTO through Gentlemen's Footwear: 3 interests already, 3 more needed.
Just to confirm, can we count 3 interests for this boot? Myself, @90shilling and @mikeharo Only 3 more needed!
I would be interested in this wingtip boot (Model 80277) in Polo suede on Rain last with Dainite Sole:
NWT RLPL Made in Italy Belgravia Trench Coat size Small. Purchased for a trip but never used. This is an awesome trench coat with lots of features. I just fear that I will never have a chance to use it. It fits very well over my size 38 Suits/Sport coats. The Raglan sleeves are forgiving and can accommodate a range of shoulder sizes. I would call this a 38-40. Retail ~$1400 USD.   Measurements: Keep in mind this is a Raglan sleeve trench coat so it is not the easiest to...
Carmina's Brown Calf will look darker than that picture, like this:If you want a mid Brown you should go with Carmina's Vegano Marron, which looks like this:
Yes, Brown Museum. The true color is hard to capture with an iPhone, but I would say they read as a Mid Brown. A very versatile shade IMO, and yes I was quite pleased with the mottling.
@ES4CG Yes, black calf on single leather. They were made for my best man duties in my brother's wedding, and will also serve for black tie/formal events. I flirted with getting a gmto off the ground, but I couldn't wait around for it. This was one of the first few examples of Carmina agreeing to do 80092 on Rain. I highly recommend if.
Some Carmina goodness I've been meaning to post. All on Rain. Formal boot MTO, the Jodhpurs came out awesome, Museum DMs have great mottling, and the Chocolate suede Adelaides are butter. Steve is the best.
@Jeroen Vriend I had it but returned it. There was too much cotton for my taste. I wanted something softer that would move more. The fit and color were excellent, though.
@Ambulance Chaser It would be great to see a fit pic of that tux
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