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@Murlsquirl I hear you. I would suggest the NMWA suit trouser cut if you want to embrace a slightly higher rise. They were very comfortable when I got to try a pair on at NoMan HQ. While not as high as the Sals, I suspect maybe slightly higher than Rota. I nearly MTO'd a pair with side tabs, but I couldn't settle on a summer fabric.
@Murlsquirl @FrankCowperwood Allow me to advocate for the Sal once again. The NMWA trouser cut is also great if you're looking for a higher rise, and I'm curious to try the Lorenzo trouser via MTO. One downside to the Sal: Just thinking about how fast they will go when they drop on the website gives me anxiety.  
I want to enter with tomorrow's fit. When is the deadline?
@davesmith : A question about the Drake's beanies. Is the Lambswool Donegal thicker than the Merino? When I think of Merino, something thinner and stretchier comes to mind. Thanks.
@CaptainTohm if you can find it in your size I highly recommend it. One of the best SS pieces I've owned yet. Zero alterations on this one.
Recent fit, Havana check and Oak fit trouser. Navy knit tie is a bit loose.
@MrTopCat I'd like to see that Navy Bleecker as well.
@Bureaucrat I went with my normal size. The waist measurements given are accurate. I would not size down, as these are a bit slimmer than the more classic Soho trouser model.
Recent Tobacco Havana fit with linen/cotton Brentwood trousers. The angle shortens my legs
New Posts  All Forums: