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@timotune, I don't know how this slipped by unnoticed. Any details/more pics? That lapel looks awesome, Ariston hopsack?
These are the light grey hopsack I got from @europrep. I've decided to wear them like a grown man. What do you guys think? Size 32, USA cut, leg openings are at 8 1/8", styled with Carmina Uetam penny loafers. Bonus Action Shot:
@CousinDonuts @PiCcolocV @patliean1 Thanks for the advice.
Can you guys give some feedback on this Havana 40R? It's got some drape in the chest, and the waist feels a little loose. Should I work with it or try the 38R?
I had the sleeves lengthened on both of my SS Napolis and you really don't notice the extra distance. 1/4 to 3/8" sounds like a very reasonable amount.
If any Dutch user can proxy for me from the Suitsupply Netherlands online outlet which was recently opened, I would greatly appreciate it and pay a proxy fee, of course. Thanks.
Are there any Dutch users that could proxy from the outlet? I'm ready to move on a suit, and my PayPal is locked and loaded. Please PM me if anyone can help. Thanks.   Edit: I'm located in the US.
Contest Entry: If it were possible to wear all five of these items at once, I would do so. Cantarelli Herringbone Jacket Alfred Sargent Cambridge Boot in Snuff Alfred Sargent Ramsey in Snuff G. Inglese Butcher Stripe Cotton/Linen G. Inglese Pink Cotton/Linen
Fit pic added for reference.
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