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Could someone please order this?  
@gettoasty @tricky @NewYawker I believe burnished Vegano Marron will yield the boot from the picture. Steve also thinks it is Vegano Marron. I am comfortable with this choice.   Here is Vegano Marron from a Leatherfoot Pinterest photo I could not enlarge: This certainly looks to be the same color as the original photo of the Jodhpurs. I'm ready to pay my invoice now  
Is there any retailer that can handle a US size 64 Extra Long? Looking for a classic black morning coat for a wedding- cutaway with tails and peak lapels.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.   Thank you SF.
Yes, I would say you could get a max length of 31-31.5" if you undo the cuffs.
@steveyoo1983 It would be unfortunate if the Jodhpur group got bogged down with all this Marron/Brown discussion. I am OK with either color as long as its burnished. Can we get the other 5 participants to decide on a color?
NWT Suitsupply Napoli Navy Plain from the Purple Line. Size 38L with the jacket and pants waist taken out by 0.8 inches to match the fit of the 38R. Essentially it is a longer version of the 38R. Pants have been finished at 29" with 1.75" cuffs.   All measurements found here: Napoli Navy Plain   Asking $399 shipped CONUS.
@gettoasty After comparing this picture to the example Jodhpur pic, it appears to be the same. This supports what I was told about the boots. I don't mind this color or brown burnished.
To answer your question. I talked to the shop that had the boot in the picture made. The person I talked to read the box and said it was "Marron", which is Carmina's normal brown, IIRC. He also said it was "antiqued", which I believe is the same thing as burnished. @steveyoo1983 can you confirm this? Is there a difference between antique and burnished?
Awesome! Let the invoices flow
@sacafotos It's going to be a burnished Brown with depth and character. I urge you to join, this group needs you
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