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@Jeroen Vriend I had it but returned it. There was too much cotton for my taste. I wanted something softer that would move more. The fit and color were excellent, though.
@Ambulance Chaser It would be great to see a fit pic of that tux
Hello SWD: Does anyone know a place in the Dallas, TX area where I can get a chain stitch hem done on my jeans? (Preferably using a Union Special machine). I want some decent roping. Thanks for any advice.
Can anyone speak to the fit differences of the 325 last vs. the 341 last? I am looking to get into a 341 Balmoral Boot, coming from a 325 Coniston. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Why do those look so much better than my C&J shell boots that use the same Horween? Did you snag the 9?
Question for @RedDevil10 : The toebox on a brand new pair of C&J shell is quite rough, possibly over finished? Is there any way to smooth this out?
@table21 I can't recommend Albini Chambray enough. I think it's supposed to be available very soon.
Custom Luxire trouser based on an Eidos Sal Trouser in size 48. Made up in a Dugdale New Fine Worsted Cream Wool, fabric code 8965 from Dugdale Bunch 140. A description of the fabric: "This classic collection of plain weave suiting, in pure new wool is ideal for wear through spring, summer and autumn. It offers the wearer comfort through its open construction, which allows air to move through the garment. Enhanced performance comes from a slight 'uptwist' to the yarn. A...
I'd still love to see a really nice picture of that new SC. Buttoned, plenty of sunlight, the works.
@luxire I also have a Cape Breeze question. Can we order colors from the bunch that aren't specifically listed on the website? Such as F1922?
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