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@AHS Thanks for posting. I'd also like to know about the measurements matching the online size chart. May I ask what size that is? 29" seems short for a 40R.
  [[SPOILER]]  Inspired by user Nick Pollica. I like how Antonio makes everything look so comfortable and easy, yet refined at the same time. He never lets the clothes wear him and somehow looks more comfortable in suits than a man wearing sweats. I like to see the different pieces he mixes as well. For this fit I tried mixing some things I wouldn't normally wear together (the Eidos field jacket I just snagged off B&S sure helped the situation).
Price Drop, now $299
Price Drop, now $299!
Do you know what construction method was used, or who made them?
Going back to my idea of the Loden String Loafer on Short Vamp Uetam: I edited this picture to simulate the shorter vamp. As you can see the shoe appears more elegant (particularly in sizes above UK8, which I feel are afflicted by the long vamp syndrome). *The shoe on the left is the original version, yes the vamp is that long. Thoughts?
Is anyone interested in a Loden Green Suede String Loafer GMTO on the short vamp Uetam last? If you look at the comparison I think everyone would agree that a lower vamp on the Uetam (particularly in sizes above UK8) looks more elegant. The comparison is just a photo I edited, but I believe it is very close to actual. *Original on left.
[[SPOILER]]  The "New" Tobacco is so yellow. Can we do Snuff or better yet this new Polo suede I am hearing about?
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You guys are lucky, I've ordered several suits and jackets in the past 2 years and never once received a wooden hanger.
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