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Did anyone notice how the pre-sale dropped to 40+15 for some items and then the prices went back up to 30+15? This happened today.
I'm very interested to see your review of the fishtail trousers. I recently ordered the "Oak" fit side-tab trousers which come with brace buttons, but I find that they still aren't cut quite high enough in the back to make the braces comfortable.
 Well, that jacket is only available on the EU website, and I only proxy must-have items. Also, it turns out I have seen that jacket at the Stanley Korshak shop-in-shop in Dallas. It is definitely a seasonal jacket with a fall winter weight and a fuzzier hand. I'm holding out for a 3-4 season navy hopsack or similar.
PSA: Soho and Napoli 38R for sale $325/$350.   See my signature below.
Price drop, and new pics added to illustrate the insignificance of the flaw on inner right thigh.
Suitsupply Napoli Grey Faux Uni size 38R. Sleeves lengthened by 1", Pants: 29" inseam and 1.75" cuffs. After alterations I realized I needed a 38L.   Full measurements here: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/napoli-grey-faux-uni/P2505I.html?start=2&cgid=Suits&prefn1=styleFit&prefv1=Classic-Napoli   Asking $349 shipped CONUS.
Also agree. They need another run of the Soho Navy Plain hopsack.
Please post pics when you receive them. I'm curious to see a picture of these in the wild.
@mbastian614 I would say medium to semi-wide spread. I will get a picture of the same shirt I have in my size worn with a tie.
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