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Are these Blake stitched?
I picked up 2 panama hats and can't decide. One has indigo chambray band with smaller brim, the other is a bit lighter in color with a striped grosgrain band and wider brim. Any feedback would be appreciated.  
@FLW  Martin Patrick 3 in Minneapolis has the hemp hopsack jacket here. It looks like a Tipo as well.
I realize it's late in the season, but does anyone know where I can get either of these in a size small? Its the navy camicia pocket polo, short or long sleeve.
A preview of my new MTM trousers. S150s Tan Gabardine
Measurements, please.
Eidos Sal at a graduation. Later in the evening when I removed my jacket and tie I got positive feedback on the rise, even drawing comparison to a friend's stylish grandfather.
To answer your question, no I don't think that is the same Soho. I found it at the shop in shop in Dallas as part of S/S'15 but haven't seen it online. I actually decided not to keep it because the hopsack was a bit stiff. I like more flow and drape. I hope to see more Soho fits as well.
^If only I was in town! Can anyone proxy? Aren't most sample sizes 48R/15.5?
@PinkPantser Thanks. IIRC the last time they made this it was model C540ae which used Angelico Hopsack rather than VBC, correct?
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