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Custom Luxire trouser based on an Eidos Sal Trouser in size 48. Made up in a Dugdale New Fine Worsted Cream Wool, fabric code 8965 from Dugdale Bunch 140. A description of the fabric: "This classic collection of plain weave suiting, in pure new wool is ideal for wear through spring, summer and autumn. It offers the wearer comfort through its open construction, which allows air to move through the garment. Enhanced performance comes from a slight 'uptwist' to the yarn. A...
I'd still love to see a really nice picture of that new SC. Buttoned, plenty of sunlight, the works.
@luxire I also have a Cape Breeze question. Can we order colors from the bunch that aren't specifically listed on the website? Such as F1922?
I might be in. But having recently received both a GMTO and single MTO, I feel as if Carmina doesn't finish small and single orders as nicely as large shop orders. And then there is the wait.
If anyone ordered a UK9 Museum Burgundy Adelaide and it doesn't work for them, please let me know
Try Ben Silver
If a pair of pants comes with cuff buttons for easy cleaning of the inside of the cuff, would this present a problem if the pants needed to be shortened? Could the button slit, which I'm assuming is on the outseam of the pants, land in the wrong place and be visible after alteration?
@fieldofdreams The cuff buttons allow for easy cleaning of dust/debris that has fallen inside the cuffs. I think this would present a problem when altering the length of the pants. If they need to be taken up I assume the slit for the button could fall in the wrong place and be visible on the outseam of the altered pants. Do you agree?
Looking forward to pictures. I was under the impression that the markup was only for the side tabs and button fly. I own the Oak fit trousers: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/trousers/grey-pants/B400I.html, which I think are the exact same style as the Jort trousers. Did the Jort trousers come with button cuffs?
^I would say yes. I own a Suede Oxford on Rain 9 and Calfskin Derby on Rain 9. The Calfskin half strap penny loafers I had on Uetam 9.5 were tight enough across the instep that I got rid of them. That's not to say they wouldn't have broken in, I just wasn't having it. I have heard that the string loafer is more forgiving, being suede and without the penny strap over the instep. There is also the option of the 'low vamp' Uetam, which I plan on using for a MTO at some point.
New Posts  All Forums: