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Thanks for the review, I'd love to see a fit pic of the pants. I have the Oak pants and they fit me perfectly. This really makes me want the fishtails, which they still have in my size. But now I have to decide if its worth proxying.
Nice HY pants. Are they a D-Ring model? Do they work well?
Excellent. Thanks!
Does anyone know when the next 25% off or similar sale is? Early November perhaps?
Did anyone notice how the pre-sale dropped to 40+15 for some items and then the prices went back up to 30+15? This happened today.
I'm very interested to see your review of the fishtail trousers. I recently ordered the "Oak" fit side-tab trousers which come with brace buttons, but I find that they still aren't cut quite high enough in the back to make the braces comfortable.
 Well, that jacket is only available on the EU website, and I only proxy must-have items. Also, it turns out I have seen that jacket at the Stanley Korshak shop-in-shop in Dallas. It is definitely a seasonal jacket with a fall winter weight and a fuzzier hand. I'm holding out for a 3-4 season navy hopsack or similar.
PSA: Soho and Napoli 38R for sale $325/$350.   See my signature below.
Price drop, and new pics added to illustrate the insignificance of the flaw on inner right thigh.
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