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I have models in shell from EG, Alden, and Rancourt and have had others from C&J. Under the $1k mark, for a first shell loafer, I would go with an unlined Alden for Brooks Brothers loafer in #8 cordovan. 
Those knapp lwbs are not shell.
TY-not sure how I missed out on that when I was on the BS site.
I'm looking for the C&J harvard in whiskey cordovan. Anyone now if it can be purchased online anywhere?
Enzo Bonafe, Antonio Meccariello, Vass all have a galway style boot they could most likely make in a woman's size. https://www.meccarielloshoes.it/product/made-to-order-bimaterial/
enzo bonafe
The pattern. One is a split toe the other is not.
Politely ask if you may return the tie on your dime. I do not accept returns but if a buyer asks to return an item I will allow them to provided the item is returned in the same condition and they pay return shipping.
I'm thinking that someone like Rozsnyai could handle this request, or perhaps another Hungarian or Italian shoemaker. I'd have to ask. 
Without the heel pad stamp you'll have a hard time doing so. Though I doubt you'll get any extra pull from the Ben Silver name if you're planning on selling them online. The lack of the heel pad stamp leads me to believe this pair was not bad for Ben Silver. Check out a few of the examples of the Ben Silver split toe tassels to make sure it is the same pattern, there is a pair on ebay right now, albeit with a different model number. (Again probably means this was not a Ben...
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