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These have been worn on 4 times. They are a size 9 UK, equivalent to a size 10 US. These will fit you if you are normally a size 10D in US sizing or if you wear a 9.5D in the Alden Barrie last. These were a custom MTO through styleforum and were about $1000. They also come with the fitted shoe trees and original box/bags, as you evident in the pics.   Specs- 341 Last Dainite Sole Storm welt blind eyelets Horween Whiskey Shell Cordovan Size 9 UK   I'm pretty firm on...
Very nice. 
This is not Red Wing. There are a variety of indicators that this is not RW, including the quarter stitching (Red Wing uses a triple puritan stitch), the toplift (red wing does not use dovetail toplifts, nor leather soles for the matter). The tag on tongue is not a RW tag either.  This shoe is likely out of the Cove factory in Pennsylvania, the factory makes private label footwear for many brands including some footwear for the RRL label so that aligns with what you have...
Please PM if you have footwear in the 9UK/10D size range that you are looking to sell. TIA.
 Difficult to tell. Those toplifts are not original. 
   Rancourt did not exist during the time period that Polo Country shoes were produced. Polo Country was produced by a Maine handsewing firm, not sure which one, I have never nailed down the manufacturer. As to AE-yes I do believe that AE does some stateside handsewing production, after all, they are producing domestic handsewn shoes. AE did own a Maine handsewing factory at one point so it is possible that the shoes were made by a factory owned by AE, possibly Maine Shoe...
Well that explains the writing, I did not know that AS made shoes for Polo. Thanks. 
Not cordovan, those are calf unfortunately, one can tell due to the microcreasing in the vamp. It is hard to tell just from the photos that you posted, as the way the vamp has creased can be deceiving. I had to dig through the completed listings on ebay to get a better look at the shoes. The good news is however that you got a good pair of C&J loafers for a solid price. Enjoy.  Also, in my experience, the cordovan footwear from the early to mid 2000s when C&J still made...
No, the whole toplift comes in a single piece. It is not possible to replace just the dovetail (or other shape) insert. 
Gilt codes are account specific.
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