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The unlined BB loafers are perfection. 
These shoes are likely of Italian origin and are not made by Edward Green. The giveaway is that these shoes are blake stitched, and are not welted. Historically, Edward Green has never made non-welted footwear for their house made shoes (and for any nit pickers out there I mean shoes were the welt is structurally connected to the innersole, where there are some "welted" blake/rapid constructed footwear out of the Rider Boot Co label), however there are some funky older EG...
Yes, by all means enjoy your shoes
  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your Mezlan shoes are most likely cement or blake stitch construction. The welt stitching is false as indicated by the high degree of welt stitch length consistency (most good makers have tight, consistent welt stitching but you'll notice that each stitch appears to be exactly the same length as the last, a tough thing to accomplish when stitching a midsole or outsole to the welt), as well as a welt seam with no stitching...
This is partially incorrect. The shoes were shell, but had a heavy top coat that tended to easily flake away. 
I have had many of the older polo branded models like the jodhpurs, loafers, and ptbs. Currently I have a pair of polo ptbs, RL ptbs, RL loafers, and lindricks. The finishing and coloration of the shells were different from the polo to RL models, there seems to be less variance now but still changes in finishing and of course variance in the shells as supplied by horween. If you look into the C&J reddit AMA they talk a little bit about how their shell finishing has changed...
the marlow blucher? The marlow blucher does get restocked periodically. I have both the lindricks and an older pair of the polo branded marlows bluchers in the lighter shell cordovan, I like the marlows better personally.
These are American, right? The markings and pattern look American and not Italian. They are probably by Ansewn, which was a American moccasin manufacturing company in the Lewiston area owned by the Rancourt family, then owned by Allen Edmonds, then purchased back by the Rancourt family. It essentially became what is Rancourt now. That is my guess.
I am a 10D brannock. We have similar feet.  Carmina:9UK Forest8.5UK Detroit9UK Oscar Alden9.5D Barrie/Trubalance10D Aberdeen, Grant10E Plaza Vass43F last C&J by RL 10D Marlow (? last)9.5D Lindrick (325) I would feel safe recommended 43F for a 10E foot with a normal instep. 
Crockett & Jones, that's just a rebranded Harvard loafer.
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