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Hey Guys   Selling  two pairs of BRAND NEW UNWORN Naked and Famous WGs Flannel Denim   Size 29 and Size 30    $70 each shipped!
do you guys know what kind of cotton is used by rogue territory dark stantons? Is it the texas kind or zimbabwe?
did you guys notice that the prices were marked up atleast by 20%...   i feel like even with the post-fathers day sale, it wont be at a significant discount.
Did BB raise prices throughout the site?   Many of the items that were on sale are ~20% higher now
How do the red fleece suiting separates compare to the brooks brothers mainline suits in terms of quality
haha why is that. the only thing stopping me from going all out on online shopping is the worry that ill suffer some sort of consequence for making as many returns as i do. 
I did try the 7.5Es but they were too loose. My ankles are the bearer of my chicken leg syndrome haha.   I guess its good to know if they wont loosen up too much. That means I could keep my strands without too much worry even though they are slightly long.
Im in between sizes but went ahead with the AE plunge. I bought a pair of Fifth Ave's in size 7.5D and Strands in size 8D.   The FAs are breaking in slowly but still very snug on the sides. The strands are still fitting, but I'm worried they'll loosen too much.   Any chance there is a slight size difference between the two even though they are on the same last? Should I size down to the 7.5 or stay on the 8?
Anyone here own a pair of AEs eagle county boots? or any experience with them.   I'm wondering if theyd fit the bill for a F/W casual boot. 
Could someone offer me advice on quality for Brooks Brothers for Jeffrey clothing? Specifically... these pants. http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/brooks-brothers-by-jeffrey-wool-trousers/3449003 The fit is great, however I'm curious about it being unlined, and its slight see through nature against light although not while wearing. http://i.imgur.com/XRztZKG.jpg My issue is cost versus quality ratio. Paid about ~120 , which is on the highest end of my dress pants budget. Thanks...
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