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Got these as a gift and have not worn them at all, was told they were $400 originally, but looking around online it seems like they might be more. Come with box/shoe bags etcc.    Size 10.5, unworn. Don't think they're making buckskin chukkas like this anymore...   They're super nice, they should end up in a good home with someone that'll actually wear them!
ah yikes, i'm sorry! meant to post in that one, but clearly was too quick to draw...
and i guess to clarify, that's trading my 257 for someone else's 256...
anyone interested in trading a 'briefcase computer bag' for an 'original briefcase'?   i've got a new computer bag in brown, but realized it's a bit bigger than i'd prefer... open to pretty much any color for the trade and would do it at no extra cost (aside from both sides covering shipping) despite the $50 price difference.   any takers?
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