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  The irony that the guy's surname is Miranda.
  You gather incorrectly.  It's actually the opposite.  See my new sig or check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plonk_%28Usenet%29
  This thread started with inflation, since inflation is the sole reason why a currency loses reserve status.   I do agree that average citizens do not understand inflation. 
  Excuse me?  Gold's up 10 fold.  Gas up 10 fold.  Corn, rice, wheat, soy, clothing, stamps, automobiles.  You name it.  Don't take my word for it - here's the government's:  
  Not only are you obsessively stalking my posts, you're stalking them improperly.  I have not replied to anyone whom I've killfiled.   Want proof?   *plonk*
While we're waiting patiently for Biscotti's love letter to Big Brother:   A loss of the expectation of privacy in communications is a loss of something personal and intimate, and it will have broader implications. That is the view of Nat Hentoff, the great journalist and civil libertarian. He is 88 now and on fire on the issue of privacy. "The media has awakened," he told me. "Congress has awakened, to some extent." Both are beginning to realize "that there are...
  Are you suggesting that there was no international trade prior to 1971?  To 1913?  Throw me a bone here.  Foreign coins were even legal tender in the US until 1857, and for some time after that you could take a foreign coin to the Treasury and they'd re-coin it for you.
  That's not what plonk means.  It's been a 'net term since 1989.  So sorry that a "newb" like me has to teach a wise 16,000 post veteran these things.
  Pffft.  I love the 10,000+ post members who sneer at "newbies" but then don't know what "plonk" means (and humorously actually think it means quite the opposite of its real meaning).   It was first used in 1989.  With the leading and trailing asterisks.
New Posts  All Forums: