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I was kind of wondering too if anyone has experience with them. But they're using the term tailored very generically. It's M2M and if I were ordering, I wouldn't expect it to arrive being any great quality but probably gets the job done.   I like that they offer a $50 alteration credit once you receive the suit if it doesn't fit to your liking. Lowers the risk slightly I guess.
I can't really tell from the picture what's happening but it almost seems like it would be like that because the button is in the wrong spot or your shoulders are uneven. I really have no idea though
Try Thick as Thieves. It may be too short of notice but you can order a M2M suit exactly how you want it. That's what I did for my wedding this April and it was awesome.Sent from my LG-D800 using Tapatalk
They occasionally have 5 for $160 plus free shipping which is $32 each but that's the best I have seen
it's on Overstock for $278 brand new althought with a brown strap, I love the watch though
Is this a real thread? I'm all for symmetrical laces but I'll I hope to never associate with someone who judges a person on the symmetry of their shoe laces.
answered a few posts up
I have a Sevilla and Lazio model both purchased as 36R but in hindsight I wish I would have bought 36S because I needed to have the sleeves adjusted on both but only slightly. The problem is that they don't always offer everything in 36S so I didn't have an option at the time. The Sevilla was definitely a fuller fit that I wouldn't recommend if they even still sell it. I actually took it into the Suitsupply store here in Vegas not too long ago and they suggested I exchange...
I'm curious, what would be the other options in this price range? I've got a couple from Suitsupply, a couple of the Benjamin suits from eHaberdasher, and one from Thick as Thieves. I also have a TM Lewin half canvass suit and a Ludlow on the way.   Wondering what else I might be able to try before stepping up into a higher level suit.     To the OP though, my suitsupply suits fit very well after a little tailoring and I'm a super slim guy. I'm 5'8 and 135. I'll...
This suit is on sale at J Crew, it's a ludlow Glen Plaid wool/polyamide blend. I really love the suit but am curious if this is suitable for an office setting and if it's purely a winter style. My wife says winter but I can see it in the summer as well with a light blue shirt.   It's noted as black and khaki with a blue overcheck. Let me know your thoughts!
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