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I love the blurry face, like this is "porno" or something...nice outfit!
I just tore it out, and replaced them with:
I like lots of nice things that I never pay full price for, that's a given, with, google shopping and,,,, there is little reason to pay full price unless you really want something and can't wait for the next retail cycle!    It's true they don't come in "wide" sizes, but the shoes are more "American" sized than anything truly Italian, so they are a little wider and...
TBNY is the best overall brand for cost/style/durability that I've found. I've owned Mezlans and Magnanni and destroyed them in 6-8 months. I have owned a pair of TBNY boots that I traded in a pair of Hugo Boss "Lex" boots for because they were made in China and the leather was HORRIBLE quality. They lasted 2 years of consistent wear, 4+ times weekly and just need the soles replaced. I now exclusively purchase TBNY shoes for this reason.  I have not owned a pair of AE...
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