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  Thank you, Mr Pink. I like the Christys beige one but I certainly take your point about looking around on Ebay. The problem I have experienced  are the vagaries of hat sizes - similar to the same problems in shoe sizes. I will have a look! Thanks, again. Best wishes, Munky
Being a simple soul, I tend to use Occam's Razor, on this one and keep it simple. For me:   1) Shoe cream is what I put on when I want to do a routine clean of my shoes. It is possible just to do this. Shoe polish tends to come in pots.  2) Shoe wax is what I would use if I wanted more shiny shoes. [I don't use it as I don't like brightly polished shoes]. Wax tends to come in thin, round, tins.  3) Conditioner, such as Renovateur, is what I use, very occasionally, if I...
Thank you for these pointers, Mr Pink. They are very helpful. Do you think that the Christys, light beige, felt fedora, would fit the bill, if I can't find the beautiful hats you show in your post? It has to be said that, in this  - fairly remote - part of the UK, not many people wear hats, so availability is limited! As always, Munky. 
I am still new to hats. I live in part of the world that doesn't get a lot of heat in the summer. Nor does it get all that sunny. My question is what sort of hat can I wear in the summer, given this climate? I can appreciate the value of a Panama, when it really does get sunny, but I don't feel I could wear them throughout the summer. I couldn't do some of riskier options such as the boater or the pork pie. Last summer (before my conversion to hats) I wore summer flat...
 Surely, shoes are made for wearing and walking in? The idea of their being, occasionally, worn in the rain has been factored into their design. While I don't think you would want to wear your best shoes, regularly, through tropical storms, I can't think that they wouldn't be ruined by the occasional shower on the way from your car to your work. Very best wishes, Munky. 
 Thanks, Mr Pink, that is useful. I guess that it becomes intuitive, over time. Yours, Munky.
Hello, Benhour!  It is great to see you again! The three real experts are back online; DW, Patrick Booth and Benhour. A good week, in difficult times.   Patrick, you have posted 30,000 times.  Speaking as someone has been worked in the mental health field for more than 40 years, I trust you are in a highly secure, forensic unit!.    Fond greetings,  Munky. 
 Yes, that's fair enough. It's just that I am sometimes bemused by the number of times it is considered best to remove your hat. As a novice in the hat wearing arena, I seem to be taking my hat off just as often as I wear it! Keeps you fit, though.  I have just taken delivery of my Christys, black, 'classic' fedora. For me, at least, a beautiful hat.  Sincerely yours, Munky. 
What gives me sleepless nights is that, given that there seem to be so many places in which you should not wear your hat,  I will either a) only wear my hat to look in the mirror or b) Only use open-air car parks, so that I can wear my hat from the car to the shop.   Yours faithfully, Munky. 
 A wax polish and lots of brushing should do the trick. As you are not too worried about it, it will probably fade, over time, if you polish your shoes regularly. Don't be tempted to use a darker polish. If they were my shoes, I would probably put it down to a bit of bad luck and forget about it.  Shoes are for wearing and they are almost certainly going to get into some scrapes.  I've got quite a few scars from the pedals in my car and I don't get too distressed by them....
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