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Excuse me. Today, for the first time, I saw a pair of Bass Weejun loafers, here in the UK. I know that they are something of an iconic brand in the US. Clearly corrected grain but they look very well made and the pair I looked at was a wonderful mid brown colour. At £120 they look to be the ideal things to knock about in, in the summer. I appreciate  that they won't put John Lobb out of business,  but does anyone have anything positive to say about BW's? Yours truly, Munky.
Patina on shoes is an interesting thing. With your best shoes, you keep them polished and allow them to 'age' a little and try to avoid scratches of any sort. With waxy leather shoes you do little to them and hope they get scuffed! Polar Patina. 
 Thanks for this, Mr M635.
I am about to put a few pairs of winter shoes to bed for the summer. What do others do about this?  I don't really want to get them out, regularly and polish them. I have thought about putting a thin layer of Renapur on them for the duration of the summer. Any other ideas would be welcome!  I remain, as always, Munky.
This Saphir wool buffer always looked good, to me, too.    http://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/collections/brushes-cloths-price-desc/products/saphir-polishing-mitt
 I would agree with the comments, above. There is a real danger in looking with a 'microscope' at our shoes - especially when they are new. I have a pair of Burgundy Strands, too. If I look really, really closely, I can find the odd issue...but, they are beautiful shoes, I enjoy wearing them and hope that you do! Best wishes, Munky.
 Yes, you are right, Nick; I should have known better although I am optimistic about getting them back to normal!   
 Oddly enough, I was going to post something on this issue, this morning. For all my shoes I usually just use brushing and the occasional application of shoe cream. A few days ago, I decided that my Mid Brown, Loake Buckinghams looked a bit dry and that I would use some Renovateur on them.  I put a small amount on and left them to 'dry' for about 4 hours. Then I gave them a good brushing...but, as our colleague, above, notes, I found that the spider creases across the...
 Yup, I know what 'painted patina' is. I was thinking more broadly than that. Some shoes are painted to give an artificial patina effect and others are painted in an even colour tone. What is the leather like, underneath?  Is it the sort that would be used to make corrected grain or can some painted shoes be made of high quality leather?
 These do look very attractive. I think our kitchen was painted in this colour, with this paint.  
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