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 Life gets more difficult by the day. xx
 I am very keen to get a mirror shine on my Wellington Boots. And also on my flip flops. 
No, bengal, I meant it!  Seeing those shoes taken apart was an education. It taught me a lot more about shoe construction and the way that the bits and pieces fit together (or not, as the case may be).  Very useful and very interesting to follow it all up on your site. Thanks, again. M
A fascinating posting about the deconstruction of shoes. Thank you!
Just a thought about tan shoes and their being darkened. It may be worth bearing in mind that shoemaking companies apply polish and wax before the shoes leave the workshop. Thus, some - perhaps major - darkening will already have taken place before you buy the shoes.    It seems unlike that subsequent polishing is going to increase the darkening in any major way. If there was an incremental darkening, we would all end up with dark brown shoes.  Which, we don't.    I...
From what I have read, over the years, on this site (and from smelling it!), Renovateur does not contain turpentine. 
That's useful and interesting info. Thanks, PParker! I mostly do a lot of brushing of my shoes and that tends to keep them in good shape.    The reason I mentioned turpentine is that some people (including me) are allergic to it.    What would be your preferred option for stuff to put on your shoes?   With best wishes, Munky. 
 All I can add is that, over the years, I have used both neutral and coloured polish on my tan Buckingham's and Chester's. I guess that, if Loake's sell their own shoe products, they wouldn't be anticipating a darkening with their use.  Two tan creams that I have found useful are GlenKaren and Brush Up (by Sweeney).  Neither contain turpentine, they are mild and and light in the colour department. If there is a worry about darkening, it is worth considering these. Very...
This is an odd video. Oliver Sweeney's 'cobbler in chief' uses huge amounts of product. He also appears to move, freely, between sole and upper, when applying his various potions.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJt5Bc8XMgI
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