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Thanks, SJ. 
Sorry, Yellow, I can see, now, that you were responding to another post!  
To partly answer my own question, having looked further into it, I think I can see that the Tricker's are of better quality and build.
Does anyone know if Tricker's make shoes for Sander's (or vice versa)?  Tricker's and Sander's seem to offer very similar, coloured, brogues that look pretty much identical. Except that the Tricker's are much more expensive. Having bought two pairs of the former, I hope the differences are in terms of quality and/or build of the shoes. To satisfy my OCD tendencies, I spent a good hour, this morning, comparing photos.  There are small differences...but... Yours, steeped in...
 Yes, thanks for that, Yellow. The jar says 'leave  for an hour before brushing'.
 I have a pair of Mojave shoes. I like them very much but wouldn't much like to wear them all day as they aren't particularly supportive. Good for the summer, though. I guess that it is always going to be better to buy from the 1880 range but I appreciate that they are much more expensive than the Mojaves. My experience, though, is that I can wear 1880s all day but - as indicated above - I'm not at all sure that I could do that with Mojaves. Also, the heel isn't very high...
I have just been given a tub of Oliver Sweeney 'Brush Up' polish. It contains: beeswax, carnauba wax, lanolin, sea buckthorn oil and neatsfoot oil.  I had never heard of sea buckthorn oil before and can't find any reference to it as a shoe product. Does this cream sound like a good thing to use on your shoes?
This is a photo, from the internet, of a pair of shoes identical to my new, green, Trickers.   
 Thanks for this, Sleepy. 
I have just taken delivery of my beautiful, green, Boughtons, to go with my red pair. On their web page, they describe the red leather as 'calf leather' and the green leather as 'analine leather'. Given that these leathers are both described on the same page of their website, what is the distinction they are making here?  One noticeable difference between the two is that lots of colour transfers to a cloth, on the red pair and hardly any does on the green pair. Kindest...
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