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Re: above.  Life is too short for this. They are shoes. 
What beautiful shoes. Now be careful what you do with that cup of tea!
 With all due respect, Missing, you would have to use a microscope to see the scuff!  They are shoes and they get marked occasionally. Give them a few good brushings and I am sure they will be fine. If they are not already fine.  No need for a big production number! Every good wish, Munky. 
 Yes! I think it is time for me to try the mirror shine. Your posting has reminded me of it!  Good luck with sorting out your scuff.  Thanks and best wishes, Munky. 
 I don't know about mirror shines as I have never attempted them. Clearly, if you have a major scuff, you will want to deal with it. Again, I have found that a good brushing often heals things over. Otherwise some polish of the same colour will no doubt do the job. I'm not sure that you need 'layers' (unless you are talking about the mirror shine). In the end, you are bound to get some scuffing; they are shoes and made for wearing outside!  Most of them will disappear...
 I think it is probably better to under clean/polish your shoes, rather than over clean/polish  them. Regular brushing - when you go out and when you come in - keep them in pretty good shape. 
Wonderful to hear from you again, DW! You have been missed.  M
Thank you, gents, for your suggestions about wearing boots in the summer. Based on what you have said, I think I will give the Burford's  just a couple more wears and see what happens. If they are too hot, they will be put to bed. That just leaves me with what I do about my Doc Marten boots...My Doc Marten shoes are fine in summer or winter. Not so sure about the boots, though. As always, sorry to lower the tone with chat about my DM's! At the risk of being too defensive,...
I have a pair of Burford boots. Has anyone experience of wearing boots in the summer?  Or must I wrap them up and put them away for the winter? As you might know, the UK ain't exactly a hot place. 
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