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Sorry, Stemo, that was a mistake on my part. The Winchester isn't a chelsea boot.
Odradek, thanks for your thoughts on the Burford's; they are very helpful.   Brooks, Loakes do two Chelsea boots in the 1880 range: Winchester and Thirsk. 
Thank you very much for this, Casa - it is very helpful and I appreciate it. 
Spurred on by comments on this page, I am planning to buy a pair of Burfords. My Chester brogues are size 9 but almost all of my other shoes are 8.5.  Given that Burfords and made on the same last as Chesters, would it be sensible to go for Burfords in size 9?  I don't want to wear thick socks with the boots and - having never worn boots before - I am uncertain as to how closely fitting the top half of the boots are. I would like a snuggish fit around the ankles.  With...
I've never had a pair of boots, but love the look of the Burford's.  When you wear boots, do you have to wear thick socks or are ordinary ones OK?
I was being ironic...
With respect, Patrick, I am not sure that it is wise to recommend B. Nelson to someone who lives in Ireland. 
There is nothing like a 12" horn. 
Because what we have bought are 'our' new shoes, I suspect that we look at them as though through a magnifying glass.  If you pay £90, for what you consider to be an 'expensive' pair of Clark's, you probably search all over them for defects. If you move up to Loakes, you - even more so - expect them to be perfect. Ditto shoes such as Tricker's.  I paid £400 each, for two pairs of Tricker's and immediately found minor defects and was worried about whether or not I had got...
You are such an old softy, Boston!  
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