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The Herring, Chaucer ll are made by John Spencer, not Cheaney. I asked them!
 Thanks, guys. They are very comfortable and I'm very pleased with them. (Herring Chaucer ll).
I'm very pleased with my Herring, Chaucer ll, whole cuts, in burgundy. Does anyone else have experience of these?
You are right, DWF!  It is, of course, the 'dreaded' lurgi.
Lurgi is the correct term, Patrick. It's a medical diagnosis. 
Thank you very much guys. 
Serious question. Is there any reason why men shouldn't wear Loake's women's shoes? They make some nice brogues. Is there a significant difference between men's and women's feet? The Loake's are an 'E' fitting, which I think I might need. I am not being frivolous. 
Just back from a few days in Singapore, with just one pair of shoes. I did a  lot of walking, a lot of sitting and it was both hot and wet. I took a pair of shoe trees with me and they have survived very well! A few scuffs but nothing that I imagine won't come out with a good brushing or, perhaps, a bit of a clean. I will give them a 'rest' first. 
Sorry, Wurger, I found the piece about lasts, on the Pediwear site and it is what I had in mind.  Thanks. 
Hi Wurger,Yes, the Loake table is also buried in Loake's own site.    I think what I was looking for, though, is a guide to the range of different lasts, not just the width of them, but how they feel when they are on. On another site about shoes, people often talk about preferring one last over another and some seem to have knowledge of a range of lasts. Is this just gained from wearing shoes made on a particular last or is there an objective way of describing them?
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