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I'm just curious to know why anyone would pay that for a pair of socks. Socks!
Why, Patrick?  I suppose, as Jay Mcinerney said, 'taste is a matter of taste.'
All of my clothes are made of Cervelt and I have 300 pairs of bespoke  JL's, which I wear in rotation.    I paid $15,000 for my pairs of socks. See, below:   http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/cervelt-socks
The discussion about the  $1,275 a pair socks put me in mind of a contributor on here, recently. He wrote that he had found an unworn pair of John Lobb's in the back of the cupboard. As one does.   I keep checking mine to see if a pair of these socks has got left behind!
And what you wrote, Chogall is, I think, an iambic pentameter!  Worth more than a unicorn and better than a brush. 
I've been grazing the internet. Why would anyone pay $500 for a pair of shoe brushes? Because they can, I suppose. Better brushes? I don't think so. 
Remind me, please. When people talk about Lexol, are they mostly talking about the conditioner (brown bottle or the cleaner (orange bottle)?
I think you will find that they wash up well. As I suggested, you will still see the 'ghost' of colours but they will remain great to use after a number of washes. In fact, they improve with age. I have some smaller ones to put the polish on and then a large one to give a final buff after polishing and brushing. Bear in mind that you can buy them at a very reduced price, directly from the makers.   http://www.selvyt.co.uk/selvyt-cloths/   If you want to see huge...
DWF, I agree with everything you say, above; there is nothing to replace experiential learning. We (mostly) all learn from experience and that process may take a lifetime. However, it is important, in my mind, not to conflate shoe-making with shoe-care. The first is an art and a science. The latter is often a hit and miss affair. Thus, this thread. Many people on here are trying to find ways of cleaning their shoes. Some offer esoteric methods, some quick and easy and some...
A useful combination for Loake's tan brogues: GlenKaren light brown cream, then Saphir Yellow wax. The latter is often passed over.  I had its use, with tan shoes, confirmed by A Fine Pair of Shoes. 
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