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I'm very happy with my Sander's Jude Brogues:   http://www.sanders-uk.com/shop/product/jude-9143tdg   They are quite similar to Tricker's Bourton brogues, although not as finely made. Mind you, the Tricker's are nearly twice the price and the Sander's are pretty much as comfortable. Very rugged shoes, they are likely to go on forever. I have had mine for about a year. I have had the Bourton's a bit...
Just a thought. I have 16 pairs of shoes, many of them very good quality. On the whole, though, I would probably prefer it if I had bought 4 pairs of top quality ones. 
Fraser, just a couple of other thoughts. I have two pairs of Loake Buckinghams. They are slightly tight when I put them on but fit near-enough perfectly once I have worn them for an hour or so. I admit that I don't understand how this works. It also happens with my Loake Strand's, which are made on the same last but, for some reason, feel different to the Bucks.    On balance, I think it is probably best to have shoes that fit closely rather then ones in which your feet...
 Hi DW. Yes, I had sort of anticipated that my posting might be taken literally. That's why I included the unicorn.  Mind you, I have a small selection of unicorn horns, priced at $120 a piece. They are proving to be a bestseller, so it's a case of first come, first served.  Terms and conditions apply. 
How to condition your shoes. Slowly boil two litres of olive oil. Once boiling, add I pint of thick bleach. Stir well with the horn of a unicorn.  Leave shoes soaking in this healthy mix, overnight. Leave shoes for six months to dry out. Add salt, to taste.    You will be the centre of the shoe-care world, once you wear your shoes again. It has to be said that this is not a fail-safe method and should be used only by those who know about shoe care. With every good wish,...
 Life gets more difficult by the day. xx
 I am very keen to get a mirror shine on my Wellington Boots. And also on my flip flops. 
No, bengal, I meant it!  Seeing those shoes taken apart was an education. It taught me a lot more about shoe construction and the way that the bits and pieces fit together (or not, as the case may be).  Very useful and very interesting to follow it all up on your site. Thanks, again. M
A fascinating posting about the deconstruction of shoes. Thank you!
Just a thought about tan shoes and their being darkened. It may be worth bearing in mind that shoemaking companies apply polish and wax before the shoes leave the workshop. Thus, some - perhaps major - darkening will already have taken place before you buy the shoes.    It seems unlike that subsequent polishing is going to increase the darkening in any major way. If there was an incremental darkening, we would all end up with dark brown shoes.  Which, we don't.    I...
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