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I have some Loake's Chester brouges and have just bought some Loake's Buckingham brogues. Both are described as 'tan'. However, there is a considerable colour difference between the two pairs. Both pairs are made in the UK from calf leather.  The Chesters are about 2 years old and are a 'brighter' colour than the new shoes. Is this just the way of things?  I image there are quite a few variables involved in the colouring and conditioning of leather.   Fond regards, Munky
Travers, you are the only one who is suffering as a result  of these exchanges. Sit back for a bit. 
Good luck with your Hydes! They look really good. My tan Buckinghams took their first day out, today and are really comfortable. I have Chesters, too and - although they take some wearing in - are really worth it. Eighteen  months, later, my Chesters are one of my most comfortable shoes, as part of a rotation! I have heard rumours of Chesters in Burgundy, coming soon. I will certainly be tempted by these, if the story is true. 
Glen's products are working well for me, thanks,  traverscao.
My new tan Buckinghams are a different shade of tan when compared to my Chesters. I guess that there can't be absolute matching, given a range of variables. The Buckinghams are darker than the Chesters. I only noticed when I put the two pairs next to each other on my shoe rack. They are only shoes...they are only shoes...
Travers, I appreciate that you don't feel happy about some of the things about you that have been posted here. You clearly want to share your knowledge and experience with other people. As you know, there are some very experienced contributors on this thread. We can all learn from shoemakers and those who have a deep knowledge about everything related to shoes. We can often learn a lot from listening, rather than talking. I have learned that it is easy to 'over post.' Do,...
This morning I bought my second pair of Buckinghams, this time in Tan. What great shoes they are. Now I am just waiting for a dry day to wear them, which means I probably won't be able to until next March! My wife bought me one shoe, for Christmas and I paid for the other.    Highly recommend shoes on the Capital last, which is also used for the Strands. With best wishes, Munky.
More for a summer night of dancing, I would have though, Patrick. 
Thanks, Isolation, that's useful.    To those who are so negative about Loake's, what are you doing on a 'Loake Appreciation' site? Just wondering...
Thanks, guys, for your comments about the Adams. I think I will leave them for the moment. I imagine that they are more suited to wearing in Siberia rather than in rather damp Wales. 
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