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I suppose, if you could afford it, buying a made-to-measure suit would be much the same. I suspect that they do all sorts of nips and tucks and change the Topys on the lapels. They would  probably charge as much as a new suit to do it though. 
If I could afford a pair of C&J's and had to get the glue pot out, I would be trotting down Jermyn Street with a baseball bat. 
Great minds think alike!  I e-mailed Loake's yesterday and got a reply this morning. They charge £25 for a 'standard heel repair', which seems like a good thing. I would have thought it a good idea to have a couple of heel repairs and then a full refurb every few years. 
Goodness! I didn't realise that it would be like this. 
Given that some of us think that C&J's and Carmina's are posh shoes, what are we to learn from this? Given that many lower priced shoes last a lot longer, what is the point of increasing the amount we pay for shoes - at least for RTW? Or are these cases 'outliers'? I'm not keen on paying for C&J shoes, only to have to superglue them.  Yours sincerely, Munky
Hello Ajc, This is from Loake's website:   "Loake charge £65.00 per pair, inclusive of return postage within the UK and VAT. This covers re-soling on the original last with new soles and heels, fitting new seat socks and re-finishing the upper part of the shoes. We expect to return repaired shoes within 21 working days of receiving payment, exclusive of any factory holidays." It seems to cover quite a lot and you would, of course, retain the (worn in and patinated)...
Saphir do both cream and wax in mahogany. Why not use those?
As you will know, Loake's offer a refurbishment service which is about £65. If you have had a third party repair your shoes, they will not undertake the referb.    My problem is this. The heels of my Chester's are about to get worn beneath the rubber part of the heel. The soles show no sign of wearing through. Do I wait until the soles wear through (I estimate this as being about 2 years hence!) Or do I have the heels repaired and not worry about a Loake's refurb? Surely...
DW, I feel as though I might have appeared a bit strident in my response to you about colour. I apologise for this and assure you that it was not intended. Best wishes, Munky
Yep, fair enough, DW. But you might be running into problems, here.  If the chart reflects someone's subjective opinion (which, I agree, it does) then we can't claim to be objective. It would be difficult for anyone to say 'there are many subjective views out there, but mine is the objective view on the topic of what shoes go with what pants'. As someone said, 'taste is a matter of taste'.
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