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 I respect what Patrick has to say on this. I really don't understand the need for things such as 'two applications of Renomat, three of Lexol, four of Renovateur' and so on. As has often been said on here, brushing going out and coming in is the best way to look after shoes. I have certainly found it to be the case. Time to engage Occam's Razor. Yours, bemused, Munky.
From the findings of my small observational study, it would seem that 98.7% of men in the UK don't clean or polish their shoes. Even otherwise smartly dressed men seem to forget what are on their feet. For those who have the money, I would think it a good idea for them to buy some Church's bookbinder leather shoes. Presumably, then, all they would have to do is wipe them over with a damp cloth.    While I am moaning, I note that a particularly gross style for young men...
Re my navy Boughton's.  Thanks, guys!  With every good wish, Munky.
Be aware that once edge dressing  is used, it doesn't come off very easily. I used Saphir DC on my Loake Chester Brogues, which have a very thick sole that often get scuffed. I still have some marks on the uppers from where my cloth went a bit wild. Not to be recommended for use by alcoholics or those who had a heavy night, the night before. Sincerely yours, Munky.
I have a beautiful pair of Navy Blue Boughton's, with Commando soles. The soles suggest that they are good in rugged/wet/snowy conditions. Given that the shoes looks so good, I can't imagine wearing them in these conditions. I know that shoes are made to be worn, but does anyone have any thoughts on how to wear or protect shoes like this. I have seen them described as 'tramping shoes', so I imagine that it is a given that they are suitable for pretty rough conditions. 
  Saphir make an edge dressing but I've only used it a couple of times. It takes a steady hand. It is available, as a remember, in three dark shades. With fraternal wishes, Munky.
Welcome back, benhour!  We have missed you. With very best wishes, Munky.
It is important to put shoe trees in all shoes and boots, English. In my experience, Tricker's Boughton shoes and similar, do have very thick soles. The also tend to show 'rolls' on the vamp rather than creasing. The soles take quite a while to wear in.  The trees you have bought are excellent and I hope you will continue to use them!  Best wishes, Munky. 
 Goodness!  I am not sure that you should use a hair brush 'improperly'. Snigger.  
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