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You amuse me SwedishFish! You say "I don't know anything about Loake shoes and I am not a particular fan of the brand..." You go on to write about which Loake shoes you would like to buy and that you might want to order more in the future! If you don't particularly like them and don't know anything about them, it might be best to go to a shoe shop and try some on - or at least to look at them. Who knows? You might get to like them. 
Fair enough, Travers, I was a bit abrupt there and- in line with what Sushi was saying- I don't have the right to suggest that people stop posting. I apologise for any hurt feelings. I still think, though, that we can all, quietly, listen to people of very considerable experience and that is what we get here. 
I fully appreciate what you are saying, Sushi. Everyone has a right to say anything, on the internet, but that doesn't mean that it is all good. Sometimes, listening and absorbing information from others, is better than talking. There are a number of experts on here from which we can all learn. I'm not one of them but I really appreciate their wisdom. 
Thank you for that, Sangaku,that makes a lot of sense now!
Travers, it amuses me how you have recently become the self-appointed 'expert' on all matters of shoes and shoe care. Given the experience and expertise of a considerable number of people on here, it might be better to give it a rest for a bit. A bit of humility might not go amiss. 
Having, last night, polished my shoes with turpentine based products, I have rediscovered my allergy to turps, with fairly unpleasant circumstances. I have just ordered a range of GlenKaren products, from a company in Sweden and hope that these will solve future polishing issues. Not cheap, though, in Europe!  From what I have read on here, they will be worth it. 
Thank you, DW. That seems to sort everything out!  
I have a pair of Dr Marten's oxblood shoes that I have saved for wearing in bad weather. Given that, here in Wales, we get a lot of that, I am wondering if I could wear my Chesters in all weathers. Does anyone have any experience of wearing Chesters in bad weather, regularly? I believe that brogues were originally designed to let the water run off them - although, how that works is beyond me.    Before anyone smirks about my Dr Martens, I have to say that they are very...
Language is always changing and cannot be set in stone. It's no good looking back to a golden age of 'proper' English; there never was such a thing. 
Much as I love Loake shoes, I have found that they often have minor quality issues. My Chesters have a slight stitching problem at the toe end of one of the shoes. Nothing awful but noticeable to me. My Strands and Buckinghams are a bit unevenly coloured. I know these are burnished shoes but the burnishing of both shoes needs to be very similar. By way of contrast, my Herring, Chaucer IIs have no such problems and they are wholecuts.    I am probably being far too picky...
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