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I am happy with my RTW shoes. I can't afford bespoke. 
Sorry, but you've lost me...
Your question Bdavro is still vacuous. It's a bit like asking, 'if an airline could offer you first class seats for the price of economy class, would you still fly economy?'   There is only one reason for my not wearing bespoke shoes and that is that I can't afford them. 
Bdavro writes:   The question to ask is if a good bespoke maker was able to create a shoe for you in the exact style you want, in the time frame you needed, and at the same price as a RTW equivalent, but fits you better, would you still buy RTW?      This is a bit of a non question and a straw man. It would be odd to answer 'yes' to his question. On the other hand, it is unlikely that a bespoke maker could make shoes for the price of RTW.
I've always used Otter Wax to polish my otters.
Felix. Thank you for the link to Bic4. Call me shallow, if you want, but I love the bottle it's in! 
Thanks for that, Chogall, it's very helpful. 
I have never really worked out how to use Lexol. Do you use it in the way that might use cream; a very little rubbed in? Or do you pour a bit onto a cloth and wipe it all over the shoe?
My only complaint about my beautiful Tricker's shoes is that the rubber bit on the heel seems to wear down very quickly.
I don't know the answer to this, but I love the phrase 'suit worthy' !  
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