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Thanks, mimo, I think that sounds about right. 
I may have said this before (and given my age, I have probably have). This is my - counterintuitive - experience of using added insoles.   I find I need them when my shoes are new. After a while, I can take them out and the shoes fit perfectly.  By way of example, I bought a pair of Tricker Bourtons about two months ago.  They have very, very thick soles. At first, I needed inserts in them. On Friday of last week, I took them out and my shoes are very comfortable. This...
DMS, the only thing I am not sure about are the letters 'MB' at the top of the label. If in doubt about any of these shoes, you can always drop an email to Tricker's.  I have found that the makers I have dealt with are pretty good at answering specific questions about their products.    MB might, of course, be 'medium brown'!
DMSAM, I agree with Sleepy, this does look like a genuine, Tricker's, box. The printing inside the insoles look right, too.  One hundred and fifty pounds really are a steal. I can't imagine anyone going to the trouble of making a fake box and a fake insole. 
 Thanks for this, gr.  This sounds like good news!  The soles are Ridgeway rubber. From what you say about width and so on, I think these might be just right for me. I sit between a UK 8.5 and 9 (although I have a pair of shoes that are 10 and one that are 11!).  Such are the vagaries of shoe sizing. Thanks, again. 
Yes, that's a problem, Sleepy. I would be buying them on the internet. However, the company is an excellent one and open to exchanges. 
Thanks for that, Sleepy. It's just that I have the opportunity to buy a pair of Sander's brogues for almost half price. Half the price of the Sander's quoted price. Just over £100. Given that I have paid nearly £400 for my Tricker's, I am trying to work out whether or not they would be a good investment.   I have to smile. 'Investment' isn't really an issue!  My age counts against my having an investment! I just like these dark brown, red soled, shoes. 
Does anyone have experience of Sander's Brogues?  They look remarkably like the Tricker's ones, but are half the price. Is there anything here that we need to know about? The ones I am looking at are made of dark brown, grain leather, with red soles.
I suspect that more than half the fun of shoes is the buying of them. 
Comment removed and apologies for my being rude.
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