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Is it common for shoemakers to use 'pleather' or corrected grain leather as the lining of shoes?
 Yes, I am well, thanks. Those Vass shoes are beautiful!  I really like blue shoes and those look wonderful. Yes, shoes are certainly addictive. I have 16 pairs at the moment, although I know that many on here will have far, far, more. I have also developed a liking for hats and now have 10 of those. Mostly from Christys. All the best, Munky. 
 Yes, I got this invitation, too. It looks like being a great thing to do and I think I will put myself in the hat! Hope you are well and enjoying your local Loake shop!  Yours, Munky.
 Those are beautiful boots!  I notice that, on your right boot, the laces don't lie straight. This is a problem that I have a lot. Is it down to the shape of the foot, or down to the making up of the facings?  With envy and thanks, Munky. 
 With respect, I don't think that anyone was 'bitching' about him. I think the posts, above, are affectionate. Yours, as always, Munky. 
 Sorry I didn't get back to you on this. 'Shoe maker's' trees tend to be more expensive. Twenty to twenty five pounds will be fine. It is what I have paid for mine. The things to look out for are that they are made of cedar wood and not varnished in any way. They should have a 'split toe' arrangement, which allows them to fill the toe cap and vamp of the shoe. They can be hinged in the middle and - if possible - adjustable by using screws on the side (although this is not...
 The last time I saw him was on the hat thread. Hope he is well.   M.
 Phew!  Thanks for this, Thin. I guess the point of hats is to wear them!     Sincerely, Munky.
A question about the logistics of hat wear. I understand that you shouldn't hold your hat with the inside showing,when you are in company. If this is the case, do you hold it by the brim, when you have taken it off?  Holding the hat by the brim suggests, to me, that the brim is likely to become a bit out of shape, over time. If you try to hold it by the inside and the brim, the lining shows.  I also understand that it shouldn't be held by the 'eyes' and so on. One source...
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