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I am sure that this has been talked about before, but there is a real need for people to appreciate the differences between Saphir Renovateur and Saphir Renomat. Those differences are incredibly important. Yours, as always, Munky.
 Goodness! What beautiful shoes. Could you not contact Lobb to ask them how to care for these?
 Lovely shoes, Simply!  I have found them to be very comfortable, very quickly. Mine fit very well around the heel, which, as I understand it, is a sign of good design. For a little while, they pinched my little does but that has resolved itself.  What I particularly like about Butckinghams is how light they are. Fit a couple of metal plates and you could use them for tap dancing!  Chesters are, obviously, much heavier and different. I like both. 
 cbfn. Unfortunately, the site says that the felt pad is no longer available. 
 You can't go wrong, they are beautiful shoes!
 Well, there are some marked style differences between the two. The Buckinghams have the Adelaide styling around the lacing and are Oxfords. The Redgraves are Derbys and have  different broguing. However...I love Buckinghams so I am a bit biased. The Bucks will go with almost everything. I don't need to wear formal clothes, any more, but find the Buckinghams to be very versatile. I don't have direct experience of the Redgraves but they are really good looking shoes. My...
I have never understood why we only wear shoes in matched pairs. Why not one black brogue and a tan Oxford?
What beautiful boots, MSAINT!  I would love a pair of those!
 No, the cream that I referred to is an 'edge dressing', as its name suggests. It is not something you would use on your uppers, unless you want to cover up serious problems.. To quote a Fine Pair of Shoes: ' Perfect for edge dressing soles of leather footwear.'
 I know the shop and have cashed in my '6 pairs and get a pair free'!  Great people who know all about shoes! Chester's do come in a leather sole version and I have them. I find that both tan Chesters and tan Buckingham's go well with jeans (as long as you don't try to wear both at the same time!)
New Posts  All Forums: