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I just took delivery of my Navy Boughtons. I got them on RETrickers for £250 rather than the usual nearly £400. Tricker's obviously have very high standards of quality control. Although these were 'seconds' it took me a while to realise that the backs of the heel stacks are not quite as buffed as they should be. Only I would notice this (other than the quality person) as I put them under the microscope for a good half an hour. To see the errors, you would have to be laying...
Those brushes do look to be very good value, Carl!   Thanks for posting this. Yours, Munky. 
  Diolch o galon!
 Thank you very much!
If you buy a pair of 'seconds' from RE Trickers, ebay site, can you return them if they aren't suitable?
 These are excellent shoe brushes, sold in the UK. I have got a few pairs of these. https://www.freshstep.co.uk/shoe-care-products/shop-by-brand/woly-shoe-care/woly-collectors-horsehair-brush
These are one of my most comfortable pairs of shoes. Sander's shoes don't seem to be discussed very much, so I thought I would post this. Sanders make great shoes, here in the UK. These shoes are like a younger cousin to Tricker's, not as finely made as T's but very solid and nicely stitched (they are, after all, very considerably cheaper than Tricker's). Comfortable from the first wearing, they are good for any weather - and for the summer, too. They look better in real...
 Hello Narc. It sounds as though you might be putting stuff on your shoes a bit too often. If you brush well, before you put them on and when you take them off, you will keep the shoes looking good. I would only use polish when they obviously need it. That, for me, is longer than 'every 2 weeks to a month'. I have never needed to use Renomat. I only use Renovateur about once a year and I don't use wax. I find that polish brings up a pleasant shine, without the need for...
It's lovely to hear from you both again, DW and Patrick Booth. Now we just need Benhour, back! As always, Munky. 
 Hi Whip. I don't know about the chemical details of the turpentine-based products. Glen, of GlenKaren offers a lot of detail on the various constituents of his and other's products, on his webpage. The allergic response, for me, is only triggered during the application of the polish. There is a paradox, here. Turpentine is also used as a treatment for lung disorders.  When I use it, my sinuses become blocked and the mucous membranes of my mouth, nose and throat quickly...
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