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It was just a simplified comparison, not meant to be literal.   PB, I love the way that you sometimes go into reverse!   
Yep, that don't look too good, Odradek.   
While I like clunking along in my double-soled Chesters, I also like the thinner soles of the Buckinghams and Strands. I wouldn't want to tap dance in them but I appreciate the lightness.   I tell you what I like the look of: the 1880's Taunton. They are an updated version of Loake's Royals - an historic shoe. 
Hi Sima, It's difficult to describe how the Buckinghams feel different to the Strands. They are both made on the same last but they do feel subjectively different. I have to wear a sole insert with the Strand but not with the Buckinghams, so I expect the Strands are slightly larger.For me, neither of them have much room in the toe box but this is getting better with the Strands ( I have had the Strands for much longer than the Buckinghams. If I was to choose between them,...
Thanks, Patrick. I will give that a try.
I was eating chicken pie in a restaurant, this lunchtime. It was only when I stood up, perhaps an hour later, that I saw I had dropped a fair bit of the inside of the pie on the shoe box of my tan, Loake's brougues. I another bit was right in the middle of the vamp of the other shoe. I wiped these off and tried to make it look as though it didn't bother me.   When I got home, I dabbed the shoes with a dry cloth and let them rest for a bit. Then I gave them a brisk...
Does Naptha smell? This cream smells of nothing at all. 
For those, like me, who worry about turpentine: I got a jar of Loake's cream, today. In a controlled experiment ( n=1)  it was found that it did not smell of turpentine. Loake's wax, did. This leads to - at least - two possible questions. One) Is it the case that Loake's cream really doesn't contain turpentine and 2) if it doesn't, what is in Loake's cream? These are compelling questions!  I remain, as ever...
AlChl, In a word, no. Don't use a product to remove the previous 'layer of cream', unless you really need to. And that is almost never. As a regular shoe-wearer, I can't imagine a situation in which I would have to use such a product. As you will find from reading through this thread, the point is to use very little cream or wax when you polish your shoes. And if it doubt, brush them rather than polish them. 
Still looking for a non-turpentine solution. Is Saphir Nappa Leather Cream suitable for calf leather shoes?
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