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Never heard of Ring Jacket...spend a few minutes on their website...  this jacket caught my eye...RING JACKET BLACK WATCH HARRIS TWEED "184" SPORT COAT http://www.thearmourystore.com/us/editorial/second-piece  WANT!  
Feel your pain. I got cords and Some khaki colored non selvedge pants
Nice toes
Wow nice finds in the last 2 posts!!
I'm Asian so that's not as attractive an option for me. Been there done that
Offtopic. Anyone backpack through Europe before. Gf and I are thinking of going for a month or so in the summer. Advice on how to keep the trip at thrift prices???
I think negative feedback here was definitely warranted....
love ostrich boots. awesome find!
yep.  It seems like all the Zegna fakes i run across are all horrible and not even close to resembling the real stuff.  usually, the tags are awful and a dead giveaway.
 What a mess...hope it works out
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