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Some killer stuff the last two pages
@capnwes Awesome boots...also International Shoe is a landmark case that every lawyer has studied. Its really cool to axtuakly see the product they actually produced.
So if I buy something and it turns out to be fake, I still have to pay the return shipping in order to get a refund? That's a little ridic isn't it?
@ridethecliche I like the fit a lot. Nicely done. to be rokor
Hahaha that's funny.
+1 too funny!
 6!!! Count em! Could have gotten more but 2 had slight pulls! NWT Hermes was from a store that I wasn't even going to go to that day, but stopped there because I went the wrong way and decided why the heck not.
Some recent stuff from the last 2 weeks or so...have so much more its not even funny [[SPOILER]]
  congrats on the Kiton...Still have not found any Kiton other than some shirts and ties
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