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Wow...sucks to be rokor
Hahaha that's funny.
+1 too funny!
 6!!! Count em! Could have gotten more but 2 had slight pulls! NWT Hermes was from a store that I wasn't even going to go to that day, but stopped there because I went the wrong way and decided why the heck not.
Some recent stuff from the last 2 weeks or so...have so much more its not even funny [[SPOILER]]
  congrats on the Kiton...Still have not found any Kiton other than some shirts and ties
Need a slim modern cut suit in 38s. Pm if you got anything
  this thing is nuts!
Just looked her up...
Bought a white shirt that were listed as "like new." When it arrived, it had a bunch of stains on the collar and sleeve. Opened a case asking for a refund since seller didn't offer returns. Was expecting some sort of communication to try to work things out, buy instead, got a full refund and looks like I don't have to return the item. So now it's time to see if I can wash this thing and remove the stains! Also, eBay removed some feedback I had mentioned earlier without me...
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