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So say June 1st I use up all my 100 free listings, then open a store on the 2nd. I would only get an additional 400 listings, not 500? Sorry, just trying to get the most listings for my buck.
It'd pretty ridic. I had them make an announcement but no one came forward. The cashier said they didn't sell any glasses in the time period I lost them, so someone probably stole them from the store. How odd. I'm going to call tomorrow to see if someone turned them in. Doubtful. I'm getting some new Persols anyway, buy its ridic that someone would want my glasses
Good day turned bad when I lost my prescription eyeglasses at the Goodwill...didn't realize it until I got into the car.  Tried for an hour to find them bak in the store with no luck.  One of the workers said they found in the dressing room I was in and then placed them in the glasses bin.  When we looked for them, they were gone.  Who the hell buys someone else's PRESCRIPTION sunglasses!!! The frames are a no name Chinese brand! GRRR.  Good thing I'm getting new glasses...
if I open a premium store, i get 500 free listings...do i also get the 100 free listings i have now as a non-store owner?
anyone have a g-shock watch or comparable sports watch for sale/trade?
Calling all 43-44R's...who wants this awesome sports jacket?  
Shipping some expensive expensive shies to China through the global shipping program...anything to worry about? Never shipped to China before.
Some killer stuff the last two pages
@capnwes Awesome boots...also International Shoe is a landmark case that every lawyer has studied. Its really cool to axtuakly see the product they actually produced.
So if I buy something and it turns out to be fake, I still have to pay the return shipping in order to get a refund? That's a little ridic isn't it?
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