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Thrift sale brag!
 I've never seen a jacket that can stand up on its own...pretty cool!
 that is pretty impressive, to keep so few number of items.  i have implemented a new rule.  Anytime i find something to keep, i also get rid of something.  That said, i still have way too much clothes (considering i probably only wear 5 percent of the clothes i own on a regular basis).
I usually keep an item a week...but then I usually wear it for a little bit and sell it.
Nicely done!!!!!
Awesome outwear evolution!
any insight on shipping to brazil?   usps first class reliable? i'm thinking about shipping a shirt.
what does everyone think of the new wallet?  I have the $25 dollar one and love it.  The new one looks nice but its a little too big and expensive for my taste.
some random stuff from the last couple months that i've just now gotten around to taking pictures of   [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]      oh and lastly, i never find any good briefcases.  Edges have some wear but the rest of it is in pretty decent condition.  Carried it to a job interview last wednesday and friday...haven't heard anything back yet :(  [[SPOILER]]
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