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Anyone have a black suit in size 38s?   Need one for a wedding i'm in!   thanks in advance!
Great stuff Hans! Wow.  I was out to lunch today and stopped by a local coffee shop for some drinks..     Just happened to have a few resale shops within walking distance.   Found a Mont Banc pen but there was no price tag, so they wouldn't sell it :(   Left them my digits, so hopefully the manager or whoever will call back with a low price.   Other than that, found a T&A Blue Cotton shirt with white contrast sleeves and collar (was more than thrift prices, but...
@capnwes That's pretty much what I've accumulated in 1 year of thrifting...and then some! Wow! And dibs on shoes 8-8.5 haha
@size 38R I totally thought to myself, "I bet 38r would like this" when I found this.
Sweet!! I thought it was but I wasn't sure! Thanks!
SOME STUFF FROM THE LAST 2 WEEKS... NM Tie...this weave anything special?  Frye Size 13J Crew Barbour Style Jacket [[SPOILER]] Church's 9CCowtown Boots...Is this leather anything exotic? I can't tell.   [[SPOILER]] Massimo Bizzocchi Linen Pocketsquare - pretty sick  [[SPOILER]] Pendleton Size L Sports Jacket Shirt ThingOxxford Clothes Cashwool 46 - awesome pattern
Legend.. Wait for it...dary!!
Thank you!
Found these today at a shop I rarely go to... Anyone know who the maker is?    [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
I wish I could go on all day thrift benders like yall. Unfortunately I'll be attending a graduation.
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