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  NOPE. The only tags is the one I posted, and the wash instructions.  No content tag or tag indicating where it was made. 
 Glad you liked it!!!!
Very clever! I see what you did there!!
I'm not sure how severe your stains are, but I've had amazing success just dabbing water onto the stain and letting it dry. Has worked 100% of the time. YMMV though! Gl!
Anyone have a black suit in size 38s?   Need one for a wedding i'm in!   thanks in advance!
Great stuff Hans! Wow.  I was out to lunch today and stopped by a local coffee shop for some drinks..     Just happened to have a few resale shops within walking distance.   Found a Mont Banc pen but there was no price tag, so they wouldn't sell it :(   Left them my digits, so hopefully the manager or whoever will call back with a low price.   Other than that, found a T&A Blue Cotton shirt with white contrast sleeves and collar (was more than thrift prices, but...
@capnwes That's pretty much what I've accumulated in 1 year of thrifting...and then some! Wow! And dibs on shoes 8-8.5 haha
@size 38R I totally thought to myself, "I bet 38r would like this" when I found this.
Sweet!! I thought it was but I wasn't sure! Thanks!
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