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thats what i used to do before someone on here told me about the prink trick.  it comes in handy when there are only a few completed listings, so its harder to judge a fair priced given the limited data.
that jacket is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
woah. shocked you don't know.  You go to the original listing, and then scroll down until you see the ebay item number and there is also a "report listing"' and "print" link above it to the right.  click print, and you will be able to see what the actual offer accepted was. 
Anyone hungry???? I have a promo code for a FREE Dominos pizza code.  First member to PM me who has over 200+ post gets it!   edit: @jdrizzy got it! enjoy!
That's a lot of shirts
  NOPE. The only tags is the one I posted, and the wash instructions.  No content tag or tag indicating where it was made. 
 Glad you liked it!!!!
Very clever! I see what you did there!!
I'm not sure how severe your stains are, but I've had amazing success just dabbing water onto the stain and letting it dry. Has worked 100% of the time. YMMV though! Gl!
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