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ah thanks.  totally forgot this was available. 
Can someone double check me.  I want to make sure I am reading this right.  If I open up a premium store on the bay, I get 500 free listings.  Since I'd be selling mainly clothes, the final value fee would be 9% instead of 10%.  So, if I sold $6,000 worth of stuff a month, the $60/month shop fee that I would be paying would basically be  wash correct?
When I was visiting Chicago last March, I stayed at a place I found on AirBnB for around $35 a night, maybe a little less, I can't remember.  It was fairly close to downtown (a 10 minute bus ride) and my gf and I traveled everywhere via the bus or rail.  PM me if you want to know more! glad to help
How many times a week do you do this?
Fueco,   did you build that rack?
Vicuna blend plus unknown HK tailor... So I am not sure
Help. In the field. Sports coat. $15 cop?
 GF is Mexican...hope this helps.  Hola, En los zapatos, unos de los "tacos" tapones se rompio durante el envio de correo. El "taco" se pude reponer, pero los zapatos estan completamente usables sin el "taco."  Gracias!
I like to go to the retail stores sometimes, so I can check out new labels and tags, and also to learn more regarding identifying authentic v. Fake items.
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