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I had a return and the DC says it was delivered, but I have not received it.  What should I do in this situation?  Seems like I am going to have to eat it...
I'm leaving on a road trip from Texas to NY and Boston Wednesday.  Plan to do a little thrifting in NYC or Boston.  If anyone cares to send me some good spots to go check it, it would be much appreciated!
As good as it gets
That APC!!!
@jdrizzy I would. I think you get one free auction cancelation a year where you end a auction having to cancel a bid. Otherwise, you may be charged a fvf
Not my listing!!!! Never show skin in listings right??
Yikes... All this over a couple of dollars off a tie.
If I wasn't trying to save up for vacation, I'd be all over this!!
True, but some of their top of the like stuff is made by isaia
yes sir!!!!
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