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Recently found a scarf like this with this exact tag...authentic or fake???
I need the following:   women's cashmere scarf women's printed scarf (preferably a top brand) women's north face jacket (larger size 2xl) men's leather boots (size 8 or something close)   If anyone has anything, please let me know.  I have lots of stuff to trade/money to buy   a mix of a bunch of random stuff...will give discounts to SF members! just message me on the bay!
Wouldn't they be stamped 2nds if this were true?
anyone have a canada goose parka or something similar in a size s or m?
Passed on a few wild Leonard Paris men's polo shirts a few days ago...are these usually worth a pickup????
E-thrifted a marmot down puffer and when it arrived, I cut open the box and accidently nicked the jacket, causing a tiny 2mm hole. Anyone know how to fix this? @Fueco??? Also, happy birthday to me!!!! Haven't been active here lately but awesome finds as usual!!!!
Are we doing the gift exchange this year?
I'm looking to buy the following items:   Suit 38S Dress pants (slim fitting) 31/30 Dress shoes (brown or black) 8 or 8.5 Dress shirts (slim or extra slim fit) 15 or 15.5 with 32 sleeves   Thanks!
So what ever happened to@size 38R
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