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Wouldn't they be stamped 2nds if this were true?
anyone have a canada goose parka or something similar in a size s or m?
Passed on a few wild Leonard Paris men's polo shirts a few days ago...are these usually worth a pickup????
E-thrifted a marmot down puffer and when it arrived, I cut open the box and accidently nicked the jacket, causing a tiny 2mm hole. Anyone know how to fix this? @Fueco??? Also, happy birthday to me!!!! Haven't been active here lately but awesome finds as usual!!!!
Are we doing the gift exchange this year?
I'm looking to buy the following items:   Suit 38S Dress pants (slim fitting) 31/30 Dress shoes (brown or black) 8 or 8.5 Dress shirts (slim or extra slim fit) 15 or 15.5 with 32 sleeves   Thanks!
So what ever happened to@size 38R
@TheNeedMachine Solid solid haul!!! In one day, you've managed to find more outwear than I have in 1 1/2 years of thrifting...
I've heard mixed things about Belize! Have you been there before? I'll only be there for a day and am looking forward to exploring as much as you can in a single day. 
Best tie haul to date.  All from one store... ALL available, trying to make some extra spending money for the cruise I'm going on the 10th to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico!!!!   [[SPOILER]]
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