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I'm a big fan of Glenkinchie '12 fwiw. Love this thread.
Hey all, Received this jacket as a gift, not a fan of tan sports coats. I have a very new (no tags, never worn) 38R Baroni Tan Sport's Coat.    Measurements are as follows:  Chest - 42" Waist - 40.5" Shoulder to Shoulder - 18" Length of Jacket - 31.25" Arm - 24.5"   Asking 200 with free shipping (in US) or best offer. Will ship internationally for cost.   Pictures aren't that great, I only had my phone. Feel free to PM with any questions.   Edit: Price...
Master - images are in the link, It's a white label though. Measurements are not the issue it's the look that I'm torn on. Thanks for the feedback
Hey all,    Negotiating a used suit purchase - measurements fit me exactly (which is rare) but I am really torn on some details which makes me not really want to go higher than I am. It's ventless - i've done searches and it looks like its not as trendy to wear but passable.   Looking for some feedback as to the longevity of the fabric for non-casual wear, it looks purple in the pics but its advertised as... has similar pricing to indochino.   I have had success letting pants out. I also own two JAB suits that are pretty decent (traveller tailored) - may be a cheap alternative if you need suits now. They had a in-house tailor that was able to make the let out pants look natural.   Hope it helps.
How well do BL suits wear in terms of quality - if I were to get one, would i have to replace every year?
General tailor question - I have a 44 R or S (no label) Hickey suit, I got it from my dad, and the pattern is pretty trad (gray), I am a 40S, I am wondering if a tailor can bring the jacket in that much. Generally, I read that 1 size is about max - so a 42, if the same applies to the pans that puts me at a 42/36 - which is too big.    Since this thread has the collective tailor power of a cottage industry, I'm hoping i can get a realistic idea of what can be done...
thanks archibald and to all others for the insight.    is there an area of dress that the newer folks to it kind of miss or don't think of? for me I think its shoes, but I don't really consider ties/belts that much. Any insight on that?
Ok, I think I got it.   First things first - I am going to a tailor on saturday to alter a suit I bought online so I will get him to take all my measurements.   I am going to try a Modern Tailor shirt, to see the quality and hopefully get a feel for "proper fit" - all my clothing now is OTR, but the JAB suits were measured and seem to fit really well.   I think my next suit will be my "upgraded suit" as archibald suggested - depending on how my MTM experience...
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