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Most of my belts bow with the top edge of the belt - being worn in the direction i usually slide them through (left side of zipper) - smaller than the bottom edge... Small waist. My fix is simple: when i notice the 'bend' or bow occurring, i start putting the belt on sliding through the loops begging on the right side. Flips the belt over, and after a couple wears...back to straight. All my belts hang, btw, so doesn't seem like a fix unless you're weighting them at the...
The closest AE offering is the black cordovan Rutledge I saw posted recently. An insult to Chicago and well dressed gentlemen, danny boy! Can't remember the last "street market" I've seen in the Chi...selling shoes, nonetheless.
Dude, where are you from? 1883? 1983? Hop back in your Delorean and join the current millennium. Can't believe this. Lemmeguess - "Trump For President"??? Guess you'll be first in line looking to subcontract for that wall that'll be coming in 2017...😖 argh. In less bigoted news:MTO Eagle County in brown grain. I don't visit much anymore, but this guy ^ just had me scratching my head. And other stuff. That is all. (witnessing the bastardizing of the new AE thread...sad.)
Thanks, DWFII. I find it strange that product instructions or reviews or DIYs never mention time, or a range of times, for the finisher to dry. I get that, depending on the method of application (and a ton of other factors), the amount of time needed to dry to a durable quality finish could vary greatly, however.
I'm dyeing a leather shoe and want to know how long should I wait for acrylic finisher to dry before starting any next processes (wax, polish, conditioner)? 24 hours? 12 hours? Also, is there a way to "fade" the glossiness of the finish from a high-gloss to a more matte shine? Thanks in advance!
Funny you say that scarlet; i used a very tiny amount of yellow to tone down the almost electric blue i used. I don't see it though. Could be lighting; could be you have an INCREDIBLE eye for color! It should be apparent throughout the shoe though. Thanks for the feedback, scarlet - duly noted!
Thanks Kahuna! I know you have an A+ shoe game so that's a real compliment coming from you. I credit Dale's navy shell makeup, the Navy shell Dalton from the 2014 trunk show and peppercorn's new navy shell Carmina for sending me in this direction.
These don't even look like the Pine River anymore! I'm thinking "Mora 3.5" lol... They seemed a little dressy until i pulled the painter's tape. Almost seamless transition from upper to welt. Like the contrast from upper to sole with light stitching. May have to retape and apply super thin layer of acrylic to upper so as to avoid any bleed down to the sole (polishing will have to be with mostly neutral polish I'm thinking). I like these. Any thoughts on the color? It...
I am tired of my brown distressed Pine River; time to transform. I'm gonna go Navy... Hat tip to Watchidiot for the idea. Wanted something for dark wash jeans besides my navy Eagle County. Light washes too, for that matter! 😏 ...almost done. It's a process - at least the way I do it. At least five coats of dye, cream and wax each. Trying to decide on acrylic finish.
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