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  It happened so quickly (2nd wear) that I was caught off guard by the amount of leather that had been chewed away in 11 total hours of wear. I still want to "fill in" the now white spots of leather created by the eyelets - when I unlace them, I get...grimey.
Wearing Navy EC today Gotten several compliments today, but the eyelets are DESTROYING the tongue leather on both boots: Polish is more blue than AE finish, so bluish spots will result after some damage control. Are others having this issue with any of their EC's in Merlot or Grain? Do i bang in the eyelets with something to reduce/stop this from happening? It's actually DIGGING into the leather; looks shredded in one spot. Also, the crease hitting below the cap on that...
@tjyoung, no ill will here, but I just have to respond to that post. You're not jealous that you didn't get your (perhaps second quality) MTO for $129...you're vexed with tjyoung for not doing what you should've done - ask AE what your options were when you noticed an imperfection on your delivered MTO, as I did. I believe it was you who said your boot had a similar issue - but that you were comfortable accepting it - when I asked fellow GMTO'ers about mine.You also sound...
Pretty much, @csmitty; I sent Allison a couple pics, she asked me to return them for an evaluation by the production team, and they were found to be 2nd quality. She said they would be sent to an outlet to be sold as seconds, but allowed me first crack at the purchase. SA's at the North Michigan location hadn't even seen the color in calf before, so I wanted to hold on to it. I'm just glad it was suggested here that I see what could be done about the bunched leather, or...
Changing Places quote with screenshot... Classic. Why not screenshot Jamie Lee Curtis' artistic contribution to the movie???
I think the fact that his shoes appear to be basically fine is what allowed us all to have a laugh.  If he'd reported that 17 pairs of AE including six pair of shell were ruined by the move/painting/sitting in the elements, we'd not be posting what we've posted...at least I wouldn't. I wouldn't want to draw his ire.Thanks for the chuckle, rostov!
Thanks, NWTeal - I am pleased with the outcome.  It makes them my cheapest LEAST EXPENSIVE purchase ever from AE. Even my distressed brown Pine River 2nds were $147 last year...Customer Service kudos to Allison...as per usual. Two Eagle County MTOs in makeups I love, for the cost of one 1st quality Dalton. Should have the Navy back tomorrow or Saturday...just in time to thrash about in the forecast light snow showers headed this way
Cross post: I heard from Allison regarding getting back my returned EC.... She will send me back my Navy EC and siphon $129 from my card, as it was headed to an outlet or Shoebank - probably to be purchased by ME anyway. Win. Today is a good day.
Oooooooo...!!! Maybe a trial separation is in order; give her a chance to make it up to you via the trunk show and MTO's among other things! Holidays are upon us - I see opportunity in this unfortunate circumstance!As an aside, heard from Allison.... She will send me back my Navy EC and siphon $129 from my card, as it was headed to an outlet or Shoebank - probably to be purchased by ME anyway. Win.Today is a good day, Daltons in tow:Lazy lacing today, that my skinny ankles...
I did ask, but it was during our initial talks, before she got the boot back; she said it'd either be returned to me (1st quality), determined to be second-quality, or - even worse - not suitable for sale. I don't want "C" to happen, and it gets trashed...it wasn't THAT bad. I reminded her of that discussion and am just waiting to hear back.
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