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@jbarwick I don't think they will let you do the Portland GMTO unless the style comes back. I remember reading only currently styles can be MTO these days. The GMTO's appear to bring styles back from the dead; I don't remember it being mentioned as a line drawn in the sand by Paul, as the suede Portland couldn't have been discussed more than a month or so ago. @peppercorn78 Paul would have to personally OK it. Dale would probably be the best cat to run it up the...
I ran across this boot yesterday and thought that an AE Portland MTO in Brown Grain would look pretty incredible: I know folks batted around a suede Portland MTO makeup a little while back; given the number of Brown Grain Eagle County takers, an NST in brown grain like this should be able to find twelve folks. Stock Portland has fewer eyelets (plus 3 are speedhooks), no split reverse welt, etc. The 3 last of the Portland does not appear to be as much of an enigma as...
It's a really attractive shoe to me after some time with it...in #8, the stitching, color and last (in my size feels perfect with blucher adjustability) are pretty sweet:And I think it looks sleek on my foot; pants worn with will influence that of course.
ARGH - that would be me... Oh well, like I said, i can send to you directly, or... back to AE. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to have in hand a few days sooner.
^Have done this twice this month; got a bad MTO, still waiting on my original 9/29 order to be filled, and also had a shell 2nd sold from under me (a week after purchase) yesterday... But I'm trying to reserve judgement for the next 4-6 weeks though (the eventually apologetic salesman offered to replace the twice sold shoe with a freshly made MTO at 2nd price paid, after telling me I could just have the cost credited back to my account, while accepting no culpability for...
That's hilarious!!! I was thinking of the symmetry of your pic and wondered if it was intentional!!! OCD even in your shoe-fies!!! (it's officially a word). That's why your suggested MTO's catch fire!!! 
BTW, someone mentioned a shoe store (Altman's) closing sale in downtown Chicago that I did to slide past today at lunch; all AE 40% off... Went looking for the good stuff; could only find a black shell Macneil and black shell Leeds in my size...Running about $400, and not in pristine condition (the Macneil was in dire straits). Will go back tomorrow to scrounge for calf and suede! (No Alden in my size.) Folks wearing smaller sizes (8-9.5) would prolly have a shoegasm in...
Thanks @harlequin782... Please forgive the socks - I was going to go with my Brown Distressed Pine Rivers and changed my mind at the last minute.  I did have on an olive button down and brown tee, FWIW. I know there are some nasty blue suede Greysons absent from that family pic too, right, WI? Dale is the man. 
The bunching may be a bit more apparent on one pic here. Already have a return label. Maybe it's not yours, @albie. Allison said at least another week for mine... ARGH.
not so fast... @Kahuna75 - there is some slight leather bunching near the bottom of the shaft of each boot, although with the grain it's much less noticeable. THEY ARE BAD ASS THOUGH. Smell like a million bucks.
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