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'Perspective' is really something. The one I visit is immaculately maintained, has a full selection of business wear, luggage, accessories... Looks no different than when walking into Macy's. But I'm sure visiting two same-chain stores managed by two different folks in two drastically different communities would find major differences, both aesthetically and products offered. Did you decontaminate/sterilize yourself once you made it out of there, Neo1?
The shell NST would be very nice...even sleeker that the alden shots I would assume.  
The reaction to the reaction was priceless...It seems everyone's had their say. The Portland has been on my mind for a while: I think I suggested it previously. I'm not sure how the suede version would react as my foot settles into that 3 last (I believe), but it could be very nice, depending on specs, as could the Promontory. At what price was the Portland originally listed?
Pep, it's interesting that you acknowledge "internet snark", apologize for your "potentially offensive" word choice...and then go on to say that i'm being "over the top" when I suggest that I will purchase other shoes or participate in other brands' mto programs...brands regularly touted by the same people who frequent this thread (Alden, Carmina and on up the ladder).  How are you so put off by people expressing their disappointment in what just occurred in AE's current...
My bad - absolutely - many thanks to coffeegrowler (sorry for previous misspellings sir) for the (wasted, sadly) effort. I'm with Josh. You took your ball in the middle of the game and now nobody will get a chance to play. (Womp womp...)
Amen to the last fourteen posts: 1 They should honor the sale price; 2 People who passed on shoebank sale shoes just missed out; the firsts can be gotten at sale price if SA can make it happen; 3 AE could change their mto rules... again... to ensure that they and the many buyers of their MTO shoes are all happy. Just not after an entire gmto had been set up and discussed with the mto guru Allison (watchidiot). All that being said, it's no big deal. Like what had been...
Horrid... And understandable. Although the remakes are not the fault of gmto members, I'm sure it cut into their bottom line, along with the seconds pricing offered on less than perfect makeups. Add in the trunk show issues, and...I get it. I am out now, and see some Meermin or Carmina in my future, with all due respect to the brand. Need some suede loafers.
Excellent socks and strings, Chris!My offering for today...the 'quickly becoming ruby' Cambridges!
The Leeds look great JR; looking at some mahself... Gabru your brown shell Strands are BOSS. Where'd you find the laces?I want some to go in mine (for their maiden voyage!). Beautiful color on those.
Just out of curiosity, why doesn't anyone ever suggest commando or mini lug soles on their MTO's? I think they look ruggedly refined - and perfectly suited for Chicago's lakefront weather - on this wingtip:   Making me think straight MTO - unless specs are exactly what I want - going forward. GET ON BOARD, DONKEYHOATIE (assuming it's not too late, given @coffeegrower's latest update)!!!
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