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Absolutely - I was in a local (Chicago) Marshalls; the belt's stamp says it was constructed in Canada by a company called Bosca...model number B03738 It allows me to take a little time getting the #8 shell AE (or Alden) version, minus broguing.
I had been looking for a burgundy belt to go with my shell Daltons and Cambridges... Was in a major retailer's store today and this belt... it found ME! Broguing and color were EXACT - looks like AE made it. Leather is not the best - clearly not shell - but it is spot on. No one will even notice. Stars aligned:
Finally got to try on a Norwich in 12D (I'm 11.5E); too long...Toes were good though. For all my dogged due diligence, seems 2 last IS TTS. Nothing like knowing though. Thanks to Allison and Watch for the feedback. And now...the waiting game. For god's sake folks who haven't connected with Allison or Watch with payment and shipping info - let's get cracking!
^ This.
Thank you, Watch - since EE widths are a no-go, I'm thinking 12E may be my fix...Was told 12E was my Brannock size when originally measured, anyway, but my feet swim in that size on certain lasts. This one might work, though...  
 Watchidiot, if the EC's heel were against the wall with Strand and Jeff, would the EC be longer? Also, is the widest part of the EC at a point closer to the toe or heel of the 5 last shoes? Can't tell if you lined these up with the toes even or not. May need to call an audible based on this pic... (Hot Route - 11EEE) Thanks for the photo - although it did create more indecision!!! That toe box looks like it'll shred my pinky(ies) in my 5 last size (11.5E).
Any idea when merlot invoicing will begin WI? 
Sorry for the delay, WI... Started my reply email at 10am then got pulled away and it slipped my mind - thought I might have actually sent it.  I knew I smelled some gun shy orders in the list, though......Oh well, Merlot is sweet too. Thanks for the accommodation WI
 All I was looking for was some kind of option if the Navy EC fell through... You just gave me that, and I thank you.  Still no word on EE width, though, right? 
CameronSon,1. I would like an EC mto; if navy makeup can't maintain it's current order status/numbers, I won't get that. I haven't been able to try on the last, so it's already a crap shoot, as it is with others new to the last who want to get it right. Yes, the fit IS the same, but the possibility of the makeup ever getting to production is not.2. The blue EC fills a spot for me colorwise, but when the original EC mto at $197 was offered, the only things that made me...
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