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Very nice... MTO in 11 days!?! I'm beginning to wonder if EC GMTO charge mentioned three days ago was an apparition
Cronmok...really, man? The Strand GMTO has been out there for a little while, and got to 12 faster than any of the others I've monitored. Are your feet cold? ...Email down?Do we need GOP Shoe Guy? Kahuna? I'm with Gatszu... This should be done by today. Stoke the flames, GMTO members.Watchidiot, Kahuna, I am also thirsty for a charge and shipping notification... ARGH.
Try Meltonian. I have it in navy...
SIIIICCKKKK!!! I am a FAN OF YOUR BOURBON DALTON! Awesome... clean, well finished and very sleek-looking. Bourbon DOES rule!
+1 - seeing CameronSon's post had me recalling my recent forays into finding a 2 last shoe... like I could do anything about my order at this point! Hoping for an invoice today and Friday delivery; kinda felt we'd have them by Halloween. Treats! Treats!
polojock615, can I interpret your reply to mean that - with some more time and consensus - you would surely accept this very slight modification on the as-of-yet-uninvoiced GMTO...ultimately making the shoe even EASIER to construct???    Just asking (soft lobby)
These pics of NON-BROGUED and/or MILDLY PERF'ed AE (shoes AND boots) are starting to grow on me... I love both of these makeups. That Bourbon Dalton looks soooo slick. Wonder how it'd look in BOB'S CHILI.  Would the Burgundy Shell Strand GMTO folks consider a NON-MEDALLIONED makeup of the shoe instead..? Can we get a quick poll? MUHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!  
Bradleys that just came in; they're in good shape...  I found two - albeit small - hiccups, of which one is with the piping: ...easy enough to fix. Other one is most apparent here - the diameter of the top stitch is wider on the right (actually left) shoe as it meets with the vamp/open lacing, though not by much. They looked mostly pre-stripped of the AE shell gook, thankfully, w/flash: Had shoe trees at work! No NST in my lineup, but with the GMTO Shell Strand...
Me... Makeup sounds nice to start, but with the burgundy shell Bradley just ordered, all my cordo selections are burgundy (Dalton, Cambridge). The burgundy strand would be burgundy overkill, i think. Maybe I'll send back the Bradley and wait for this. You can count me in the "willing to bite if the numbers hold" category - I'm assuming 12 is the magic number again? Should be about the same $$$ as the recent shell Townley GMTO, I assume?
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