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The freshly broken in sole of my burgundy cordovan Daltons received some freshly chewed gum... Suggestions for how to remove without scraping them up? Trying to avoid solvents or too much scraping
Thanks to Sazon for restoring my desire to add chili to my lineup. Chili Mcallister seconds, and next to Walnut Strand for reference:
That's exactly what I did; initially I was just offered a return label - I'm wondering if the plan is to put them back on the website to see if someone else would just accept the issue... But I did a little more inquiry and am waiting for some feedback from the shoebank to see if there's another option for me.
An inspection of this shell Dalton turned up the... Scratch? Cut? Beginning of a hole/tear? Thoughts on whether or not this will increase in size? It is at a point where it seems there would be some flexing of the leather. Should it go back?
   [[SPOILER]] Speaking of shell Daltons: These will be a welcome addition!  I can't remember who got me started down the shell path, but...curse you - and THANKS!!! Tent sale cop; was holding a shoe I was debating sending back, then I saw these. for less than my calf strands?!? Even I'm not that stupid. Seamless exchange. Whomever sent these back was only trying on the left shoe, so a little TLC is in order for that one.  Mwah...Ciao, Bella!
They are here. So I was able to scare up a troll-like poster (and his minions) a couple weeks ago...but to trash my bourbon with navy combo. Hilarious and sad exchange simultaneously. A couple of regulars attempted to curb his enthusiasm for sharing his 'knowledge' with heavily colored disparaging commentary, to no avail.I guess, once some folks subscribe to a lifestyle blog, they are compelled to ASSIST the urchins (like myself) with no sense of style, or knowledge of...
Suit of Nettles, I usually do my art in bold, vibrant colors - never faint! lol But really, your point is well taken, Suit. It doesn't always work, so 'try-er' beware... I've gotten love today for the look, but I also hear that people saying "I really like that on you" is by no means an indicator of how well you are dressed. I met and made a new business contact today, initiated by a stranger's compliment of my ensemble. Apply some basic rules, bend/break some others, be...
Be careful, guys; I've heard that it's not considered "rocking it" in that color combo. And so, to that end:ROCKING WALNUT AND NAVY (sport coat in tow) AGAINST ALL SUGGESTIONS TO THE CONTRARY!!! My socks say its okay. I think we all look just fine...Good job, gents. :-P
I've been having bourbon all day long... Lush. 
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