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Thanks, @mreams99 - I recently purchased a chukka with a similar light wedge sole on camo leather, and grew to like the style - all my boots have leather or dainite soles so this adds a new dimension to my pairings with cargo pants, chinos, cords and jeans. They're growing on me, really ;) 
Apologies, Dale - I have been visiting the threads so infrequently lately that I misread the header here as the regular Appreciation thread. I did just post there the new Carson Citys I got yesterday with acknowledgements to you for making me notice the boot. I love the look and feel of the leather and will resole it soon. Seem darker, more burnished than yours.
+1I have a wide forefoot/ball and  more narrow heel, so the extra room up front of the 511 is better for me; I either have to endure the painful break in of 65 on my right pinky, which i've never had in the 511, or get some stretch in that area to be comfortable in that area while still fitting well everywhere else.  Speaking of the 511:   Stumbled upon the elusive Carson City boot yesterday at NR, that I never would've considered until a recent post by @watchidiot brought...
Excellent combo, Watch.Thought I'd share my new Acorn Hillfire Neumoks. Fun looking casual shoe, albeit a bal:
Trying to upgrade my casual shoe lineup so picked up the Acorn Hillfire Neumoks yesterday from Nordstrom; next to my Olive Neumoks, I like the Acorn more. A good add, and quells my interest in the Rush Street. Color, contrast stitching and mild burnish on toe and heel look perfect for most of my jeans, cords and chinos... even some heavier wool slacks. Slipper feel, but some there are some inside stitches rubbing my bare feet. Loafer socks for a while ;-)
Appreciate it Gabru - I would've started my bourbon shoe sole switch exploits (say THAT ten times fast!) with my moras, but I just noticed that THE HEELS ARE SEPARATING from the sole... A recent topic on the thread. Not worn 10 times to date, maybe closer to five wears. I don't think I'll be gluing the heels back on - AE can fix that. Sending them back tomorrow for repair. But when they return... Thanks for commenting Leslie. I did sand off the thick black coating (after...
Thanks for this post Gabru, because I wanted to show you some love for inspiring my latest sole recolor, on my now underutilized Bourbon Larchmont; your Moras look great, BTW. With flash the soles appear red, without flash best reps the true color. Will get much more use from these now, tooHas "Bourbon Thursday" already been proposed? It sounds cool.
Those are looking sweet today pep - trying to decide if i want to keep mine.
Suede Ralph Lauren Slaton with the indyoshi68 updated sole edge in the wild:
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