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Burgundy Dalton pairs nicely with Blue Monday  
 The picture is correct @James60; Chili Grain Bradley. Saw in store a few weeks ago. Would have bought it if Bradley in burgundy shell wasn't already in my lineup. Incredibly comfortable shoe BTW.
Not gonna lie, Watchman1... I've been kind of just...looking at them, trying to figure if I'll apply...ANYTHING to them; damp cloth, dry cloth, brush...I don't even want to touch them. Color me stunned! Meh...they're okay I guess. Honestly, though, I don't remember being more happy with an AE acquisition. Thanks LanceM!
Appreciate the love everyone! The recent shell acquisitions are making life lonely for my earlier calf choices... My bourbon Mora 2.0, bourbon Larchmont and walnut Fifth Avenue may find themselves in a new home soon. Time to get acquainted with Marketplace.
The Brannock Device reads me as a 12 E...because of a rogue right pinky toe, but 11.5 E gives me the optimal fit. These are 11.5 D but somehow the fit is stellar, with no toe pinch (and they will give even more).
Speaking of Christmas... Strand 2nds. Just arrived; test drive! They look to be the Dark Brown Shell, although not described as such Super 'glowy' right out the box! Should look bananas after any amount of TLC is applied; see some bloom in a couple places
These came in today! Looking at NWTeal and coolarrow's brown Strands, there's no way these aren't the new dark brown shell:I don't usually fit D width lasts, but these fit almost perfect with the right lacing to eliminate slight bowing. They look awesome minus a slight pucker and stretch on the brogue of one cap and slightly raised pinking on one cap.Happy with this one!
Yes, @Neo1 the upcoming April sale, and 15% off is what was mentioned as the possible discount, adjusted as necessary.  Happy Walnut Wednesday everyone!
 ^This. He didn't know what the actual percentage off would be, so offered to adjust once the discounts were determined. I've never seen Shell Strands in my size on the Bank, so I was on it regardless of the offer made...  Sorry, April sale is what was referenced. The Shoe Mart info is useful... thanks so much! Those are hot. That mdubs...  
+100... Called about a shell Strand this a.m. and was offered - without inquiry - any upcoming discounts that would be offered on models during the upcoming sale 3/10 - 3/22. As these sales are commissioned, didn't my SA take $$$ out of his own pocket? Awesome. I will say that my AE customer service experience was touch-and-go at the beginning (and may have been due to my ignorance about their process), but they have rebounded in fine fashion with their accommodations...
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