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Bourbon Daltons on their maiden voyage, looking a lot more red than any bourbon shoe i own (Larchmont and Mora 2.0). I like it, cuz it reminds me of Bob's Chili:
For anyone questioning the quality of AE materials and craftsmanship, my 4 year old walnut Daltons next to my 4 day old bourbon Daltons: Virtually NO difference in terms of creasing and finish. Wear the walnut all year long, maybe 3 days a week. At least 300 wears. I'm OCD about care, so results may vary, but... Top notch products coming out of Port Washington. Watching the Bears in the Cold Bowl vs Wisconsin's yellow and green team.
My pleasure M25...with expensive shoes, every little bit of information to care for them helps. I'm just OCD about shoe care now lolSometimes a little TLC is the difference between nice and DAAYYUMMM!!!
amphillips79, there were two dime sized rubs/scuffs/spots (perhaps a previous shopper tried, unsuccessfully, to condition or polish the toes and found out about the easily removed burnish effect) on the medallions of each toe. Unacceptable for me, so:1. I applied black shoe cream ONLY to the lightened spots on the toe, and worked it in for some time, using small dabs (Cam!) and working only inside the lightened area;2. Applied minimal amounts of black cream to the entire...
New Bourbon Daltons have arrived; darker than the original color, which i like. Seconds had minor imperfections like slightly bunched leather on the shaft of left boot and scrapes on the toe creating discoloration, but my technique for reapplying burnish worked perfectly to restore consistency of patina on both boots. Beautiful shoe, and at $159... A value packed gift to myself!
I don't need any more shoes... Then I got the email about bourbon being back. Learned the hard way about the finish being removed when cleaning or conditioning the leather. Then i saw the bourbon Daltons on shoebank...for $159. Thought i was reading incorrectly, or maybe a typo. My size, definitely my price. Had to do it... Always liked the Dalton in bourbon, so now I'm content for a while (unless new shell colors emerge lol). Thinking about doing something different with...
X-POST from MTO thread. Brown Shell Townley. Creeping up on 15 wears since spring '15 purchase. Responding nicely to wet brushing, Saphir Cordovan Cream (neutral) and nylon hose buffing. Beautiful color depth IRL.
Brown Shell Townley and Levi's for casual Friday... Although Monday thru Thursday is also casual. And Saturday. I need a vacation lol... Even without sunlight, a beautiful shoe with amazing depth of color. Will be wearing them more, after over a year of watching them morph color in my sunlit "shoe room" 😏
Most of my belts bow with the top edge of the belt - being worn in the direction i usually slide them through (left side of zipper) - smaller than the bottom edge... Small waist. My fix is simple: when i notice the 'bend' or bow occurring, i start putting the belt on sliding through the loops begging on the right side. Flips the belt over, and after a couple wears...back to straight. All my belts hang, btw, so doesn't seem like a fix unless you're weighting them at the...
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