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Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel I've been doing Leangains for about a year and love it, I'll do it the rest of my life if I can. The only part I really don't adhere to is low fat consumption on off days. On off days it's pretty much all fat after my protein goals, and all carbs after my protein on workout days. Definitely a must for big eaters like myself. Can you describe the Leangains protocol in little detail - especially the part...
Saw a guy running backwards and sideways on a treadmill. I can see doing this (at least the sideways part) on a track, but doing it on a treadmill seems like a surefire way to get a tooth knocked out.
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Less than 20 g a day. That's hardcore low carb.... I am keeping it to about 80g a day, very difficult for me as a vegetarian to get below that.
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Basically a very carb restricted diet. T How many grams of carbs do you consume a day?
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland Good to hear it (low-carb) works with running. I've been a fitness fanatic for years now and have gotten away with pretty much eating what I want - figuring the workouts would trump diet. It worked well for a long time, but I'm almost 47 now and need to dial in my diet. I was considering a marathon in October and didn't know if low-carb would work with that plan. Low carb took some getting used to, but now...
Because at 44 years old, I'd rather take a bullet in the head than to turn into the overweight, out of shape fucking turds that 99.9999% of guys my age have become....
Damn.. made that look easy!
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Still 73.5 kg, but squatted 3x5 worksets @ 245, Pressed 3x5 @ 135, and DL'd 1x5 @ 305. I just need to gain weight to make more progress. It's funny how different people can be... I can bench 240lbs at 135lbs bodyweight, but I can't squat or DL anywhere close to what you posted.
5.3 miles in 45 minutes, most of it at about 8:30 pace. Feeling more comfortable every time I run now.... my cadence has got considerably faster now relative to when I started and I felt very comfortable maintaining this pace - in fact, I think I can speed it up a bit more next time. I think a 8:00 pace over 5 miles is within reach,
You've got to wrap the straps so that when it unravels, the weight rolls into your palms and not away from it.
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