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^ Location, please? Sweet picture!
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm Average people who don't research this stuff on the internet are just literally decades behind the information curve. +1. This is a topic that my wife and I often discuss. What the hell did we do before the interwebz came along? Get all your information from a book (the horror!) of questionable vintage, or word of mouth (of questionable quality). There's really no excuse for broscience in today's world.
You get used to it. I thought I could never lift in the morning without eating something. Then I found that I could lift just fine on a cup of black coffee. I still have a protein shake at around 8am and a spoon of peanut butter, but I could easily go without it. Caffeine is your friend - it blunts hunger and pretty soon you get used to not eating in the morning.
+1 to what CG and RJ above say... also, cornflakes, milk, sandwich, yogurt, fruit twice a day.... looks like your diet is all carbs with very little protein except for the meat for dinner and a little from the milk. In addition to keeping track of calories, determine how much carbs, protein and fats you are consuming. Do this for a couple of weeks and report back.
GN, I thought form looked good. Your upper body was tilting forward a bit on the last 2 reps. That's going to put a bit more torque on your lower back. See if you can focus on sticking your ass out and keeping upper body upright through the last reps.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Isn't McD's breakfast your favorite thing in the world? I won't lie, the rare bacon egg and cheese biscuit meal is one of my fav treats. BTW, how's your morning training going?
You can eat pasta by the pound if you burn 5000 calories a day as an Olympic rower or as a cyclist in the TdF.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedLantern ...but some guy had fixed the bar really low and put his feet up on it and was doing pushups on the ends of dumbells. Like the dumbells were standing vertically and he had his hands on top of them? What's the point of going through the trouble of putting his feet up on the bar and then raising his hands up and defeating the whole purpose? I mean, you might as well stay on the ground. On seconds...
Quote: Originally Posted by suited Coaching for olympic lifting, for example, is another story. A good trainer would be valuable here. I just never understood why people pay $60 an hour for someone to watch them do sit-ups. +1000. In fact, I would posit that having a trainer is mandatory for something as technical as olympic lifts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Good luck man Any idea what brought it on?? I'm guessing just my joints not keeping up with my muscles. Benching 1.8X bodyweight has its drawbacks..
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