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Stop seeing a chiropractor and go see a regular doctor. He will prescribe some kind of anti-inflammatory medication and a muscle relaxant, typically cyclobenzaprine. After about a week to 10 days of taking this stuff, you'll be back to normal. He will also in all likelihood suggest a round of physical therapy. I have had this kind of stuff before multiple times. Luckily, it has always been a muscle issue. Beyond that, it could be, in increasing order of severity, a...
I usually just superset push and pull. My typical workout is something like: Superset bench and DB rows Superset weighted dips and weighted pullups Superset curls and close grip bench Finisher - usually superset of commando pullups and diamond pushups
+1. My Mormon comment was merely to point out the hopelessness of using anecdotal evidence for making sweeping conclusions and the confusion of correlation with causation.
Quote: Originally Posted by TourbillonTurk. It is simply down to the foods they consume, indian dishes mostly consisted of heavily seasoned food i.e. spices and herbs. Joke aside evey indian man who enjoys their traditional cuisines must shower often !!! Diet has a minor effect. I am Indian and I eat Indain food almost every day. I don't smell any different from anyone else - some combination of soap, aftershave, deodorant and moisturizer. ...
I know a lot of white guys who stink up the room. Not sure ethnicity has anything to do with it. Deodorants are unknown in India and if the guy was fresh off the boat, maybe he just hasn't figured this out. Or he is just a slob and doesn't care.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Boss just plunked a giant chunk of fresh-from-the-bakery cinnamon bun on my desk... Could it be possibly be the absolute worst thing to eat while on IF? With coffee nonetheless! Just wait until you are in the eating window and then go for it.
Nursing a bad back.... 3.5 miles in 30 minutes today. Easy pace.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant ^^Nice- was hitting 100 until my shoulder permanently got old. Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano Very nice. Was once at +90 5x5... but +100 for your size is impressive. Quote: Originally Posted by Rikkar501 Impressive, +100 is great regardless of BW. Thanks fellas... appreciate the props. : Goal for 2011 is +100lbs for 3 reps, so got a...
Probably listening to India winning the World Cup.
Quote: Originally Posted by Paradox_SWE Just to start with: Gym is overrated according to my experience, no offence but as i have experienced it`s always waiting time in order to get on with training. Great advise to train i all weather condition: buy 2 pair of running shoes, one with usual soule and other for winter conditions so you have no excuse not be outside! Another great thing to do is jus exercise with your own body weight, i mean if...
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