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I don't have personal knowledge of Martin Berkhan's methods other than reading his blog. I have extensive personal knowledge of Lyle McDonald's site and methods. Lyle is a extremely knowledgeable person in the field of sports performance and nutrition. I have done 2 cycles of his Ultimate Diet 2.0 with excellent results. Lyle really knows what he is talking about. He clearly does his research and his homework extensively. His books are must haves for anyone serious...
I'm not suggesting you are doing this, but a lot of people don't feel it in their lats because they don't use proper form and pull with their arms instead of their lats. By dropping the weights and really focusing on squeezing the lats while doing cable rows, or focusing on pulling with the lats instead of the forearms or biceps while going DB rows or weighted pullups, one can get a nice burn in the lats
Once you buy from zenni you realize what a fricking ripoff getting glasses locally is. The markup has got to be insane. I got rimless glasses with the highest index glass I could find with anti-reflective coating for about 80 bucks - those are my standard glasses I wear every day and they are awesome - as good as anything you can get locally from lenscrafters or whatever.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician I dunno if they still tour or make music. in other news MY OVERHEAD PRESS IS THE SAME WEIGHT AS MY SQUAT. WTF? Thanks for joining me in the bro zone, brah.... Need to hit the squatz harder....
Alan Aragon doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of Lustig's fructose theories..
Dude hocking a loogie about a dozen times in the gym shower, every one of them mega productive. I wear flip flops in the shower but still, damn.. couldn't you do it in the sink or the urinal or something?
Just get a cheap pair of glasses from That's what I did. I got a pair with high index lenses and anti-reflective coating for under 20 bucks. Get a strap to go around your head and keep them on if they are likely to fall off - I don't, but I just lift and run.
Quote: Originally Posted by suited That's outstanding strength for your size. That probably translates to a 260-265 max @ 135lbs. Yeah, I've always been really strong upper-body wise. My legs are weak - need to focus on them this year.
Any parent who would color their son's toenails deserves a kick in the face.
Damn... I am between advanced and elite for the bench press (240lb press for 3 reps @ 135lbs bodyweight) but just novice for squat (although I haven't ever tested my 1RM for the squat).
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