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A stitch in time saves nine. You need to take care of your calluses before they rip like that. Beastskills.com has a nice tutorial on how to take care of calluses before they rip. You don't need gloves if you take care of your hands.
I don't like the idea of tabatas with weights because of the potential for injury. With tabatas, you are expected to go all out for 20 seconds. I can't see how you can do that without at least some loss of form by sets 6-8. And handling heavy weights with questionable form is a recipe for disaster IMO.
Other than the obvious nutritional stuff, get your blood checked. My mother had a similar episode about 25 years ago when we were on a hike. Turns out that it was one of the first symptoms of her diabetes. She has been living with it ever since.
I like my sports specialist - a lot. I had this recurring back pain, nothing debilitating but still annoying and my regular doctor had thought it was a bulging disk. However, the sports specialist did a full suite of tests - x-rays and all and the good news is that my vertebrae and disks are in perfect shape. It turns out to be a sacroiliac joint issue. Apparently, SI pain is fairly common - even has a detailed wikipedia entry. He will prescribe what he says is pretty...
I do essentially an inverted pyramid except for the 1st heavy set. For example, for DB BP, I typically go 85, 90, 85, 85, 80 or something like that, targeting 8ish reps for the 1st set and 5 reps for the rest.
For BP, I start with 5 min of rotator cuff exercises and then 2 warmup sets. Then do 4 hard sets.
Haven't checked in a while but it was in upper 40s last time I checked.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji I think I'm gonna start doing some core work. I don't know how hard deadlifts and front squats are really hitting my abs so I think I need some isolation work. Any recommendations? I dont feel like doing 100s of crunchs and leg lifts. I would recommend a circuit of the following, done without rest: Weighted Swiss ball crunches Lying leg lifts Russian twists with dumbbell Weighted back extensions Do 5...
Quote: Originally Posted by TrH When's your carb-up - thursday or friday? I always found it pretty weird to split thursday in 'half'. No carb up to PWO and then all hell broke loose. Might have to jump on the diet myself pretty soon. There's a UD2.0 variant in the book for people who don't like the split Thursdays. I myself really like it. The anticipation of starting the carb load makes the morning so much more exciting.
Hard to pick one. Kinda like asking which is the best tool - the screw driver, the drill or the hammer. Each one has its specific use. But if you want to pick a couple, I would pick the pushup and the pullup. The pushup has endless variations - wide, diamond, lalanne, feet up, pike, tiger, handstand, etc...to hit every muscle in the chest and shoulders. I can't think of a better lat exercise than the pullup. Couple these with crunches and you have the entire upper...
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