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ThlbThank you nutcracker for the help. Will post some pictures when I buy them
Hi. I'm having a vacation in tokyo next month and was thinking of picking a pair of shetland fox. Can anyone tell me their quality?
Last comparison. Black captoe on the rain last, brown captoe on the inca. They're both uk 8.5. Dainite soled for the black, leather for the brown. Inca feels roomier in everyway than the rain. Rain last is a little bit tight, even in the heels. The instep of the rain last looks higher but when you wear them, they feel less comfortable than the incas. I favour the rain last though. More sleekish design but not tight as the simpson last. They'll take a bit of time to...
they're moore from alfred sargent
It is rtw. I agree it is strange to see patch pockects for a DB but then again, couldn't resist the sale price : )
Haha no
Nothing much...
Rain last Captoes I know many don't agree on rubbersoles for captoe bals but what the heck : ) I prefer rubbersoles than overshoes.
Yes they are : )
  Shoes I bought recently. Carmina musum calf oxford from skoaktiebolaget. The marbled effect isn't that dramatic but still, very nice.
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