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Thanks mate
Hi. Can any of you tell me when they usually despatch after the order? I ordered a pair of carminas couple days ago but recieved no despatch mail after that.
Bad picture quality from iphone. Me in my charcoal mohair odd jacket. They look to formal and this is the only look I figured ok so far. I only wear it for summer weddings
Don't try to pull off things which you are not certain. Too casual as you said it yourself
I,d recommend brooks milano fit chinos when they're on sale
Nonsense! They have different factories located in different places!
I guess you have rather thin heels.   Most asians have thin heels than most white men do.   I have a couple of sargents and I have the same problem. Not as much as you I persume but once my feet get swollen from a couple of walks, I barely notice it. They tend to run a bit large in the heels than other shoes such as CJ, Church's, etc
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