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I Would like to order the following laces:   1 x #12 1 x #13 1 x #14 1 x #15 1 x #17 1 x #18 1 x #20 1 x #21 1 x #22 1 x #23 1 x #24 1 x #25 1 x #26 1 x #27 1 x #28 1 x #29 1 x #30 1 x #31 1 x #32 1 x #33   If any are out of stock, please substitute any shades of black or brown.   Sending payment now 20 @ $1.75 = $35 + $6 P&P = $41.00   Thanks Billy
 Cerneabbas, It can get quite cold here during the winter months - June/July/August especially at night, but it's never really as cold as England gets. I've never seen anyone in a sheepskin here, but I'm sure you would find people wearing them up in the mountains of the Drakensburg where it snows in winter and down in the Cape which is far more of an 'English' climate... Some of the traditional Africans in the bush wear sheepskins. By that I mean an actual sheep's skin...
 Cerneabbas, you've just triggered a long forgotten memory for me going back to 1970! I pestered the hell out of my Mum and Dad to buy me a Sheepskin & I remember there was a factory shop or outlet store of some sort in Somerset. Eventually we all piled in the car and took a drive down to Somerset. When we got to this place, Mum and Dad bought themselves a sheepskin each, but refused point blank to pay that kind of money on one for me (I seem to remember they were about...
Interesting and fun piece about "Fred the Shoe"
Hi Cernabbas, I left Bristol in 1973. I have both of Chris's books and related quite a bit to the things he writes about. I went back once in about '80 and it had changed a lot even then. Haven't been back since and have been out of the UK since '83.
  Of course, yes you're right - the memory's not what it used to be. Can you remember if those zip up cardigans had a specific name?
Can anyone remember, particularly the Bristol guys, that in the early to mid 70s (I think) there was a fashion to wear zip up jumpers/cardigans with two stripes of a contrasting colour around the bicep. They seemed, in hindsight, to follow the football teams colours - Red/Black, Claret/Blue, etc. I used to go to the ice skating rink next to the Top Rank in the city centre and all the 'Lads' were wearing these Jerseys. I would love to see a picture if anyone has one.
Did any of you lads ever see the phenomenon of a group of blokes all wearing more or less the same thing?   We had a gang around our way that wore almost identical clothing - A red Harrington, Levis, Ox Blood DMs and the the only thing that varied was the Ben Sherman or Fred Perry.   It was quite a sight to see 15 or so lads stomping down the street all in red Harringtons.... wish I had a picture!  
I'd be interested to hear what you guys think of these.   I picked them up about 5 years ago in Nelspruit of all places, on the way to the Kruger Park.   I think they look right, but I don't know the brand - Nunn Bush, made in India.                
Definitely a South African thing....  
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