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On solid suits, Jeff can get you different size trousers. I found the 30" WAYYYY to tight on my legs. I'm a 31 so I got a 34" and got it altered. 32 and 30 were a lost cause.
Very tempting. You can probably count me in if it's not going to be us 3-4 ppl.
20 people died so far from this in the past month. In the time I wrote this, 2000+ people have died from hunger.. Let's try and stop hunger.. oh wait.. that doesn't sell.. /sigh What a world we live in.
Yeah and not with socks!
Good decision on not buying the watch. Definitely a scam.
My opinion is that for just casual social events (for a younger crowd) it's either going to look dated, or if you somehow manage to pull it off (you'll need to really get every detail right), you're just going to look like you put wayy too much effort into the outfit.
Quote: Originally Posted by tqd1 I will have it verified at Tourneau before forking over the cash. Plus the guy has the original box, chronometer certificate, and receipt from when he purchased it a year ago. Any other precautions I could take? I'm no watch expert but taking it to a reliable place to have it verified is good. But if it is a scam, he will try to make an issue of it and if he does, red flag should be going off.
Stop overreacting. This flu is weaker than the normal season flu. But I do like the bespoke face mask idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by tqd1 That's the plan. Thanks! I didn't want to pay full sticker price for this watch brand new and take the hit on depreciation... but this deal is too good to pass up. The watch is only one year old and going for $900... I'm seeing 10-12 year old Seamasters going for $1,000+ on eBay. Word of advice, if a deal sounds too good to be a true. lol I almost got caught buying some fake callaways when I first started off...
Fair enough, but it's still a BMW. Unless he goes around with gold chains and diamond rings on each fingers, I don't think anyone cares. What's more important in terms of how people precieve you is how you act around the office and the relationship you develop with people.
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