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The Buttero sneakers look great. Is it possible to get them in a 46?
How often does Kamakura restock their NY slim fit?
Best quality slim-fitting OCBDs for $100-200? $200-300? Any obscure brands worth investigating for shirting?
Sat too long on a medium in the Norse Store. Looking for the shirt in khaki, preferably new with tags.
Is there a brick-and-mortar store in Edison where I could have measurements taken?  I live close enough to pick shirts up in-person.
Can anyone recommend a shirt in the $100-225 range?  I'm looking for something that's white; poplin, broadcloth, or pinpoint; medium spread or forward point collar; double-button barrel cuffs; and, if possible, 2x2 (I don't know whether that's an option at this price point).  Mother-of-pearl buttons would be a huge plus.  My neck size is 14.75-15", chest size 37-38".  Thanks.
Damn, it is a wide spread.  Do you have any suggestions for similar medium spread shirts?
  I've a set of interviews from the twentieth through to the next week.  If it were any old event, I'd not be bothered, but I'd prefer to look my best for these.  I may still do what you suggest; Sam Hober seems like a much better deal.
How long would Sam Hober take?  I know that he does MTO out of Thailand, but I only have a bit over two weeks.
I have a plain gray Napoli suit from Suit Supply.  I'm planning on wearing some color 8 cap-toe bals; should I pair them with a plain burgundy grenadine from KW or a navy weft / burgundy warp from VFC?  For comparison:   KW:   VFC:
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