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This would make a great "Before & After" - Please post some pics!
Anyone have any experience sending a favorite shirt to Jantzen to duplicate? I'm thinking of ordering my first shirt and wanted some opinions on whether this might be a good option as opposed to composing one on my own. Thanks.
Thanks - Any idea what % discount - across the lines, or just select models? Hand Grades too?
Do Crockett & Jones shoes ever go on sale? If so, when & where - at the T&A shop, or online? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by discostu004 OK guys, I just started uploading photos. the Spring/Summer Borrelli samples are located on this sheet here: images are in this folder: as always, email me at on these for pre-sale i'm doing an additional 5% off plus free US shipping. first come, first served. The item is NOT...
Quote: Originally Posted by wasteland HAPPY082 for $30 off purchase of $150 or more. Hope this helps Worked like a charm - Thanks!
Anyone have a Bluefly discount code - my last one just expired a few days ago - Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano The pair on the right are identical to a pair of Ferragamo's I have from their pretty junky studio line. Although you can see the stitching and nicer leather too, I am surprised they would make Tramezza's that replicate one of their lower shoes. Also, if you are looking for a good step up from basic AE's I think their 7 line would be a good option to start, although my money would be with Tramezza's or...
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Ah, not trying to rain on your parade my friend. However the red flags are flying at full mast -- to wit: 1) numerous (in this case, more than twenty) famous-brand items all from the same alleged manufacturer, 2) no country of origin on ties, 3) no content tag (doesn't say 100% silk), 4) ties appear shiny in pictures, 5) only reference doubted authenticity of ties, 6) eBay auctions cancelled by eBay, etc....
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Did you get it at a Burberry outlet? Full retail - South Coast Plaza Boutique, Costa Mesa, CA
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