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PM Sent.
Ralph Lauren's stuff is very well made, IMO - I recently picked up an Italian-made Purple Label alligator belt with a sterling buckle that retails for almost 1K on eBay for $265. Keep your eye on eBay for deals as RL's retail prices for their alligator belts has really gone through the roof over the last few years and they go on sale very infrequently.
I've had great luck with Cole-Haan and Ralph Lauren. Just picked up a RLPL alligator one with a sterling buckle that is VERY nice!
Have a "Livio" buttondown in linen/cotton that is fantastic.
This would make a great "Before & After" - Please post some pics!
Anyone have any experience sending a favorite shirt to Jantzen to duplicate? I'm thinking of ordering my first shirt and wanted some opinions on whether this might be a good option as opposed to composing one on my own. Thanks.
Thanks - Any idea what % discount - across the lines, or just select models? Hand Grades too?
Do Crockett & Jones shoes ever go on sale? If so, when & where - at the T&A shop, or online? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by discostu004 OK guys, I just started uploading photos. the Spring/Summer Borrelli samples are located on this sheet here: http://www.virtualclotheshorse.com/select/borr.xls images are in this folder: http://www.virtualclotheshorse.com/select/ as always, email me at lance@virtualclotheshorse.com on these for pre-sale i'm doing an additional 5% off plus free US shipping. first come, first served. The item is NOT...
Quote: Originally Posted by wasteland HAPPY082 for $30 off purchase of $150 or more. Hope this helps Worked like a charm - Thanks!
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