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Some closet cleaning - thought I'd check for any interest on the forum before I put these on eBay. Cole-Haan Lexington Cap-Toe Oxford in black calf from the City collection from a few years back. I know, I know - Cole-Haan doesn't get much love here... These are not for the cognoscenti out there! 9.5D - Uppers and outsole are in very good condition, sole and heel are in good condition. Half-soles and heels were replaced due to normal wear. These were taken care of...
Check out a SF affiliate eHaberdasher - Ben just launched his own label Benjamin Sartorial Collection that looks to me a much better suit for the money than the stuff you mentioned. He's got some posts on SF with photos and is great about answering questions. Give it a look.
Does anyone have any idea whether the Sguardo model is currently available? I'm looking for a pair in either brown or black in a 9.5D. Possibly one of the outlet stores? Any help would be much appreciated.
Got the last of my cashback deposited yesterday, including all from SF set-up's!
PM sent on #6.
Preferably NIB - I have a pair of Bruce from the studio line that I'm getting rid of. PM me if you have some.
Anyone know who's making the Andando Oxford for Ralph Lauren. They're Italian made, & I'm not familiar with their sources. Thanks!
BEAUTIFUL GIORGIO ARMANI BLACK LABEL NECKTIE FROM BERGDORF GOODMAN PURCHASED NEW, REMOVED THE TAGS, & NEVER WORE THE DARN THING! Color is Deep Navy, Measures 57" x 3.5", 100% Silk, Made in Italy, Retailed for $149.00 The last photo has the best color representation SOLD!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by marc237 Can you please indicate the exact sleeve length. 36.5" from the center of the yoke.
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