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Just had a great example this week of this. Posted some Incotex pants that I purchased on eBay on the forum for what I paid for them - I was just looking to get out from under them and break even if I could. I was swamped with PM's letting me know that what I was asking for the pants was WAY too high based on the "Market" price that had been set on the forum based on previous Incotex sales from Daffy's. I was flooded with offers at 50% of my asking price. I...
Sorry for the poor photo quality on these pants - I've added another photo at the bottom of the original post with these pants next to a pair of black pants for comparison. Hope this helps.
SOLDFor Sale: A beautiful pair of new Incotex wool flat front dress pants. [b]Here's the details: Charcoal grey, flat front, lightweight 100% wool, lined to the knee, unfinished bottoms. Made in Portugal, split rear curtained waist, triple closure, slash front pockets, belt keeper loop. Measurements: 32" waist with 2" to let out, 10" rise, 9" knee, 8" leg opening. The main Incotex labels have been removed, but one remains - guaranteed authentic. These...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex How is the sizing on these?I am told that they run a full size larger,is that so? Picked up a pair of the black ones - had to size down a half a size. Beautiful shoes, probably the best I've had.
I may be dating myself, but I can't believe you guys have missed two of the best: Paul Weller, AKA The Modfather - The Jam, The Style Council, The Paul Weller Movement, Paul Weller Paddy McAloon - Prefab Sprout These two are right up there with the best.
Barba are fantastic shirts - I own several. Check ShopTheFinest for the best selection - Ian is great about answering any questions and you should be able to pick one up in the $139-$149 range to try.
Ian @ ShopTheFinest has Barba, Borrelli, & Finamore for just a few bucks more - $129-$139, far better shirts than what you're looking at.
Yes, they're still available - I sent you a PM, reply if you're still interested. Thanks
20% Price Drop!!!
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