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Barba are fantastic shirts - I own several. Check ShopTheFinest for the best selection - Ian is great about answering any questions and you should be able to pick one up in the $139-$149 range to try.
Ian @ ShopTheFinest has Barba, Borrelli, & Finamore for just a few bucks more - $129-$139, far better shirts than what you're looking at.
Yes, they're still available - I sent you a PM, reply if you're still interested. Thanks
20% Price Drop!!!
Some closet cleaning - thought I'd check for any interest on the forum before I put these on eBay. Cole-Haan Lexington Cap-Toe Oxford in black calf from the City collection from a few years back. I know, I know - Cole-Haan doesn't get much love here... These are not for the cognoscenti out there! 9.5D - Uppers and outsole are in very good condition, sole and heel are in good condition. Half-soles and heels were replaced due to normal wear. These were taken care of...
Check out a SF affiliate eHaberdasher - Ben just launched his own label Benjamin Sartorial Collection that looks to me a much better suit for the money than the stuff you mentioned. He's got some posts on SF with photos and is great about answering questions. Give it a look.
Does anyone have any idea whether the Sguardo model is currently available? I'm looking for a pair in either brown or black in a 9.5D. Possibly one of the outlet stores? Any help would be much appreciated.
Got the last of my cashback deposited yesterday, including all from SF set-up's!
PM sent on #6.
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