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Probably not the best choice...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman I had a Tag for 20 years before movin' on up. Still looks as good as new, wore it every day, keeps excellent time. +++1 F1 Chrono purchased in '92. Wear it daily, surf, swim, it's made the Alcatraz swim with me the last 6 years - looks good as new, keeps excellent time and still gets compliments.
I'm thinking Finamore and Barba from Ian at STF are probably a good bet at that price point.
Just picked up a new Borrelli shirt off of eBay - it's new stock, obviously. Less handwork Machine sewn buttonholes No "LB" logo on gussett - new graphic Other than those obvious changes the shirt is still very nice - Great "Sasa" spread collar, trim fit "Dressing" body, thick MOP buttons, nice fabric, no obvious shortcomings. For $130 I didn't think it was too bad - what are some thoughts around the relative value of the new shirts given the changes? Anyone...
Salvatore Ferragamo "Roger" dark brown suede chukka boots size 10D. Doing some closet cleaning and have never really worn these. Beautiful pair of two-eyelet chukkas with a rubber sole. I've worn them maybe 3 times and they just don't seem to be a staple in my rotation. They are in absolutely MINT condition and have been professionally treated with waterproofing spray. Now $175 shipped CONUS - these were $420 new.
I've got a pair of Ferragamo Rogers that I picked up last year from another forum member. They've seen maybe 3-4 days of wear and are in perfect shape. I can get you some photos tomorrow when I have some time. Size is a 9.5 and the last is very sleek. Let me know what your budget is and we can talk. I'm thinking of replacing them with a loafer in similar suede which will get more use. Cheers!
So many great shoes to choose from - why these...
Part of our post-Thanksgiving tradition - eat dinner & then laugh our asses off!
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