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Anyone have any experience/advice on having a 61" extra-long 7-fold tie shortened to regular (57"-58") length? I found a beautiful Kiton 7-fold that is only available in an extra long and I'm wondering if having it shortened with screw up the proportions once it's tied. Any thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Every vegan I've met has without fault been two things: 1) A self-important know-it-all dickweed 2) A left wing hack But I guess those two things come hand in hand these days +1 - Stumbled onto this thread - laughed my ass off!!!
Very nice - anyone carrying them in the US?
Probably not the best choice...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman I had a Tag for 20 years before movin' on up. Still looks as good as new, wore it every day, keeps excellent time. +++1 F1 Chrono purchased in '92. Wear it daily, surf, swim, it's made the Alcatraz swim with me the last 6 years - looks good as new, keeps excellent time and still gets compliments.
I'm thinking Finamore and Barba from Ian at STF are probably a good bet at that price point.
Just picked up a new Borrelli shirt off of eBay - it's new stock, obviously. Less handwork Machine sewn buttonholes No "LB" logo on gussett - new graphic Other than those obvious changes the shirt is still very nice - Great "Sasa" spread collar, trim fit "Dressing" body, thick MOP buttons, nice fabric, no obvious shortcomings. For $130 I didn't think it was too bad - what are some thoughts around the relative value of the new shirts given the changes? Anyone...
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