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Seems as though the construction quality is not that great in these everyday socks. As an example, crude or semi finished toe seams combined with inconsistent top opening size. Anyone have any favorites or suggestions for a try?
What exactly does the description "charged cotton" mean?
Is it a legal requirement that products are labeled what country they are made in? If so, are there exceptions to this? ( Quantity, or for export only ) As to labels that also identify where the components were made, is that also a legal thing or a marketing thing?
sestyle, perhaps your observations on the possibility that the perception of the American consumers attention to detail, quality, etc. is a lesser factor than in other markets is quite accurate! It does seem to have merit in general when one looks at this in an objective way. Not caring for generalizations, it is easy to see how that perception would be without much dispute in other cultures when looking at the US market, not in a condescending manner, but more as a...
Hello all. As I am new to the forum I felt it necessary to add some info on the Nuvola line. Let me qualify my comments by admitting to being quite complacent in thinking that 25+ years of Santoni experience would always remain the same. Imagine my surprise at my first look at the Nuvola line casual shoe. The old adage about getting what you pay for still holds true in this instance. Everything about this shoe says inexpensive. The most distressing thing to me is the...
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