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i think god awful best describes this brand
Fedex for international deliveries is untouchable, they don't drop your package off to local post or some other bullshit delivery service, and will follow up if there is customs clearance problems. def worth it for larger shipments.
they are generally pretty good quality, the have a phone # you can call under customer service where you can ask specifics, biggest problem is they take forever to cut fabric. If you live near nyc you could always walk the garment district mostly between 7th and 8th ave on 39 & 40th, you have to do some digging thoug, there's a lot of crap around there as well.
if your looking for something a bit more casual but cool, check out Gokey boat shoes they sell on, very old boot company, excellent quality very thick leather and very comfortable, a little pricey if you compare them to topsiders but in a completely differen't league
the Redwing 875's w/ white crepe sole is very cool, you can check them out at Chippewa is excellent quality and both brands made in USA. Check ebay for the deals, even new ones.
check out Left Field,top quality ringspun t's
check out fashion fabrics online good prices and good fabric can buy a few yards as well
the reason some jean hems pucker is because the designer used cotton thread not polly thread(industry standard). The shrinkage of the cotton in the thread causes the hem to pucker and gives it the shading we all so desire. same goes for the railroad tracks on the side seams. On the subject of authenticity you need to consider the country of origin as a major factor. Now that everybody is into their jeans not just Japanese, it is turning into a fashion trend that certain...
evisu jeans? looks like your wearing a McDonalds uniform, mad ghetto looking
cheap knock off store, buy from brands that create, not cheasy eurotrash, knockoffs
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