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Suspenders are 1,25'' wide and you can get them here: http://www.thetiebar.com/product/SP031 
8°C today so I wear my DB Tweed coat the first time this season   [[SPOILER]]
 I am missing Holdfast, even if the quality of his pics were not the best. He shows that a smile is at least so important as good pics. Unfortunatelly I am not able to do a nice smile, when I do my pics.
Another nightshift outfit with a much better shirt collar.   [[SPOILER]]
The shirt is an pre MTM one and the shirt collar sucks.   [[SPOILER]]
Very nice first outfit and nice to see you here. I think the rise (Leibhöhe) of the pants is to low to wear it with braces.
It´s raining all day long, so today I didn´t made a full shot        
It´s no fleece it´s knitwear.
vintage Florsheim plain Derby  
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