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New overcoat and when I have shorten the sleeves, it will be fit very good.   [[SPOILER]]
The suit is thrifted and no material tag is in it. When I compare it to other suits/sports coats I would say, that it´s worsted flannel.
50 shades of brown. Unfortunatelly today is one of the last days for a while to wear this beautifull heavy weight flanell suit.   [[SPOILER]]
Get this 3-pieces suit back from the tailor today. The tailor shortened and tapered the legs and made 4 cm cuffs. The jacket sleeves are now 2 cm longer.     [[SPOILER]]
 Still in stocks: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Accessories/Ties/Wine-Medallion-Dusty-Madder-Silk-Tie.html
It´s been a while   [[SPOILER]]
 The scales of the shirt and the jacket are too close together.I would change that shirt to an light blue oxford cloth one.The tie is great and I like it, when the tie is in a color of the jacket.
I have a look at the sleeves in the evening, when I wear that outfit for the work. Now it´s time to get a little bit sleep.
Get that suit yesterday and after using it today the trousers goes to my tailor. I will shorten and taper the pants a little bit. I think it´s enough cloth reserve to make cuffs, too.
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