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^^Interesting that the Zegna is the highest price in the group.
those look just like all of the greens I've seen. Nice!
48 for wes
i knew that was coming.
try wetting the hole and rubbing it between your fingers. Sometimes the threads are just pulled out of place. (I can't tell from the picture. )
alfred sargent
Nice! I also recently got a brioni at off 5th for about 420. Was cashmere though. My first personal brioni, I wear it like a boss! I think it was mispriced for 749.99 and 40% off or something, even though isaias were 1400.
I'm not sure but I always thought those tags with "ing" before loro piana just means it's their fabric but not made by them which means he has no business listing it under loro piana brand. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Finally some real thrifts! Phineas Cole super 110s suit, mint condition!   L-R Tino Cosma, old Versace, YSL (nice pattern so I took it), Ricci NWT! (from back when their retail was $190), Boss, Ricci Custom Turnbull & Asser light yellow shirt This little guy I found in the box of a pair of Brioni shoes that I discount stored. Leather bound handle and heavy metal, I'm thinking copper.
Those buttons look exactly like those on an armani shirt I had about 17 years ago, so definitely looks real to me, just old.
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