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Thanks, I noticed it on other RRL pairs that I got so I'm guessing it's probably something like that.
Thought this was pretty neat... Double RL Harris Tweed pants.. OUCH! Thankfully they're lined most of the way down.     But what does this mean? Do they mix horns and hooves into the fabric to make it extra scratchy?
Me too  Waisted 2 hours on it...
I've gotten worse than that. I think its called trolling.
somebody's gonna try that and get stuck with it.....
says the guy who's about to list a 40+K Gucci gator jacket......
lol. Of course you're right, its all about the profit in the end but i mean as far as the brag goes. I got so much awesome stuff that i want to list before this weekend so i haven't got around to posting most of it.
true dat^^. I do better that way. I did stick to the 1/10 retail of course .
New Posts  All Forums: