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You can add golfmarvin to your list. He is an abusive buyer.
I've seen RRL selling pinstriped jackets without pants. I think they had a more rugged look though, like with course material or pleated pockets. Probably would look nice with jeans imo.
Thanks all for your responses! Sounds like good advice.The buyers username is golfmarvin.  He's blocked by me now.
Thanks @DanM. Its not worth my headache over the money. I will just refund him with a strong message and move on. Depending on how this turns out, I may have my first addition to the black list.
Hey all, I would appreciate some advice. I sold an RLPL pink cashmere sweater tagged size XXL and the buyer said he is returning it because it is way too small. I accepted the return and it came back with the tags cut off. Here is the correspondence so far, I would like your input on how to proceed. Buyer to me: Just rec'd today. Per your 3 day return policy, I need to return this sweater. It's far too small. Thank you   I respond that he can return it. Upon...
Got it. Thanks a lot!
I just had a buyer buy something, pay for it and then ask to cancel the transaction. I agreed to cancel it and the ebay message says, "This order was canceled on Jun 13, 2015. You don't need to do anything else". However, it doesn't show that the money was refunded and I still see it in my paypal account. Does this need to be refunded separately?
Thrifted some ties n/a A few firsts for me... Marinella POP!, Mila Schon , Harry & Sons   Etro POP!, BB, HB Versace, Ike, HF, Emporio Armani.
^^Interesting that the Zegna is the highest price in the group.
those look just like all of the greens I've seen. Nice!
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