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@jebarne Wow! That was awesome. Thank you for the info, I'll see where I can take it from there. The lizard and silver part I got from google translate and the 800 I got from googling it, but the part about the star and the other letters is very interesting. I also thought there were different kinds of lizard skin and maybe F is some kind of universal code. Thanks for the help!
Nice! Still waiting for my Kiton day to come. Just curious, what do you call too much to pay for Kiton?
It all goes to the site we shall not mention. Not thrift prices. I certainly don't mind giving a better deal to an SFer here, better than I could do on you know where.
Dept. store goodness Cucinelli belt. If anyone can translate please that would be awesome. Retails at 1345$ Some microscopic letters and then 800. Is that silver? Cuci ties Isaia cords RLPL Keaton collared shirts. All colors of the rainbow. And some matching RLPL ties.
I found late afternoon like 3-4:00 to be the best.
My post office stopped offering tape for priority, even at the desk they will tell you to buy. I think it was a money-saving decision across the country.
Like your new avatar, Ian
me too.. Wow that's sick. Definitely report him to e-bay. Do the world a favor. I think that's harassment.
Does anyone have any tips on how to clean out tailor markings from a suit. I tried a wet rag but it didn't work. Thanks!
Perhaps I can offer you an alternative that's guaranteed authentic.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-Purple-Label-bathing-suit-swimsuit-trunks-NEW-WT-blue-black-ITALY-/141192578038?pt=US_CSA_MC_Swimwear&var=&hash=item20dfbbc3f6
New Posts  All Forums: