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lol np. Most was 1/10th of retail.Its a good point though, and i was wondering myself, at what point is a discount find boastworthy? Would love to hear opinions. Anyone?
Sorry, I thought I mentioned it in the post, these weren't actual thrift they were discount store deals so I don't know if they qualify for the cheapies thread. Truthfully though, at the prices I paid they are unreal deals so they definitely deserve a boast here. I was honestly shocked at some of the prices on the stuff.
Nope. By now I got my hookups 
That's what I said too.
Today this happened.. [[SPOILER]]
Had an absolutely crazy discount store day today. Loads of firsts for me. Pics coming.....
I found some today for about 100$. I tried on the 30 and the 34 and no go. Couldn't find a 32 unfortunately. They really were amazing. The retail was 450$ though.
^^^Wow!!! Nice! 
Yes, their prices have been going up.  I've seen the crest printed on ties but never a separate piece sewn onto the tie. This ones retail was 225$ according to the store tag. Quindicis also went from 265 to 275 and now 285.
Some really cool discount store finds today...Spoilered for those uninterested.  [[SPOILER]]
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