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The Sassettis I've seen have a separate piece of leather on the sole saying made in Italy. The purple labels made by him also have that. I think the ones I have are the "cheaper" Italian ones. The shoes are 995 and the velvet shoes are 650.
Can anyone please tell me who makes these RLPLs? Thanks!            
Mazal Tov @barrelntrigger!!!
Hit some discount stores todayRLPL shoes. Can anyone please tell me who the makers of the shoes are?  [[SPOILER]]  Some ties. (Isaia is cotton wool blend, Charvet on right is 50 wool 50 silk) And some thrifts
Nice! I just got the same Tom Ford ties, like the two left ones.
Been busy lately but heres a good one. True thrift Is this a thread first?Ricci super 180s navy suit n/a [[SPOILER]] Charles Tyrwhitt sport coat Also got some nice discount store stuff at killer prices but I'll only post the more unusual ones for me [[SPOILER]]
I definitely agree with your difference of BINOBO
People do it on the chance that nobody here has found it and may benefit from the find. Obviously the flip-side is that someone has found it and will lose out because of the competition. So which side wins?
Just curious, these pictures are not in the US are they? I'm just thinking the stone walls look middle eastern.
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