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Not really. I bought it new in off 5th ave and nothing else appears to have been touched.
Yeah, Im all in with you on that. I have seen two meanings, one and possibly the most popular view is that it is the pants waist, and the other is that it refers to the waist on the jacket that it will be 'drop' number measurements smaller than the chest. Interestingly, I also read that the 10 size rule that the EU size is 10 higher than the US size is not accurate and as the size gets bigger the difference also does so a 56EU might actually be a 44US not 46US.
LOL. Sorry didn't mean to ramble. 36 is the pants waist size, 52 drop 7 means the waist size is 42 - 7, right? That should be a 35 waist not 36. How can it be a 36 waist and drop 7 from 52 which is 35?
Can anyone please give some insight here. I tried googling but I didn't find anything 100%. A potential buyer asked me about this listing http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=131116018098&ssPageName=ADME:X:AAQ:US:1123 , the tag says 36 52 7L. The actual measurement of the waist is about 17 5/8" across which is more like 35" - 35 1/4". Is it possible that the drop 7 is the more accurate measurement and the 36 is just because they don't have a number 35 and...
You'll get back the fees once the transaction is canceled. Im not sure what exactly happened by you. Is this a return then why a partial refund. Also refunds are through paypal anyway if that's how he paid.
? really? I always just issued a refund in paypal. Let me know how this works out.
Im not sure what point you are at but here is how I do it. I tell the buyer to return it. When I get it back in the same condition I choose the second option "I sold an item and want to cancel the transaction.". That opens a case that asks the buyer if he agrees to cancel the transaction. He says yes. Done.
Go to resolve a problem next to the transaction and choose buyer is returning for refund. A case will open and either he will agree to cancel the transaction and you get your credit or you wait for it to close itself and get the credit.
Isaia Napoli leather jacket, NWT.  Got this in a discount store today but not sure if keeping bec. of a few very small blemishes on the leather.      
Hey, were you the one who bought the gray suit from LCNM in WBC? After I noticed it was gone I saw someone in NY was selling it and I don't remember who it was? You? That thing was awesome!
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