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Those buttons look exactly like those on an armani shirt I had about 17 years ago, so definitely looks real to me, just old.
Discount brag. Finally found a tie case, not sure if keeping...      
Yes this happened to me. A buyer claimed he never got the package and he sounded honest but the signature confirmation said "signed for". When I looked on the USPS web site it said signed by P OFFICE. Meaning that the post office signed for it which of course they can't do. I ended up having a long correspondence with the buyer and also calling the post office in Florida. When I spoke to the manager there he said that the delivery guy was carrying the package when he...
First English pair of shoes thrifted for me Churchs custom grade. Well worn but still have life to them       Discount stored Burberry jeans
I've only seen them made in France.Not that I've seen everything yet though....
imo its still a great deal for $159. I was very happy with mine.
Another classic
keep in mind that he does take returns, so technically you can return it as soon as you win.
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