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Got it. Thanks a lot!
I just had a buyer buy something, pay for it and then ask to cancel the transaction. I agreed to cancel it and the ebay message says, "This order was canceled on Jun 13, 2015. You don't need to do anything else". However, it doesn't show that the money was refunded and I still see it in my paypal account. Does this need to be refunded separately?
Thrifted some ties n/a A few firsts for me... Marinella POP!, Mila Schon , Harry & Sons   Etro POP!, BB, HB Versace, Ike, HF, Emporio Armani.
^^Interesting that the Zegna is the highest price in the group.
those look just like all of the greens I've seen. Nice!
48 for wes
i knew that was coming.
try wetting the hole and rubbing it between your fingers. Sometimes the threads are just pulled out of place. (I can't tell from the picture. )
alfred sargent
Nice! I also recently got a brioni at off 5th for about 420. Was cashmere though. My first personal brioni, I wear it like a boss! I think it was mispriced for 749.99 and 40% off or something, even though isaias were 1400.
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