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Thanks, I didn't think of that. Hopefully it won't come to any kind of case escalation.
I could really use some help here. I sold a few items to someone in China via priority insured mail. I shipped them on 1/11 and the buyer just now opened a case that item was not received. In the tracking it says that it left Newark and is in transit. The e-bay cases message says that since he opened the case on e-bay in Germany (his account is based in Germany) I need to respond there. The page is all in German though so I can't read anything and bing translate didn't...
no, unfortunately not thrift but discount store. Was a great price and I've never found EGs before so I was pumped when I found them.
KAPOW! These are Edward Greens, are they not?      
Wow! Thanks a lot, I see it now. Much appreciated @Snoogz!
I just printed shipping labels to China from e-bay and two papers were printed. They both look the same with a title Customs Declaration Dispatch Note-CP72 and a "Cut along line" down the middle, dividing each page into two labels. The only difference I can see is that one paper has the Detailed Description of Contents on the top label and one doesn't. Both papers have two parts. Is anyone familiar with this to tell me which parts I need to put on the package and what...
instablock. I would be scared to deal with a guy like that.
Jompso told me that black label is caruso but ralph lauren asked them to leave out their tag. I've also seen many purple label suits and sportcoats that didn't have the caruso label.
HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! Last 2 thrifts of the year
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