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Today I got some brand new Zegna for free! [[SPOILER]] Also, any denim heads..Are these selvedge? [[SPOILER]]
Good one! First time ever hearing that term though...
I think they're backed up from the holiday. I had this happen to a few of my packages, no update for 5-6 days but it finally got there. I actually went in to ask about my packages after 4 days of no tracking update and the lady behind the desk hollered at me (and a few other unfortunate souls who dared inquire about their packages) that we shouldn't come in after 5 days. "Don't you know we don't scan at every checkpoint", "we're so backed up, have you seen the airports?",...
Me too! Nice!
I also got that recently and I haven't seen any defect show up because of it.
 It will definitely say sterling somewhere if it is, but it can be very small. I'm not saying all are sterling but that's what I've seen.Also, as if the Ralph Lauren hierarchy can't get any more confusing, I was told by them that alligator belts are called purple label even if they don't have the script Ralph Lauren on it (if its in block). Maybe sterling silver items are also called purple label, who knows...    This kind of thing can help with search results you know...
is the buckle sterling silver?
That's what I'm referring to. But absolutely, if a buyer is honest then no returns means no returns. Also, I suspect there are many buyers out there who have never sold anything so they don't know how big an advantage they have over sellers. I'm sure many don't even know that sellers can't leave negative feedback.
And keep in mind, no matter what you write it means nothing if he opens a case.
I overheard a women describing it as "panels on the jacket".
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