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Got this message from an interested buyer in south korea. Still trying to decipher that comment about the buck stops here I think there may be some history here.... I want to buy your beautiful eyeglass. I wonder international shipping and posting fee. I await your response. I want to standard or priomarity mail. ( the bucks stops here ) Thanks for In any case, does anyone have an opinion about shipping to south korea, aye or nay?
lol, he gave me positive feedback also and a few days later opened the item not as described case.mainly I wanted to stress the point of not escalating the case online but by calling a rep.
Speaking of colors, I just had a buyer request a return because the shade of purple was lighter than the picture. I had included a bunch of pictures with various lighting so I have no idea how he decided which one was the accurate picture??? In any case, I called ebay and a rep told me that shades of a color is buyers remorse and that I didn't have to take the return so I refused it. After a bunch of days passed with no response from him, I escalated the case since they...
I can think of a dozen reasons why someone wouldn't honor an eBay decision, I have no experience with PayPal though.
a little late on the reply but I've seen uman at barneys and the retail was way up there. I think it was around what brioni was.
Todays thrifts Stefano Ricci tie (1$) and Lindberg acetanium eyeglasses (99 cents)    
^^ I plan to wear them with a black peak lapel RLBL suit and a Quindici tie.
No not gray, they're black. I never was very good at pictures. Truth is I don't see many dark gray shoes at all. I do see a lot of dark blue suedes though, but I dont think I've actually ever seen anyone wearing them. If you really want dark gray, I would try saks off 5th, they seem to have nice varieties in shoes.
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