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Oh, I see what you mean now. Its supposed to be very slightly angled toward the right.
Thanks! The first one I don't quite understand. The second I forgot about, thanks for the reminder. The third I'm not certain is always true, it keeps coming up on the thread so I'll keep quiet about it. The truth is it felt like polyester which is why I didn't like it to begin with.
Thank you! I had a bad feeling about it. Looks like I gave a buck to charity!
Lets play good kop bad kop Found this Hermes, the tag was cut and it doesn't feel like any other Hermes tie I have ever felt but everything checks out.     Any insight?
No, everything is in the pictures except the one near the neck that says Double RL and Made in Italy underneath.It does actually have that extra piece turned back under the collar which I thought implied higher quality workmanship.
@GMMcL  I called Ralph Lauren and the lady told me that they have their stuff made by so many different companies that they cant know where individual items are made. She said that even she can't check it up. Hmmmm....
This one is made in Italy. Its on the tag by the neck.Someone else told me it might be Caruso and that Caruso has many different labels. Thanks, I would love to know who makes it.
A couple of thrifts hereSpeaking of Oxxford.Super 110s suit Super 150s Jacket orphan? [[SPOILER]]
^^^Whoaaa!  I don't see him as the type to not respond to someone just because they're new anyway.
I think in the first post he writes that he will only open it to members who are around for a certain amount of time.
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