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That's thrift prices alright, and I might say possibly one of the most valuable items I've seen thrifted here. Dude you make my head spin. Oh, and the pics look like its fine although the one of the Hermes on the side of the buckle is hard to see, but if its engraved not stamped then you're ok. Not that you need my endorsement.Not that I'm the resident expert but as I said, the Hermes on the buckle should be engraved not stamped. You can tell if there is a square...
Where he's getting this stuff, I don't think there's any carts....
Please don't tell me you thrifted that. Those are awesome, but most on ebay are fakes. I looked into it quite a bit and I even showed one to the manager at hermes in nyc resulting in a long conversation about them, so I can spot the fakes pretty quickly. If its real though then it's a biggie!
+1 I would also refund it. That's how you get repeat buyers. I think hes telling the truth. My guess is that one sole came off and he checked the strength of the other by pulling on it and it fell off too.He's a state rep though???? Don't these guys get paid enough to buy new shoes? Very interesting.
 Thanks guys! Yeah, I was always afraid of this too, but I guess its still worth the extra customer base. Will e-bay automatically calculate the international buyers shipping cost and can I print the customs form directly from e-bay just like in the US? Also, aren't there countries that e-bay doesn't sell the shipping for? Does that mean buying in the post office?
I didn't hear such good things about the e-bay service, but my plan would be to have free shipping in the USA and that e-bay should give a calculated amount to the buyer depending on the country he wants it shipped to. I'm pretty much in the dark on e-bays worldwide shipping system. Also the buyer will be responsible for any customs.
I have been selling nationally for a while and I'm considering selling out of the country, maybe even worldwide to take advantage of the larger customer base. Can anyone please summarize for me what are the added difficulties, the pros and the cons? Thanks in advance!
Lol, def not made by Tom Ford. I was just thinking that Spoo and Wes are in their own category and can sell stuff that we cant. I should go spy on him TBH to see what he gets for them.
Not really. I bought it new in off 5th ave and nothing else appears to have been touched.
Yeah, Im all in with you on that. I have seen two meanings, one and possibly the most popular view is that it is the pants waist, and the other is that it refers to the waist on the jacket that it will be 'drop' number measurements smaller than the chest. Interestingly, I also read that the 10 size rule that the EU size is 10 higher than the US size is not accurate and as the size gets bigger the difference also does so a 56EU might actually be a 44US not 46US.
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