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How you gonna ship those??? Pick-up only? Ok, a really big box, huh?
Thrifted a really strange hat today.Burberrys wool. What is it, a golf hat? [[SPOILER]] Ferragamo tieand a recent Zegna wool/silk sport coat. with the hanger :) [[SPOILER]]
Pardon my ignorance, but what is that for. Working out?Edit: forget it, got my own answer, Shoeluv called it a Kettlebell so I googled.
Crazy question, what do people do with these? Wear them???? The shirt in that first listing, does anyone even know what that dirt is? Maybe its cow dung from 1940?!? Is that SF approved?
How about Alex Cannon.  
^^I understand. Many thanks!
@SpooPoker Aha, I suspected that's what you meant. Interesting though, on e-bay many of the listings of black label say that they are made by Caruso and they only show the exact same labels as what mine has. I even found the exact one listed with the seller saying its made by Caruso. One seller also happens to be someone from this forum who seems to know his stuff.
Sorry to keep bugging, do you mean a small white tag under the black one that has a supplier and season number? I want to get this straight already.
I'm going to have a better look. I had posted the RRL suit, and I also posted it in the Labels thread and some members said that its probably not Caruso but in the end nobody knew who the maker was. The little black tags on this black label are the same as the little black tags on the purple labels which lead me to think that it was the same maker just a different amount of handwork. The little tags on the Double RL are slightly different. So confusing. Thanks though.
By white tag, do you mean something like this inside the pocket?Purple label has both tags, the one like the black label I posted and the white one like this^. So who makes purple label?
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