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Almost forgot, I also got 5 of these....  
@SpooPoker Does that count as a thriftening when you buy a whole store???? WOW! AMAZEBALLS!
Some recent discount store pickups...                  N/A Cucinelli 3 roll 2 suit   RLBL velvet blazer RLBL velvet blazer peak lapels Tom Ford bubble wrap tie Tom Ford Robert Talbott Estate 100% CASHMERE   Same L.B.M. Tailored Limited Edition blazer   TF shirt, Ricci tie, Brioni, Ricci Tom Ford Ricci, Brioni, Ricci   Not shown is 7 Andrea Campagna blazers and one Isaia and a bunch of other accessories, to be picced upon arrival.
Everyone I knew pronounced it "Hermay". Lol
You think it's him? I wouldn't have taken advantage of another members mistake if I had known ... this guys user name is divec without the 's'. Hope it's not his, I would have expected him to know it's sartorio with an 'r'.
SaNtorio Napoli lol. E-thrift. I dun good?
That's fantastic! Look on the other side of the label, it should say what it's made of.
^^^Yes, good point.    
Two thrift firsts for me Sawyer of Napa Shearling!       And I also grabbed these without knowing what they were, just cuz they felt like good quality. Then I noticed this RAYBANS! for 2.99!
Got some more discount store goodies. I wish I could thrift this kind of stuff but I rarely find anything good at the thrifts. N/A All was under 10% retail of course.  POP! First Coochie suit for me. This thing is AWESOME!!!!!  Wool/Cashmere/Silk blend. Sooooo soft! Theres a very subtle red or the like windowpane pattern underlying the blue one that the camera didn't pick up.     RLBL velvet blazers x 2 Brioni blazer   Isaia awesomeness super 140s...
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