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Another classic
keep in mind that he does take returns, so technically you can return it as soon as you win.
This just arrived! FOX!       And this LP Cashmere Sport coat Also this in the saks two for one sale.. My size (38)!   N/A
Do update us when something happens.
what do you think is the purpose of this? The only thing I can think of is that it can be used to determine if the buyer actually bothered to read the description or not. Could it be meant to benefit the sellers?
I had a buyer who, no matter what he bought, he always wrote, "nice shoes". I checked all his feedbacks.
I am convinced that most of them have no clue as well. I've had ebay reps contradict each other in situations.I can see why you would want them to reimburse you and I'm sure you could get it. But keep in mind that if you press them for it, most likely they'll block you from buying there again. Many sellers are quick to block because its their only means of protecting themselves.Edit: personally, if I believe that I made a mistake I always offer to reimburse.
Definitely needs the blockeroo just for making a "demand" like that. That said, I would be concerned about negative feedback and I would do as he asks.edit: it has to be worth the time and headache that it might become for you to fight it.
Thanks! I may just do that next time.
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