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Wow! Is there anything to do to protect yourself? How are you dealing with it?
what do you mean?I just had a buyer based in Germany ask me if I would ship to china. Is that a bad idea? I don't normally ship international.
Congrats @SpooPoker! You never cease to amaze me!
Feel better doc!
This is hilarious!
^wow! That was a lot of chutzpah!
No problem.  I wonder if there's such a thing as a printing mistake.... would really shock me. I think I'm going to call Brioni and ask if no one here can clarify it. I thought it was some kind of 's' for ws/cashmere. I think the retail marked on it was 6800 if that helps.
Doctors are supposed to have patience... THIS^
isnt angora wa?
its a w with a backwards E
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