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^^lol! I dare you to cut eyeholes and go to work like that.
My thrift finds from the past week. Can't compete with some of the thriftsanity that's been going down but here goes! RLPL cords Orvis\Harris Tweed cap   Fendi, Manigldo Zinga, Etro NWOT Valentino shirt   Kiton, Etro Charvet x 2 Isaia suit red label Been had chocolate brown Mafioso suit  Astor & Black bepoke Astor & Black bepoke Astor & Black bepoke NWOT Joseph A Bank blazer silk/wool
Dude, Quindici is not settling when comparing to almost any brioni or kiton tie. I've seen a lot of all of those and they don't come close imo.I just wore one to my sisters wedding and honestly I felt like guys couldn't even look me in the face they just kept looking down at dat quindici!
I can put in a legit Christian Dior tie for any newbs who want to know if theirs is legit.
These were all discount store purchases not thrift but still bragworthy on a discount level. Pardon the bedspread photo, I needed a big surface.... Not pictures is another 5 pairs of the oxfords at the bottom right. All NIB Brioni. N/A The entire middle row are the Limited Edition pairs (5) Edit: top row in the middle, that pair of chukkas is mink lined! Now closer ups....       Wool/cashmere peak lapel suit,  Super 200s suit (msrp $9350!) Cashmere...
Got this message from an interested buyer in south korea. Still trying to decipher that comment about the buck stops here I think there may be some history here.... I want to buy your beautiful eyeglass. I wonder international shipping and posting fee. I await your response. I want to standard or priomarity mail. ( the bucks stops here ) Thanks for In any case, does anyone have an opinion about shipping to south korea, aye or nay?
lol, he gave me positive feedback also and a few days later opened the item not as described case.mainly I wanted to stress the point of not escalating the case online but by calling a rep.
Speaking of colors, I just had a buyer request a return because the shade of purple was lighter than the picture. I had included a bunch of pictures with various lighting so I have no idea how he decided which one was the accurate picture??? In any case, I called ebay and a rep told me that shades of a color is buyers remorse and that I didn't have to take the return so I refused it. After a bunch of days passed with no response from him, I escalated the case since they...
I can think of a dozen reasons why someone wouldn't honor an eBay decision, I have no experience with PayPal though.
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