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Thanks! I may just do that next time.
Live and learn... Just curious but whats your story why you won't send to China?
Thanks! Good to know. I like to buy postage through ebay to save money and I don't remember seeing the option to make a package registered mail.
(Maybe a dumb question but)Will it have tracking, because with ebay that seems to be quite important?
I had insurance so I assume they would have reimbursed me, but yeah, not happening again.How do you guys send expensive stuff international? Usps express?
I just resolved a shipping problems that thankfully turned out well. I shipped a $750 package to a buyer in china using priority international, which I found out afterwards doesn't offer tracking outside the u.s. After almost 30 days it has finally reached its destination and the buyer is happy. Lesson learned, don't use usps priority international. Use express which has tracking or another service.
Perhaps the shoes do it at night while everyones sleeping....
Got this for the lolzLoro Piana keychain leather pouch.  [[SPOILER]]
Heartfelt condolences TMac
Well they weren't thrift or anything but I was super stoked to find these for 1/10th of retail which is the best pricing I've ever seen.
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