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On the question of when something is called purple label, I was just told by someone working in ralph lauren that alligator belts even without script but with the bold "ralph lauren made in Italy" are also called purple label. So its not all cut and dry with Ralph Lauren naming.
I actually bought a pristine condition versace shirt with a hole by the collar and a blood stain on the front that was covered with wite-out.The hole wasn't near the blood stain so I don't suspect any foul play there.
Enter @SpooPoker....
Ummm... Sell them???   
Been HAD some Purple Label today. All discount store, not thrift. But really great deals IMOBeen had RLPL Sterling cufflinks Been had RLPL gator belts x2  [[SPOILER]] Been had RLPL shooz x2 (Conlan)Also been some burgundy RLPL Collis  [[SPOILER]] Also Cucinelli braided brown belt with an 800 silver o ring buckle.                                                                                                                                             ...
Did @spoopoker post his estate sale finds yet, I might have missed them over the weekend?
Been waiting impatiently.
Quick discount store brag. Got a great deal on these beauts EZ x2 The blue is unlined wool/linen/silk blend. The lighter houndstooth patterned one is wool/silk. Both awesome Zegna goodness    
I'm hoping so. Is that what yours is?I think they retail in the 200$ range but nobody on e-bay really cares too much for them. I once got one with 18K gold embroidery (a tiger) and I passed it on to @eddievddr10 who still owes me a fit pic of himself wearing it. *Ahem* *Ahem*
A few thrift finds. Has been slow lately.Vitaliano Pancaldi.   First nice one I've ever found.  [[SPOILER]]
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