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Anyone else here took advantage of the Colombus day sales to hit up your local discount stores? I sure did... But first some real thrift stuffs. Nobility by Astor and Black, this is the hand finished line and also much better fabricSport coat 3 piece suit, fully loaded! Feels like cashmere blend...Hand finished!Suit, feels like wool silk blendAlso some ties not pictured cuz I forgot. And now for the discount store goodies.. [[SPOILER]]
^^nvm. Didn't mean to step on your toes.
I have a very similar one thats cashmere so Im pretty sure they can be any kind of fabric.Not the exact same pattern, but close.
^^lol no. I was just playing along with him cuz he never sent any pm.I can probably get it for at least half price if anyone wants...
Got it! Will ship out this following monday.
Did not kop... will proxy Most expensive piece of clothing I've ever seen.
I'm pretty sure I found my first shell shoes! Can I get a confirmation?      
^^lol! I dare you to cut eyeholes and go to work like that.
My thrift finds from the past week. Can't compete with some of the thriftsanity that's been going down but here goes! RLPL cords Orvis\Harris Tweed cap   Fendi, Manigldo Zinga, Etro NWOT Valentino shirt   Kiton, Etro Charvet x 2 Isaia suit red label Been had chocolate brown Mafioso suit  Astor & Black bepoke Astor & Black bepoke Astor & Black bepoke NWOT Joseph A Bank blazer silk/wool
Dude, Quindici is not settling when comparing to almost any brioni or kiton tie. I've seen a lot of all of those and they don't come close imo.I just wore one to my sisters wedding and honestly I felt like guys couldn't even look me in the face they just kept looking down at dat quindici!
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