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I paid a fiver for them.
Coupla thrift finds today... Pop for me! Churchs custom grade, great condition, my size! And some ties
Maybe you know this already but often its just the threads are pushed out of place and if you rub it with your fingers pulling the fabric back and forth they go back in place and the hole is gone. Sometimes you need to dampen it first. I've done it many times. I dont think I've ever done that on silk but cotton should work.
Anyone else here took advantage of the Colombus day sales to hit up your local discount stores? I sure did... But first some real thrift stuffs. Nobility by Astor and Black, this is the hand finished line and also much better fabricSport coat 3 piece suit, fully loaded! Feels like cashmere blend...Hand finished!Suit, feels like wool silk blendAlso some ties not pictured cuz I forgot. And now for the discount store goodies.. [[SPOILER]]
^^nvm. Didn't mean to step on your toes.
I have a very similar one thats cashmere so Im pretty sure they can be any kind of fabric.Not the exact same pattern, but close.
^^lol no. I was just playing along with him cuz he never sent any pm.I can probably get it for at least half price if anyone wants...
Got it! Will ship out this following monday.
Did not kop... will proxy Most expensive piece of clothing I've ever seen.
I'm pretty sure I found my first shell shoes! Can I get a confirmation?      
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