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Got some more discount store goodies. I wish I could thrift this kind of stuff but I rarely find anything good at the thrifts. N/A All was under 10% retail of course.  POP! First Coochie suit for me. This thing is AWESOME!!!!!  Wool/Cashmere/Silk blend. Sooooo soft! Theres a very subtle red or the like windowpane pattern underlying the blue one that the camera didn't pick up.     RLBL velvet blazers x 2 Brioni blazer   Isaia awesomeness super 140s...
@mrcmcklwht That blazer looks fantastic! Nice!
I did! I did! I got a blue one about a month ago for $41 or so. Was in mint condition too.I assume you're talking about something more recent than a month ago?
Can I ask why you say to use USPS? Based on some reviews I've seen it sounds like they drag their feet with paying up. I've been using Shipcover and the time I had to make a claim it was paid up quickly.
Oops, sorry I didn't catch that. 
If you're comparing to frieschskys I assume you're selling a new one. I sold one (a leather blazer) for about $900 and it was bought up immediately then regretfully the buyer returned it because of sizing and it was snapped up again by someone else. Perhaps if I had wanted to wait some time I could have asked for more.Truthfully I don't think you can expect to get what frieschskys does too easily unless you have that kind of reputation and exposure. Also, Once you reach a...
Finally the inflation has reached my goodwill with a joseph a. bank coat at $149.99. Thankfully they didn't catch this!7.99!
I paid a fiver for them.
Coupla thrift finds today... Pop for me! Churchs custom grade, great condition, my size! And some ties
Maybe you know this already but often its just the threads are pushed out of place and if you rub it with your fingers pulling the fabric back and forth they go back in place and the hole is gone. Sometimes you need to dampen it first. I've done it many times. I dont think I've ever done that on silk but cotton should work.
New Posts  All Forums: