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I agree with you that there was no obligation for me to answer him about the price but I personally feel that since he was new to e-bay and it would be a benefit for all buyers to better understand the workings behind the sellers on e-bay that I would take the time and opportunity to explain it to him. We don't just have things sitting around the house in a way that its all profit, we spend money, time and effort just like any business. I don't think many buyers think of...
Ok, thanks, so I'm not the only one waiting in line at the PO again. Glad to hear its not my computer or something.
Got this message today from a potential customer on a Chanel tie who figured out where I had bought it by recognizing the back of the tag. He then proceeds to ask... Buyer: Do you remember how much it was at xxxxx? thanks   Me: I'm sorry, I cant reveal that information. Its a business policy. I can suggest that you try and call them, they may be able to answer you over the phone. All the best!   Buyer: Actually no, I'm opting to buy this from you but I just want to...
Its true. One of the postal workers told me that and asked why I want both. Interesting though, I did read up somewhere that both are needed to satisfy the gluttonous pay-pal.
Priority, not flat rate. I have signature confirmation checked because its over 250 and I add insurance form shipcover. It sometimes doesn't even add the insurance cost to the total until I click the check a few times.Another thing I wonder is, if I buy insurance which makes the recipient sign anyway, is it necessary to buy signature confirmation?
As far as shipping ratings go I would suggest that you offer free shipping and just raise your starting price by that much. With free shipping you automatically get 5 stars on the shipping rating.
Is anyone else having trouble with e-bays shipping labels? Whenever I add insurance I get an error we cannot retrieve the label 9 error 2340- the postage amount given is invalid for this rate class] Anyone know what to do?
Wow! Thank you! I had no idea
How you gonna ship those??? Pick-up only? Ok, a really big box, huh?
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