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Some ties I thrifted today... N/A David Donahue, Ike Behar, RLPL England Charvet x 2 (one has a few stains), Hugo Boss Selection The brightest ever DolcePunta, Ricci x 2
This happened to me not long ago and paypal covered it since tracking showed it was delivered to the proper address.You may need to call them, I don't remember if I had to.
Hey guys, is anyone familiar enough with Belstaff to say this is authentic? I cant find an exact match anywhere. Thanks in advance.    
I typically sell new stuff so I will sometimes tell them where I bought it and that will satisfy. Obviously I can't always tell where so I'll just say it's from a reputable department store or something and I know if it comes down to it I can always pull out the receipt.With used stuff it's not a solution though. Sometimes it's enough to just say you guarantee its authentic.Honestly I think its a pretty fair question considering the many sellers who knowingly sell fakes.
I found a savile row suit jacket made for Bernie Madoff but thats more like infamous than famous...
I find Stefano Riccis to average 61"-62" in length, also Tom Ford I find some on the long side (I think the really recent ones are getting skinnier) and if its the woven fabric ones they make really thick knots.
Just as a reference, I did see a kiton suit made of 97% vicuna and 3% silk in a LCNM for around $3500. The retail price was $32,000. This was about 2 years ago and I still wish I had been able to buy it... was too much for me at the time...
Haha, ok, I see where that's going...
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