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Last I've seen it was items over $750 need signature confirmation.Be careful with it because it does get some buyers upset when they live in a safe neighborhood and they have to go get it at the post office because they weren't home when it came.Edit: you may want to also check what paypal requires because he can always dispute via Paypal. I don't if it matters since ebay is supposed to have seller protection if you satisfied their requirements...
Last picture is my listing Thats where I took the tag pic from. Seems pretty clear it's the same...
From Andrea Campagna blazer
I've never seen the little content tag on the skinny end of a Brioni tie. It looks a bit generic like something you'd see on a fake. Everything else looks fine to me. I'm leaning to say fake but honestly I certainly haven't seen everything.
That keeper is found on older brioni ties but I guess I'd need to see more to really know...Based on this picture, it looks good...
Some ties I thrifted today... N/A David Donahue, Ike Behar, RLPL England Charvet x 2 (one has a few stains), Hugo Boss Selection The brightest ever DolcePunta, Ricci x 2
This happened to me not long ago and paypal covered it since tracking showed it was delivered to the proper address.You may need to call them, I don't remember if I had to.
Hey guys, is anyone familiar enough with Belstaff to say this is authentic? I cant find an exact match anywhere. Thanks in advance.    
I typically sell new stuff so I will sometimes tell them where I bought it and that will satisfy. Obviously I can't always tell where so I'll just say it's from a reputable department store or something and I know if it comes down to it I can always pull out the receipt.With used stuff it's not a solution though. Sometimes it's enough to just say you guarantee its authentic.Honestly I think its a pretty fair question considering the many sellers who knowingly sell fakes.
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