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isnt angora wa?
its a w with a backwards E
On a brioni suit 85% w... is that cashmere?
Tell him its HIS skinny shoulders and big stomach thats shaping it like that.
^^ Wow! Those books are so cool! Would love to see what you make from them eazye.
will do. Pm me with specs, price color, cuff style, design etc.
wow! I tend to pass over 18s because I dont know too many people that size.what colors or styles? Maybe post in the trading thread because I pass up nice big sizes pretty often.
Anyone who buys online should know that coloring often will be slightly different than in real life. If he opened a snad on you he should be black listed for unreasonableness.
Also, curious how many watchers you have on it.
Oh well. Thanks, not sure what about them makes them $1180. Oh yeah, branding... Bagged this also,  merican gator and sterling silver in one!  It's funny, cuz I think we were just recently discussing these here....
New Posts  All Forums: