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Craziest sickest haul today! Best ever!
@highvoltorb^^^Really nice stuff there
+10000000  More messages than feedback!
how in the world do you have so many waiting messages??? Ive never had more than 3-4 as far as i can remember.
thanks for the link. I have 2 polo bear towels from about 18 years ago with a huge bear on them. I wonder if they're worth anything to these guys.
what exactly is it that people want? Anything with polo bear or just sweaters?
Thanks, makes sense. I'll give it a try then.
Hey guys, I just had a buyer purchase and pay for two items and then leave a message that he wont be home until December 6 and he wants me to hold from shipping them until he gets home. Am I safe from a shipping defect if I just print out the shipping labels now even if I don't actually drop them off at the post office until later?
no no, i mean that I'm not getting them for 40$, they cost me more. But even though I dont make so much profit even when i sell them for 225, i still find it worth the investment for the attention it gets to my store. Absolutely, they sell for very close to full retail.
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