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Got this for the lolzLoro Piana keychain leather pouch.  [[SPOILER]]
Heartfelt condolences TMac
Well they weren't thrift or anything but I was super stoked to find these for 1/10th of retail which is the best pricing I've ever seen.
Heres the Brioni. Pardon the poor pictures, I had to take them in the store before they were shipped corduroy suit super 180s 3 button suit leather denim sport coat 3 piece suit 97% cashmere did not kop, but thought it was cool so I snapped a photo. Was a very big suit for Chris Bosh n/a
Some discount finds... Brioni, Clownish Tom Ford     4 skinny ties. Balenciaga x2, DVN x2. The Balenciaga on the left is 100% leather and is the most expensive tie I have ever owned based on retail, at $465 My last highest was a cashmere Kiton that was $445. N/A
Thanks, I didn't think of that. Hopefully it won't come to any kind of case escalation.
I could really use some help here. I sold a few items to someone in China via priority insured mail. I shipped them on 1/11 and the buyer just now opened a case that item was not received. In the tracking it says that it left Newark and is in transit. The e-bay cases message says that since he opened the case on e-bay in Germany (his account is based in Germany) I need to respond there. The page is all in German though so I can't read anything and bing translate didn't...
no, unfortunately not thrift but discount store. Was a great price and I've never found EGs before so I was pumped when I found them.
KAPOW! These are Edward Greens, are they not?      
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