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@Brianpore @FuecoThanks guys! I definitely don't want the buyer to lose out. I just feel it's my moral obligation to make sure it reaches his hands. Maybe it's just me but that's what I feel. Good idea though to call Ship Cover and ask their advice. I'll do that.
What do you mean covered by e-bay? I didn't know that they cover anything.
Would appreciate if anyone can advise me here. I sent a package to a customer using priority USPS mail printed from e-bay with signature confirmation and shipcover insurance.. A few days later the tracking updates to delivered. A few days after that the customer messages me that he never got the package. I looked at the tracking info on the USPS website (which sometimes has more data than the e-bay link) and it said signed by P OFFICE (meaning post office).  Of course the...
A few recent discount store pickups. Sorry for the closet pics, I was away from home. [[SPOILER]]
Spoo just got a whole lot richer......
If you speak to e-bay about it please keep us updated...
I started avoiding the word "recent" because of the many different ways buyers understand it. They really need to be more careful but at the same time I want to avoid the headache. I had someone think recent meant that it was only worn once or twice.
Interestingly, he has been a member since 01 and has 79 positive feedbacks so he looks pretty legit. I think I'm going to pass on it based it not being his primary address. I'll tell him that and see what he says.
Wow! Is there anything to do to protect yourself? How are you dealing with it?
what do you mean?I just had a buyer based in Germany ask me if I would ship to china. Is that a bad idea? I don't normally ship international.
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