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I'm a bit late but most HF pants I've seen have an HF on the back of the metal waist clasp.
My record is 1$.  In the pocket of an oncologist. Together with his business cards.  I checked them for radiation first of course.
Was looking for something like this and I finally found them today for 2$ Will throw them in the wash before wearing......
Well said!
@capnwes Wow! Was this made for Sherlock Holmes?
edit: forget it. Looks like we're back on track.
Wow @SpooPoker great job! You think this took a complete gator to make? I mean, its a size 56....
Found a lot of Paul Stuart today including some really nice pieces. All vintage though [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Time for the pics     L-R Chapman (black by Silvano Sassetti so retail is much higher, like 1950$) , Chapman(black), Chapman (Black) Chapman (brown) x 2 (one not pictured)      Chessington, Collis suede (brown), Collis velvet (burgundy), Collis velvet (olive), Conlan (black)
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