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 ^^^^ Wow! Nice ties there!
Waffle weave?
 Thanks. I'm going to change this moving on. I never dreamed it could be a problem.I see tons of listings on e-bay that mix all the terms together. I don't think there is a difference other than styling which you can see in the pictures. In any case, better safe than sorry so its best to add this somewhere to the listing. But I don't see anything wrong with including all the terms in the title since today there isnt any difference.
Thank you Jebarne. I'm thinking it depends on dialect. Some call it suit coat, some call it suit jacket etc. I tried googling the difference and I only found generalities.
You need to be a more patient, you entered a bit too late. I posted the sold listing in my first post. I don't care to complain, I'm just having a hard time grasping what appears to be a purely psychological stink. I assumed there was more to it than that and I'm hoping someone will be generous enough to share the difference.As I already said, I am changing all of my listings to add that it may be a suit jacket with missing pants, because of the fact that right or wrong...
I will certainly be adding to the description after this. My question is though, that if the buyer can see the color, design and style in the pictures and the measurements are accurately described, then what can be the complaint if I call it a sportcoat and it once had a matching pants. Until I heard this debate here not long ago I didn't even know there was a difference and I and my friends called everything a "jacket".
 One day. I don't have a regular job yet so Im doing this in the meantime to support my fambly. Once I get a full timer I will probably consign a lot of my stuff.
I understood this. The part I don't get is what is the real difference other than the styling which is all there in the pictures?
So please can we clarify once and for all. Is there legally (e-baywise) a difference between a suit jacket, blazer and sport coat. Is showing pictures of everything not enough? If not, educate me please.
I know. The tag says 48-42. But please tell me that after seeing all the pictures how does it make a difference what you call it. The GA part was a messed up cut-paste. Pretty messing listing. Im kind of surprised that I did this.
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