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edit: forget it. Looks like we're back on track.
Wow @SpooPoker great job! You think this took a complete gator to make? I mean, its a size 56....
Found a lot of Paul Stuart today including some really nice pieces. All vintage though [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Time for the pics     L-R Chapman (black by Silvano Sassetti so retail is much higher, like 1950$) , Chapman(black), Chapman (Black) Chapman (brown) x 2 (one not pictured)      Chessington, Collis suede (brown), Collis velvet (burgundy), Collis velvet (olive), Conlan (black)
 Chapman, Chessington, Collis and Conlan.. Whats he got with 'c' names?  edit: will probably post pictures at some later time.
Some really nice finds lately, congrats all!  Been had a pretty good day at the Discount stores today... Olive green Kiton 100% cashmere,dark gray Isaia 7-fold 95% cashmere, wine purple TF wool/silk blend [[SPOILER]] RLPL gator belts x 3been had purple label shooz (and 1 set of RLPL sterling cufflinks). Oh yeah! too lazy to take them all out to photo. unlined Cucinelli sportcoat 3 roll 2. got a little wrinkled. wrong season too, but that's why it was on sale.
Who bought that purple / black label lot on ebay? Anyone here?
congrats! Im at 45k since October 2013.Do you lose a status once you got it if your sales slow down?
On the question of when something is called purple label, I was just told by someone working in ralph lauren that alligator belts even without script but with the bold "ralph lauren made in Italy" are also called purple label. So its not all cut and dry with Ralph Lauren naming.
I actually bought a pristine condition versace shirt with a hole by the collar and a blood stain on the front that was covered with wite-out.The hole wasn't near the blood stain so I don't suspect any foul play there.
New Posts  All Forums: