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Wow! Thanks a lot, I see it now. Much appreciated @Snoogz!
I just printed shipping labels to China from e-bay and two papers were printed. They both look the same with a title Customs Declaration Dispatch Note-CP72 and a "Cut along line" down the middle, dividing each page into two labels. The only difference I can see is that one paper has the Detailed Description of Contents on the top label and one doesn't. Both papers have two parts. Is anyone familiar with this to tell me which parts I need to put on the package and what...
instablock. I would be scared to deal with a guy like that.
Jompso told me that black label is caruso but ralph lauren asked them to leave out their tag. I've also seen many purple label suits and sportcoats that didn't have the caruso label.
HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! Last 2 thrifts of the year
@Brianpore @FuecoThanks guys! I definitely don't want the buyer to lose out. I just feel it's my moral obligation to make sure it reaches his hands. Maybe it's just me but that's what I feel. Good idea though to call Ship Cover and ask their advice. I'll do that.
What do you mean covered by e-bay? I didn't know that they cover anything.
Would appreciate if anyone can advise me here. I sent a package to a customer using priority USPS mail printed from e-bay with signature confirmation and shipcover insurance.. A few days later the tracking updates to delivered. A few days after that the customer messages me that he never got the package. I looked at the tracking info on the USPS website (which sometimes has more data than the e-bay link) and it said signed by P OFFICE (meaning post office).  Of course the...
A few recent discount store pickups. Sorry for the closet pics, I was away from home. [[SPOILER]]
Spoo just got a whole lot richer......
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