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My sister just found a bunch of old records in the house she bought. Can anyone please clue me in on the best way to find out their value. They are all singles and some of the names I recognized like the beatles, rolling stones, bob dylon and barbara streisand. Also, if anyone cares to see pics I'll be happy to post some. Thanks all.
Hit the discount stores today and popped some cherriesZegna Quindici x 4   RLPL Chapman shooz x 3 (champagne) [[SPOILER]] RL boots made in Italy. Are these called black label (msrp 995.00)?? Anyone recognize the maker? n/a
@Nataku Bigtime huge congrats! My last was twins, a boy and a girl. They only get cuter and cuter, ENJOY!
First one of these for me. Hand Rolled RLPL 100% cashmere tie, probably going to end up keeping my other 45 ties company.    
Just curious, could you estimate his height for me?
You can add joshmandel
Yeah, I just called them and they said its a bug and they will refund my relisting cost.
efb Are those mens manolo blahniks? I've never seen that. Can you include a picture of the top?
I just canceled my store subscription and all of my listings ended??? Whats going on here?
The Sassettis I've seen have a separate piece of leather on the sole saying made in Italy. The purple labels made by him also have that. I think the ones I have are the "cheaper" Italian ones. The shoes are 995 and the velvet shoes are 650.
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