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+1 I would write them a message explaining why I think they should be obligated to reimburse my return shipping cost and you can add that this transaction has left you feeling very negative so far, but don't mention feedback.
Thanks for the input. I was wondering why Spoo didn't throw in an opinion. End of the story was that he liked the jacket anyway and decided to keep it. He also left me great feedback for my good communication and willingness to work things out to his satisfaction. I thought like you also but now that I got stung I will be adding something in the title and description to indicate its possible orphanicity. We'll see if it makes any difference in my sales.
I don't know when its from, I thrifted it. I didn't know there was a blue label line that has the same script, but Im educated now. Thanks all!BTW its a size M and runs big like a L and available.
Really? Its made in Italy like the rest of Purple Label. So how can one tell?
thriftRLPL jacket size M TiesBrooks Brothers NWT, David Donahue, RT BOC all mintAnd some discount store finds100% Polo RL sport coat. Or suit coat??? [[SPOILER]] Hickey Freeman super 150s suit [[SPOILER]] Hickey Freeman gray suit [[SPOILER]] Awesome chalky blue Canali suit [[SPOILER]]
I would guess its an 11 not 77.
 ^^^^ Wow! Nice ties there!
Waffle weave?
 Thanks. I'm going to change this moving on. I never dreamed it could be a problem.I see tons of listings on e-bay that mix all the terms together. I don't think there is a difference other than styling which you can see in the pictures. In any case, better safe than sorry so its best to add this somewhere to the listing. But I don't see anything wrong with including all the terms in the title since today there isnt any difference.
Thank you Jebarne. I'm thinking it depends on dialect. Some call it suit coat, some call it suit jacket etc. I tried googling the difference and I only found generalities.
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