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Deets for the coat.... 12 photos [[SPOILER]]
Got a canali wool coat from vp that is too long on me. Its a size 36 but would probably fit better on someone 5'9" or up. Was about 315$. Anyone interested, pm.
If your store policy is no returns then why should you take it back?
i got a canali coat, but that was a few days before the holiday sales.
awesome! !!! Cant believe you got them!edit : never try buying on vp with your phone. You need a lightning fast connection.
Discount brag! Also, can I get some description help with this beast. I know it belongs in the e-bay thread but I'm here already.....   The only thing that comes to my mind is indescribable! Is this called a swacket? RLPL 100% cashmere.      
congrats! Do i need a special subscription to see 120 days of sales? Right now i have a basic store and i can only see 1 month back.
Maybe if you have a friend at another store closer by that uses the same kind of security tag, they will remove it for you. I've had things like this happen and it always meant a discount of some kind.
Craziest sickest haul today! Best ever!
@highvoltorb^^^Really nice stuff there
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